Meet Blaze, the Trail Blazers mascot. Blaze is the one and only Trail Cat, a unique mountain lion sub species. Not long ago, among the towering pines deep in the Oregon Cascades, a family of mountain lions welcomed a new litter of cubs. Two of the cubs were normal in color and appearance, but the third was different.

His fur was a unique two-toned silver and his ears and tail looked like blazing flames. Playful and friendly, the young lion cub tried hard to fit in with the other cats, but to no avail. While they had fun scaring hikers and chasing elk, he was left to play on his own. Dejected, he left the group and aimlessly wandered the forests longing for a home and his calling in life.

Months later, following the advice of a friendly hiker, the big cat found his way to the Oregon Humane Society hoping for help in finding a home. Taking immediate notice of the unique appearance and lovable demeanor of the new arrival, OHS Director Sharon Harmon said, “I think I have an idea,” and she phoned Trail Blazers headquarters at the Rose Garden. She described the loveable lion’s special attributes to Trail Blazers management…..and as luck would have it the timing was perfect. The Blazers had been thinking about a new addition to their team….a mascot! “Our fans have wanted a mascot for years,” said Trail Blazers Owner Paul G. Allen. “I think the time is right for a new Trail Blazers ambassador.”

So some of the Trail Blazers and a group of local children went to meet the orphaned cub. “He’s the right colors and check out those blazing ears,” said one. “He sure is friendly, I think the fans will like him,” said another. Right away, the Trail Blazers were sold, and adopted the frisky feline to become the team’s first ever mascot. Newly christened “Blaze” jumped for joy. It turns out his uniqueness wasn’t a liability after all! In fact, because of his distinctive coloring and blazing features, a one-of-a-kind new species known as the “Trail Cat” was created by the Trail Blazers in his honor. So it was done, he had finally found his destiny: To cheer on the Trail Blazers and put smiles on the faces of Portland fans everywhere!

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