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Bobcats Acquire Tyson Chandler from New Orleans Hornets

NBAE / Getty Images
The Bobcats acquired Tyson Chandler from the
New Orleans Hornets on Tuesday in exchange for
Emeka Okafor

July 28, 2009

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Charlotte Bobcats General Manager Rod Higgins announced today that the team has acquired center Tyson Chandler from the New Orleans Hornets in exchange for forward/center Emeka Okafor.

In 197 games over three seasons with New Orleans, the 7-1 Chandler averaged 10.2 points, 11.3 rebounds and 1.4 blocks in 34.3 minutes, while shooting .611 from the field (829-1356). Chandler, who missed 29 of the team’s final 44 games last season due to left ankle injuries, averaged 8.8 points, 8.7 rebounds and 1.2 blocks in 32.1 minutes over 45 games played in 2008-09.

The second overall pick in the 2001 NBA Draft, Chandler has played in 537 games for Chicago and New Orleans over his eight NBA seasons. Chandler holds career averages of 8.2 points, 9.0 rebounds and 1.4 blocks in 28.0 minutes, while shooting .554 from the field (1671-3014).

"We looked at this trade as an opportunity to improve our team,” Higgins said. “Tyson brings that unique level of athleticism in a 7-footer that puts us in a position to compete night in and night out with the other quality centers in the league.”

Chandler led the NBA in offensive rebounds in both 2006-07 and 2007-08, ranking second in the league in rebounds per game in 2006-07 and third in rebounds per game in 2007-08. He also ranked second in the NBA in field goal percentage in 2007-08 (.623) and would have led the league at .624 in 2006-07 but fell four field goals short of the statistical minimum to qualify.

Chandler leaves the Hornets as the franchise’s all-time leader in field goal percentage (.611) and rebounds per game (11.3) and ranked fifth in total rebounds despite playing just 197 career games with the team (2,225). He owns the top two single-season marks in both field goal percentage and rebounds.

The Bobcats initially selected Okafor with the second overall pick in the 2004 NBA Draft, making him the first draft pick in franchise history. The 2004-05 NBA Rookie of the Year, he averaged 14.0 points, 10.7 rebounds and 1.9 blocks in 34.0 minutes in 330 career games with the Bobcats and is the franchise’s career leader in rebounds, blocked shots and field goal percentage. Okafor averaged 13.2 points, 10.1 rebounds and 1.7 blocks in 2008-09, playing in all 82 games for the second consecutive season.

"We'd like to thank Emeka for all that he has done for this franchise and for serving as the organization’s ambassador and first-ever draft pick,” Higgins added. “His hard work and dedication to the Charlotte Bobcats will be missed, and we wish him well with his new team."

pistolpete2 (Salisbury, NC)
This trade could work out well for both teams if Chandler and Okafor can stay healthy. When Chandler gets going he can be a force with his athleticism. If the Bobcats can hang on to Felton then we have his passing, as well as Diaw's, with Wallace and Chandler taking in to the rim. The Hornets got a solid player in Okafor that will give them the consistent double-double. Hate to see Okafor go but, barring injuries, I think this trade could work well for each team.

bobcatssuperfan (Hickory, NC)
It is hard to see Emeka go, but the return makes a lot of sense. Felton, Bell, Wallace, Diaw, Chandler - with DJ, GH, Vladi off the bench? sounds great to me. now GET IVERSON ALREADY!!! A.I. is THE ANSWER to the bobcats scoring problems.

andrewlail76 (Hickory, NC)
We're getting a true center!
Thanks for all you did Okafor and good luck to you.

Maryann (Charlotte, NC)
I am not happy. I love the way "Meck" played, always running the floor, never grandstanding, a good solid dependable player. And I loved that he was an original pick, and that he is a good sportsman as well as a good citizen. I will miss him greatly

SellersSC (Jersey City, NJ)
I believe this trade does present a little upgrade at that position. However the health of chandler will be the final tale. He is still young and should improve the bobcats.

ZUN2000 (South Bend, IN)

dragoonwarrior (Sanford, NC)
Chandler is OVERRATED BY FAR, why would we want him. If u HAVE TO TRADE Okafor, then get something back then some washed up, overrated guy who is sadly injury proned. Not that i hate Chandler, but as a business thing goes, he is not good for us.

Hopeful (Indian Trail, NC)
As much as I like Okafor as a person, I never thought we would make the playoffs with him at Center. I wanted him to learn to play power forward. Also, keep Felton. Two more moves to go to be in playoff contention.

joshpico (Santa Clara, CA)
Why did the Hornets feel the need to switch things up? I thought Tyson was a big part of their core. I don't think they are losing much by getting Okafor, I just don't quite understand the reasoning other than a trade just for the sake of making a change. As for Charlotte, I can't understand what this really does to improve their team either. When is MJ going to pull of a move that wows us. Last year's trade with Phoenix was nice, now we want to see something that really takes the Cats to the next level.

BelinBoi (Columbia, SC)
Was this trade between Chandler and Okafor to make room in the salary cap. And if Okafor was the franchise player who had the franchise contract, since he is no longer the franchise player. Will Raymond Felton become the franchise player since there is more room in the salary cap now. Because if they were about to Raymond Felton go this was going to be a big mistake for the Bobcats future. But now I think there is enough salary cap room for him to stay. Lets go Felton.

jaystar (Houston, TX)
i think the cats are only getting better with the moves they've made. it isnt even close to the team they last year at this time...i see them being seeded 6-8 this year

Prahladf (Charlotte, NC)
The trade wasn't really worth going through. Both players aren't capable of guarding the top centers in the NBA. This trade hasn't impressed me at all and I will not support the Bobcats as much from previous seasons. Just about every Eastern Conference team has at least 2 All Star calibur players. Whenever you look at the Bobcats this offseason, we're a laughing joke to the whole league. Michael Jordan is the greatest player of all time. So why won't he sign or trade for a player that will bring more fans to the game? Its a shame that nobody wants to admit that things aren't going as they seem.


John Moran (Charlotte, NC)
Another good trade by Rod Higgins. I am glad I am getting the half season package. This trade will definitely help the Bobcats. They will make the playoffs and be over .500.

happy madison (Gastonia, NC)
Are we trying to make the playoffs getting rid of Oak doesnt make alot of sense for our future getting Tyson Chandler and Oak together now that makes sense trade Mohammed not Oak.

thegreatestsportsfanalive (Cary, NC)
THE BOBCATS WILL REGRET THIS. Getting damaged goods for a former Rookie of The Year? There's a reason the Thunder didn't want him.

jaremy (Monroe, NC)
good choice we needed a center and okafor wasent tall enough to be a center

chika (Bellingham, WA)
Tyson Chandler can own Emeka Okafor big time!the hornets are dumb for losing tyson. okafor might be a good center but even though tyson doesn't seem to be in the games that much, tyson can be a beast on defense. although it will be good for the bobcats team and bobcat fans but dumb for the hornets

Batman (New Orleans, LA)
We will miss Tyson.A class act. When healthy a very good center, but needs to develop more on offense- no jump shot, no hook, but dunks great and decent with ft's.Defensively needs strength to be more physical. Honestly, NO got the better player.

glenn (Philippines)
its a very good move by the bobcats..the team really needs that length and speed that tyson have..i love seeing taller players run the floor like what tyson is doing..a great acquisition for brown seeing T.C Ability..emeka is good but doesnt have the heart to win..thats the reason why larry and emeka doesnt coincide each brown is a winner im very happy that coach brown lands in charlotte..i cant wait the season to start seeing T.C kicking butt inside..GOD BLESS THE CITY OF CHARLOTTE..thanks coach Brown for being there..hope you'll stay 4ever..

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