For events, more than 2600 parking spaces are available on the Rose Quarter campus:

Garden Garage: 1147 total spaces including 26 disabled spaces. The Garden Garage is physically attached to the north end of the Moda Center.
During Trail Blazers events, Suite patrons, Preferred, and sponsors will have exclusive access to the Garden Garage.

Annex Garage:
363 total spaces including 6 disabled spaces. The Annex Garage is for One Center Court restaurant patrons.

West Broadway Garage:
544 total spaces including 12 disabled spaces.

East Broadway Garage:
533 total spaces including 14 disabled spaces.

Benton Surface Lot:
93 total spaces including 4 disabled spaces.


How much does parking cost at the Rose Quarter?

Parking prices vary according to the event (prices range from $6 to $13 for events).

How much does it cost to park a motorcycle?

Motorcycle parking is also available in these garages and is the same price as regular vehicles.

What is the height clearance in your garages?

Most of garages have a maximum height clearance of 6'8", but we have parking areas to accommodate larger vehicles.

Where do RV type vehicles and buses park?

Based on availability, these type of vehicles are directed to park in the Benton Lot (please see map). The cost varies per event (usually between $20 and $35 dollars).

What is the Rose Quarter's address?

The address of the Rose Quarter is:
One Center Court; Portland, OR - USA; 97227.

What parking options are available at the Rose Quarter?

We have four parking garages and two parking lots providing over 2600 spaces, with disabled spaces available on most levels. Each garage has at least one elevator. For most events, pre-paid parking is available from the box office or any Ticketmaster location. Please inquire when purchasing your tickets.

How early before an event do the parking garages open?

The Rose Quarter parking garages open four hours prior to an event.

What type of Off-Site services are available during Blazer home games?Over 1700 parking spaces are available at the Rose Quarter Off-Site Parking lots, located five blocks away at NE 7th and Holladay NE and 7th and Multnomah in the Lloyd District. Off-Site parking is only offered during Blazer home games. MAX Trains arrive every 5 minutes from the transit station located at NE 7th and Holladay. Passengers will be dropped off at the Rose Quarter Transit Station. Guests can board return trains (heading Eastbound) at the Rose Quarter Transit Station.

***Please note shuttle buses will no longer be available.

RQ Parking Map


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