Robin Lopez Holds Read Big Assembly at Kelly Elementary School

On most school days at Kelly Elementary School in southeast Portland, students scatter shortly after the final school bell rings. Some students stay for after school programs, but the halls are generally empty, save for the custodians who are busy getting the building back to the condition it was in at the start of the day. Last Wednesday, though, was not like most school days. You see, the students at Kelly had been reading. They had been reading all year. They read and read and read. It wasn’t just books, either. It was comics. It was newspapers and magazines. They even read bumper stickers.

Under the leadership of Principal Diaz, the students have taken to reading. She is huge fan of reading and especially loves superheroes. When she can, she wears superhero shirts to engage the kids. Oh, and she and Kelly school joined the Read Big program, a Trail Blazers program in partnership with Knowledge Universe that encourages kids to read. The program is called Read Big partly because Trail Blazer Robin Lopez is behind it. Actually he is, as he is quite tall, on top of it. He loves to read. He loves to read comic books. He loves superheroes. Getting Robin to Kelly Elementary School to meet Principal Diaz seems like a no-brainer, right? They both love reading, comic books, superheroes, etc. That, though was not the reason. The reason was a GROW BRAINER.

The students at Kelly read 17,799 books this year. And counting.  They, the Kelly Cougars, earned. So, to honor that achievement, Robin brought Blaze and Todd Bosma, the Trail Blazers master of Game Operations, for an afterschool party that celebrated the students at Kelly. Knowledge Universe was there, as were Portland Public School Superintendent Carole Smith and representatives from the Multnomah County Library (Library Cards are free-Robin signed up and he wants you to, too) and the Book Barn. Domino’s Pizza provided pizza for everybody. It was a great event. To find out about the Read Big Program or to sign up for the Summer Reading Program go to