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Shannon Brown Offseason Workout
By Matt Rochinski

September 24, 2008

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Matt Rochinski /
Shannon Brown signed with the Bobcats
on August 6.
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Offseason Workout Video | Bobcats Sign Shannon Brown
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With Charlotteís 2008 Training Camp on the horizon, the players canít wait to get things going as the franchise enters its fifth season, and first under new Head Coach Larry Brown. Over the course of the summer, the Bobcats commitment to improving has been evident at Time Warner Cable Arena, with all 14 players under contract having been seen in the weight room and out on the practice court getting a workout in. Through it all, has been there catching up with the players as they prepare to head to Wilmington, NC, on September 29 for training camp.
Here is what the newest member of the Bobcats, Shannon Brown, had to say about joining the team and the expectations he has for the upcoming season. Weíre here with the newest Bobcats, Shannon Brown. Take us through first off how excited you were when you found out you were becoming a member of this team?
Brown: I was super excited. Words really canít explain. I knew I was going to be on a team with a lot of great players. They have a great coach in Larry Brown. Itís going to be a fun year. Talk to the fans out there who might not know a lot about you and your game. What do you bring to this team?
Brown: I bring a lot of intensity, a lot of energy and a lot of athleticism. Iím just going to come in and play hard and try to fit in where I can. There are a lot of good players and a good coaching staff that is going to help me out. When you talk to Larry and the coaching staff, where do they see you fitting in?
Brown: (They see me) just coming in and being a defensive player, coming out and running the wing, getting out there and being athletic, bringing a lot of energy and getting the crowd involved. You have had a little bit of a chance to display your game in Cleveland and Chicago. Do you think this is going to give you even more of a chance to show what you can do?
Brown: I think so. It all comes back around to the makeup of the team and how the coaches see it, but I think I can definitely come in and contribute a lot. also doesnít hurt to come to a place where there are some familiar faces, playing with a former Spartan in Jason (Richardson). Was that a big benefit for you?
Brown: That was a big, big benefit, because we have some of the same basketball mentality coming from Coach Izzo and the Spartan program. I think Larry Brown is kind of the same way with a lot of intensity and a lot of defense. We know you matched up with Raymond (Felton) and Sean (May) back in the Final Four. Was that a little bit more difficult knowing you would join those guys on the team?
Brown: No, it wasnít more difficult, but I knew they were going to hassle me a little bit. As soon as I stepped in, they brought the memories back. I think everybody has seen each other whether it be AAU ball or at some point in the league, but just through basketball period, weíre a family here. Thatís always great. the sounds of it, it doesnít sound like you are having a problem fitting in so far. Have you found it difficult at all adjusting to the new team?
Brown:No, not at all. They welcomed me with open arms from the first time I stepped into the arena. From the first I stepped into the city, the good Southern hospitality, itís been great.íve been out here working out with these guys for a while now. Take us through what you are seeing from this team.
Brown: Iím seeing a bunch of young, hungry, energetic players that are ready to get after it. I think everybody has high expectations. Now we just have to go out and get it done .

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