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Backstage with the Bobcats - 2008 Draft Night
June 26, 2008

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On Thursday, the Bobcats selected D.J. Augustin from Texas with the ninth overall pick in the 2008 NBA Draft. The Bob Cousy Award winner as the nation's top point guard in 2007-08, Augustin earned consensus First Team All-American honors and First Team All-Big 12 honors as a sophomore. Following his selection, Augustin spoke with members of the media.

No. 9 Overall Draft Pick D.J. Augustin

(On how he is feeling about being selected by the Bobcats)
Iím feeling good right now. Iím very excited and Iím just ready to get to Charlotte and start working.

(On if he was surprised to be picked by the Bobcats)
I was a little surprised because I didnít get the chance to work out for them, but Iím very happy. Iím just ready to start working hard and start winning.

(On what he knows about the Bobcats
They are a great team. They have great players and a great coaching staff. I just want to fit in as much as possible and help in any way they need me.

(On why he didn't work out for the Bobcats)
My agent didnít set it up. I just went where he told me I had to go. It worked out anyways. Iím going to a great place and a great team.

(On how he feels about playing for a coach that is known to be tough on his point guards)
Iím excited because coaches who are like that, like Coach Brown, just want the best out of their players and thatís why they are like that with their players. Iím familiar with that because Coach Barnes was hard on me everyday. Iím used to that and Iím ready for that.

(On his game)
Iíve always been a pass-first point guard. I love getting my teammates involved, finding them and putting them in position to be effective on the court. Thatís what I love to do.

(On what he knows about his new team)
They have a great players all around. Raymond Felton is a great point guard. Hopefully I can learn as much as I can.

Texas Head Coach Rick Barnes

(On D.J. Augustin being selected by the Bobcats)
Charlotte got a great pick in D.J. He will make everyone around him better, and Larry Brown will love coaching him. The great thing about D.J. is he loves to learn, and he understands he is just getting started. This is a great night for him, and we're so happy that he now has the chance to fulfill his dream. Just getting in the league won't be enough for D.J., as he will want to make an impact.

DJ is da real deal. Went 2 school with him and high school and he showed up every game. He made his teammates stars and thats what a point guard is suppose 2 do. Good luck son!!

Congrats D.J. It's Austin from Brother Martin, 8th grade workstudy Austin. I just want u to know that everyone down hear is extremely proud of you and hopefully I'll see you soon, when you get CP3 down here. Good Luck and maybe I'll talk to you again sometime.

I think that augustin will be a better passing point than Felton because Felton is a scoring piont gaurd like Allen Iverson and Augustin is a Passer Sort of like Steve Nash and Chris Paul or Deron Williams So We are Solid at point

mr. G
Congrats To the Bobcats for selecting the best P.G. in the nation. DJ will definetely make every around him better he can score at anytime and he's a great floor leader.

New Orleans 504:
I want to say congrats to all the bobcats draft picks.I want to shoutout D.J.Augustin i been following this kid since marion central in New orleans.He is the real deal.Good luck in the future.He a "New Orleans Guy"

I think that they made a good pick and I was very surprised when they didn't take either of the Lopez brothers. But they'll still be better because of the talent of Augustine. I would to see what the french guy brings to the table.

i think the bobcats are in the playoff hunt with their picks in the draft. LETS GO CATS!!!!!!!!!!

I'm from Greenville, South Carolina but have lived in Austin for 30+ years and am a huge Longhorn fan! My compliments to the Bobcats on their selection of D.J. Augustine. Not only is a remarkable ballplayer, he is an equally remarkable person. If there was anyway we could have kept here @ UT, we would have! But we look forward to catching as many Bobcat games as possible and wishing both D.J. and the Bobcats a great season. You definitely got your monies worth in D.J.

love the pic. i cant wait until we start winning this up coming year. hopefully we can make the playoffs

I think he could be a good player but i was hoping for lopez. Bobcats have Felton. Plus the dude is kind of short.

This team is moving in the right direction. We need a big man to help Omeka

Im happy with this pick, He will give Raymond some competetion and will be a great back up. He is so quick I would love to see him start a fast break with Wallace and Richardson.

70 West:
Splendid! Larry Brown is a great coach. D.J. Augustin is a very talented young player. The future is bright.

J-Rich is a Beast:
I can't wait to see D.J. on the court. Go 'Cats!

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