Stunt Team

TRAIL BLAZERS STUNT TEAM presented by Popcornopolis

Whether they’re flying 30 feet above the court, or pumping up the crowd, The Trail Blazers Popcornopolis Stunt Team is an integral part of every Trail Blazers home game. The team is one of the best in the business and has quickly grown to be one of the crowd favorites. You will see them interacting within the crowd and performing on the court throughout the game encouraging crowd involvement. Their high flying acrobatic stunts keep the fans on the edge of their seats and into the game.

The highly athletic team is in its 19th season and is comprised of 20 male and female athletes from across the West Coast. The squad has an accelerated background in partner stunts and tumbling and is always looking for new talent.

For more information on The Trail Blazers Popcornopolis Stunt Team as well as future auditions, or to book an appearance please contact Performance Teams Manager, Michelle Burch at