Damian Lillard encourages all youth to Show Up, Work Hard and Be Kind. Through his RESPECT program, originally launched in the 2012-2013 season when he was an NBA rookie, he encourages youth to show respect for all people.

  • Show Up – Arriving on time each day ready to engage and learn shows respect for your family and teachers.
  • Work Hard – Working hard and doing your best shows respect for yourself and your future.
  • Be Kind – Being kind, showing respect and valuing the differences in others.

Lillard is now focusing his efforts to inspire ongoing, respectful behavior among youth by partnering with two Portland-Area High Schools – Parkrose and Roosevelt - during the 2017-18 school year. RESPECT will launch with assembles at both schools to communicate the new challenge to students and Lillard’s expectations of the program. Throughout the year, teachers and counselors will be empowered to reward students who have embodied the principles of RESPECT with tickets to Trail Blazers games; Damian Lillard Adidas merchandise; and other special giveaways.

Respect kicked off the new school year with all school assemblies in September. Damian welcomed the students back and shared his hopes for this season. Six students were honored for being examples of Respect in their school communities.

Check back for updates throughout the school year and keep being respectful!