2011 Bobcats Draft Workouts - Day 4 - Morning

Bobcats Draft Workouts Day 4 - Morning
June 5, 2011

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The Bobcats continued their 2011 NBA Draft preparation Sunday morning at Time Warner Cable Arena® with guards Klay Thompson (Washington State), Josh Selby (Kansas), Norris Cole (Cleveland State), E'Twaun Moore (Purdue), Chad Tomko (UNC Wilmington) and Demontez Stitt (Clemson) in for workouts in front of Bobcats Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Michael Jordan, General Manager Rod Higgins, the coaching staff and team scouts.

Klay Thompson played three seasons for Washington State University and is an early-entry candidate for the draft. In his junior season, Thompson averaged 21.6 ppg, 5.2 rpg, 3.7 apg and 1.6 spg while shooting 39.8% from behind the arc. He was 11th in overall scoring in the country and led the PAC-10. Further, for the second consecutive year, Thompson earned first-team All-Pac-10 honors.

Josh Selby is another early-entry 2011 NBA Draft candidate after spending only one season at Kansas. After serving his nine-game NCAA suspension, Selby was awarded Big 12 Rookie-of-the-Week twice after averaging 12 ppg and 3.2 apg through 13 games. Unfortunately, he injured his foot in February and finished the season scoring 7.9 ppg with 2.2 apg.

Norris Cole out of Cleveland State University, led the Horizon League in scoring with 21.7 ppg en route to winning Horizon Player of the Year. He also was selected as the Horizon Defensive Player of the year after averaging 2.2 steals per game and recording 5.8 rpg. Cole also broke the team records for scoring, free throws made, and free throws attempted.

E'Twaun Moore was a first-team All-Big Ten selection from Purdue last season as a senior. He scored 18 ppg for the Boilermakers and gathered 5.1 rpg, 3.2 apg and 1.2 spg. He was also awarded a spot on the third-team National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) All-America lineup.

Bobcats Head Coach Paul Silas

(On how the workout went)
It went great. They played some one-on-one, two-on-two. A couple guys stubbed their toes, so we couldn’t go three-on-three. The fast break transition was really terrific, and these guys can shoot the basketball and understand how to play. They’re going to do very well.

(On Marshon Brooks and Alec Burks unable to workout)
I would have loved to have seen them but the guys that we had did a terrific job and we’re happy for that. So we’ll hopefully get those guys back when they can and see them work out.

(On Klay Thompson and if his NBA pedigree helps)
I don’t know whether it helps or not. He understands how to play and he’s passionate about the game. He’s probably been watching it all his life, watching his dad play and that kind of thing. [He] shoots the ball exceptionally well, can penetrate to the hoop, get up and dunk – I didn’t know he could dunk as well as he can. So he’s got a good shot; I think he’s really going to help somebody. He’s got a terrific outside shot. He’s going to do well.

(On Klay Thompson’s three-point shooting for a team like the Bobcats)
Well, you know, we’re going to have to take a good long look at him. I saw him after predraft camp [the Draft Combine in Chicago] and he was shooting it well. I’ve got DVDs of him, watched a whole game, especially against the University of Washington, when he scored forty-something point and he was just terrific. He’s going to be one that we will consider if he’s around.

(On if Selby and Norris are PGs, SGs or combo guards)
I think [they’re] more ones. Norris was terrific today. He passed, he shot, he’s tough. We went out to dinner with him last night and he’s just a terrific kid. You know, really, really smart; got everything going on.

(On Selby)
Same thing. I think he’ll be a one also. All of these guys – it’s going to be hard for of them to play at the two spot.

(On Thompson)
Thompson has a chance [to play SG]. He can even handle the ball very well and passes terrific. He could possibly be a backup one and two.

(On if Thompson’s arrest is any concern)
No, not at all. You know, things happen to these kids and they have to understand that they can’t do certain things. The spotlight is on them. When it happens to them, it’s going to explode, whereas for other people, it won’t. They have to understand that they’re in the spotlight.

(On if Burks can return and on his injury)
I hope so. I’m not really sure what it is, to tell you the truth. But I know he couldn’t play, and Brooks couldn’t play. I took Brooks and Singleton out to dinner last night – terrific kids, I tell you. They understand the game and I talked to them all kind of things – just tremendous kids.

(On if having so much talent together on one day is good for evaluation)
Oh, absolutely. This is good because you see them go against each other and see how they compete. And that’s the one thing. At predraft camp, we didn’t see them compete. And now you see how they’re going to play, what kind of passion they have for the game, toughness; all those kind of things that makes a player. You can see it in the workouts.

(On Thompson’s athleticism)
He displays that. He can really jump, he can penetrate to the hoop. He’s very smart. He’ll penetrate to the hoop, pump-fake, guys will go by him and he lays it in. So I think he’s got a chance to really be good, but I’m not sure how many people are really looking at him. I see him at some of these places that you look at 16, 15, but you know, we’ll see. But he’s good; he can shoot that thing.

(On the perception that Thompson isn’t as athletic as other prospects)
I think he is. But I think his whole style of play is not a tough style of play – a “I’m going to run through you” and that kind of thing. He really shoots well and he penetrates, but he doesn’t really go over you. A couple times, he did out here. He dunked the basketball over guys, so he has it in him. You just got to bring it out of him.

(On Thompson’s position)
I think he’s a two that can play some one, because he handles it very, very well. I didn’t know he could handle the ball as well as he can. He can pass, he can do it all. But primarily, I think he will be a two.

(On if Thompson fits his preference for multi-dimensional guards)
I think he will be that. He’ll be a guy who can handle the basketball, go up and down, pass it. You can have two guys to out let to: your point guard and him.

(On how he evaluates guards without playing against big men, like a few days ago)
Well, I think you evaluate it from two standpoints: defense and offense. A lot of these guys were penetrating to the hoop and guys would stand in front of them, not letting them get shots off. The one thing I loved about Thompson is that he’s a big guy, but pump-fakes and that kind of thing that people usually go for, he stayed down and he’d block shots. Them going against each other, even though they were all about the same size, you get a good idea of who has the toughness, who can penetrate, who can shoot well and so forth and so on. I thought Norris Cole did a terrific job. I didn’t know he was that good.

(On evaluating players despite not seeing them work out)
You still have to depend on your scouts. They have seen these guys. You have to depend on your DVDs and watching them play games and that kind of thing. And then you make an evaluation, because there are going to be other people that teams are going to be looking at, too. And word gets around about who’s going to draft who. If a team’s in the back of you and you know they’re going to draft this guy and you like him, then you take him. Baron Davis was a key example. I had not seen him play at all.

Klay Thompson • 6-6 • 202 lbs. • Guard • Washington State

Thompson Profile | Video: Thompson Interview | Video: Thompson Dunks | Video: Thompson Highlights

(On how the workout went)
It went good. It was a competitive workout, so it was a lot of fun. And I got a good sweat, and thought I got better so it was real fun.

(On if his versatility and if he’s more than a shooter)
Oh yeah. I can put it on the deck, I can defend and I think I can pass the ball as well. I think I’m a complete guard and can handle it – not just a spot-up shooter. I’ll keep working on being more complete, and keep getting stronger. I think I’m one of the more complete guards in the draft.

(On if he’s most comfortable behind the three-point line)
Yes, of course. Obviously, that’s where I make my living, knocking down shots, but I’m not just a shooter – I’m playmaking, a defender and a basketball player.

(On showcasing his skills against point guards and shooting guards)
Guarding those quick point guards is going to help a lot. Using my length, showing that I can stay in front of them just shows the versatility I have and hopefully that they see I’ve got some game, other than just be a shooter.

(On how his NBA pedigree is going to help at the next level)
Yeah, I think it’s going to help a lot, just because I can always go to him for questions. I don’t have to reach out to anybody. He’s just so close, I can ask him if I have any concerns or anything. Yeah, I think it helps a lot, though. Just being around the game, I think I got almost a head start on some kids, with my basketball knowledge and my I.Q. I think it’ll help a lot, and I’m really grateful for it.

(On handling his arrest)
It was a tough situation, but I thought I handled it good, just apologizing and coming out the next game and giving it my all, playing as good as I could. So, I thought I handled it well, and I’m just ready to move forward.

(On how he could fit in with the Bobcats)
Well, I know they lack some perimeter shooting and every team could use a shooter. And I think I’d be a great asset off the ball and be a real threat from the off-guard position.

(On if Paul or anyone mentioned the perimeter shooting to him)
No, they didn’t; I just watch a lot of basketball, so I’ve seen them play a lot. I just noticed that about the team.

(On if he’d like to be in Charlotte)
Oh yeah. You know, my brother’s out here playing baseball [in Kannapolis], Charlotte’s a really nice city from what I’ve seen and it’s hot out here. I love the warm weather, coming from Pullman [where Washington State is located]; so that was killing me. Yeah, I’d love to play for Charlotte.

(On any disappointment from Brooks and Burks not making the workout)
It was disappointing, but me and Marshon played against each other last week, same with me and Alec. You know, I can’t do anything about it. I love going against those guys and my competition, obviously. It’s a disappointment, but I can’t get mad at something I can’t control. I just have to move forward.

(On past and upcoming workouts)
I worked out with Alec for the Wizards and Marshon with the Knicks. [I’m] going to Indiana this week, and form there, I’m not sure.

(On the workout process)
It’s been good. It’s been long, but I’m enjoying every minute of it because I know it’s going to go by quick. I’m just trying to soak it all up before it’s over.

Norris Cole • 6-2 • 175 lbs. • Point Guard • Cleveland State

Cole Profile | Video: Cole Interview | Video: Cole Highlights

(On how he thought he did)
I had a good time out here competing today. I knew that’s what the coaches were looking for, going out there and working hard – and that’s part of my makeup, so I enjoyed playing with the guys today.

(On what he’s trying to showcase)
I’m just doing what I do best. The worst thing you can do is get out there and try to do something new, because they know who you are, they’ve seen you play enough. So I just get out there and try to show them what I’m about.

(On if he thinks he’s more of a point or shooting guard, or a combo guard)
I’m a point guard. You know, I’m a pure point guard. I’ve been raised up to this point to be a pure point guard and that’s what the team’s looking for out of me is to be a point guard and a floor general. I’ll do whatever the team needs at this level. You know, in college, I was the scorer on the team, but at this level, there’s guys very offensively talented that I can get the ball to, so that’d be my job.

(On if it’s more difficult making a name for himself coming out of a smaller school)
Not really. At this level, we’re all trying to do the same thing. We’re all trying to get employed by the NBA. So in college, you may have to put up a more impressive stat line. At this level, we’re on the same level trying to get on a team. We’re all out here working hard.

(Other places he’s been)
I’ve been to Miami – I go to New York next – Chicago, Detroit, Utah, Houston. I think I’ve got about eight more.

(On if he wanted to show other parts of his game, other than his athleticism)
Definitely. My senior year, I wanted to make sure no stone went unturned and I wanted to show my athleticism. I wanted to show how feisty I am on the defensive end. I wanted to show that I have a good shooting touch, I can get everyone involved and that I can affect the game in more than one way. When you’re a point guard, you have to be able to affect the game in more than one way.

(On what teams view as his weaknesses)
They’d like to see my range a little bit more on the three, but that will come, just by getting more reps, coming from college. Basically, my strength and my range. They know that I can play defense. They know my speed in the end. Just my range on my shot.

(On others questioning his ability to be a pure PG)
No, everyone knows I’m a pure one. The coaches and the scouts who have seen me play know about my game. I’m a pure one; I feel the game out. I’m not out there shot hunting, I feel the game out. So, I’m a pure point guard.

Josh Selby • 6-2 • 183 lbs. • Guard • Kansas

Selby Profile | Video: Selby Interview | Video: Selby Highlights

(On how the workout went)
I thought the workout went well. All the guys came out there, competed and gave it their best shot. I thought, overall, it was a great workout.

(On what he’s trying to show he can do)
Just show that I never lost my athleticism, never lost my scoring ability, and that I’m going to work on it. I desire to be here, like everyone else.

(On if he’s more of a scorer or a pure point guard)
I look at myself as a solid combo guard. Somebody who could playmake, but also score the ball if needed.

(On other workouts)
This is my eighth one.

(On where he thinks he might fit in on this Bobcats team)
I know they’re looking for depth. They got mainly their starting five. They’re looking for some guys to come in, score off the bench. Whatever the coaches need me to do, that’s what I’m going to try to provide.

(On the decision to enter the draft)
The decision wasn’t hard for me at all, because this has always been my dream. But it was just hard leaving my teammates behind, and the coaching staff and the fans. That was the biggest thing.