Notes & Quotes: Trail Blazers 101, Rockets 116


November 5, 2013


• Damian Lillard’s 16 3-pointers are the most by a Trail Blazer through the team’s first four games of any season.

• LaMarcus Aldridge has scored 20-plus points in each of the Trail Blazers’ four games, the first time that has happened since Cliff Robinson did it in 1995.

• The Rockets out-rebounded the Trail Blazers 37-19 in defensive rebounds. Houston entered the game first in defensive rebounds allowed per game.

• Damian Lillard has scored at least three 3-pointers in every game so far this season. Lillard and Indiana’s Paul George are the only two players in the league so far to score at least three 3-pointers in each of their team’s first four games of this season.

• Dwight Howard scored a season-high 29 points.

• Mo Williams recorded a personal season-high seven assists, his previous high this season was three assists.

• The Trail Blazers shot 6-for-9 from beyond the arc in the first quarter but went 4-for-22 from 3-point range for the rest of the game.

• The Trail Blazers were scoreless in the second half until the 7:48 mark in the third quarter (shot made by Meyers Leonard).

• The Rockets went on a 15-2 run until the 6:00 minute mark of the third quarter.

• Dwight Howard and James Harden finished the first half with a combined total of 36 of the Rocket’s 55 points (both scored 18 points apiece in the half).



Robin Lopez

On Tonight's Game:
"Obviously nobody likes to lose, nobody likes to lose like that. We didn’t get the job done on defense. If we let the opposing team shoot like that, it’s going to be hard to win games.”

On Being Limited By Foul Trouble:
Sometimes games are going to be called that way. I think maybe I let it get to me a little too much. I can’t let that affect me in the next few games.”

On Good Start Individually/Defensively:
“I think the key word is individually. I think I did some good things individually, but I don’t know if I did great things for the team. There were a few possessions where they got to the rim too easily. Just all night, they had too many shots at the rim. I’d like to contrast that with our shots where we shot a lot of mid-range jumpers, which is what we want opposing teams to do. For the longest time, the bigs on their team had no blocks. On offense we needed to attack the rim and try to get people in foul trouble.”

On Leonard's Play:
“I thought he did well. First, I thought he shot the ball with confidence when his shot was available. There were a few issues here and there on defense, but I thought he worked hard out there. I don’t think he hesitated too much out there, which I think is important.”


Terry Stotts

On Tonight's Performance:
“Houston is a talented team and I give them credit for the way they played. Harden made tough shots. Howard finished around the basket and made his free throws. We could never quite get over the hump. We cut it to five in the fourth and I thought we had a chance but we couldn’t quite get over the hump.”

On Howard's Impact Defensively:
“He has an impact on the game. You drive in the lane and he has an impact. He’s Defensive Player of the Year three times and there’s a reason. He protects the rim and gives their perimeter guys a lot of confidence to be aggressive. He’s a deterrent in the paint. ”

Are You Looking For Balanced Scoring Like You Saw Tonight?:
“I like it because it’s difficult to game plan if you have different players who are capable of making shots and making plays. To me, as long as the ball is moving and the shots are in rhythm, whether everybody scores double figures or one guy gets 40, as long as the game is played at the offensive end with continuity and passing and teamwork, that’s the most important thing.”

On Offensive Drought To Start Second Half:
“We didn’t score the first three and a half minutes. We didn’t quite have the rhythm. We missed a couple shots. I don’t think it was anything specific. After three minutes, they had scored five points and we didn’t score any, so it wasn’t like it was a big blowout, but we didn’t quite have the rhythm. At one point, I don’t know if it was then, we started turning down shots. We want to be aggressive and draw and kick and be aggressive off the dribble. It just seemed like we were a little reluctant to shoot at certain times.”

On 15-2 Run By Houston To Start The Third:
“It started off 5-0 and then they made their run. They’re a type of team that can put runs on you. They put points up quickly. We did a decent job of staying within striking distance. We cut it to five. At the end of the third quarter we had a steal and a break away that had a chance of breaking the momentum, but like I said, on a night that we didn’t necessarily shoot the ball well, it was difficult to catch them.”

On Houston's Points In The Paint:
“They’re very specific in what they do. They shoot threes and they get to the paint. Guys like Harden get to the rim, get to the paint. Lin gets to the rim, gets to the paint. Obviously, Howard was 10 for 13 and I don’t think he took anything outside the paint. That’s their style of play and then you throw in transition which is usually paint points, that’s part of what they do. That being said, I think we need to do a better job of defending the paint. We’re one of the bottom teams right now. We’ve been defending the three well, but we’ve got to do a better job of defending the rim and defending the paint.”

On Lopez Being Limited By Fouls:
“You want him out there. He has an impact on the game defensively. We ended up going small and trying to be able to score some points. Him getting into foul trouble and having to have LA guard Dwight, that’s part of the game – those things happen.”


Patrick Beverly

On Forcing Turnovers Tonight And Its Importance:
"It was a big part. They have a great team and a great guard in Damian Lillard. So, it was big for us to come out there and force the issue defensively and we did that today and were successful."

On Feeling A Change Of Pace In The Second Quarter:
"For sure. Like I've been saying since the beginning of the year, with us it's defense. We're set in stone that we know that we can score the ball, everyone in the NBA knows we can score the ball. It's up to us to focus in defensively. Once we do that, the sky is the limit for this team."

On His Comeback Performance And Overcoming Injury:
"I just try to go and help my team. You know, I'm a definite team guy. So, I was happy I didn't feel any pain today and I was able to make some plays and make some defensive stops. It felt good being out there with them again."


Omri Casspi

On His Performance And Contribution To A Bounce Back Win:
"It's really big because playing four and five nights early in the year, especially coming in here late, we got in here at 3:30 in the morning, and after that loss we had last night it's a big one for us. We're so happy because they played really well and we knew coming in today, we needed to step our game up and it's a great win and I'm so happy."

On Limiting Lillard And Aldridge Offensively:
"Just having Patrick [Beverley] back and Dwight [Howard] playing his minutes, last night he had a little bit of foul trouble, guarding and marking, they made everything tough for them. It's so hard to score on those guys. You know, Patrick [Beverley], you can't dribble next to him, he's just such a good defender. And Dwight [Howard] is the best defensive player in the league. So, those two guys together in the defensive end just anchor our defense."

On Feeding Off Of Patrick Beverley's Defensive Energy:
"He's like that in practice, he's like that in the bus, he's like that on the plane. That guy is getting better every time I see him. This guy puts a big smile on my face just every time I see him out there I'm so happy for him."


Kevin McHale

On The Performance Of The Team Tonight After A Tough Loss Against The Clippers:
"We got in at 3 o'clock last night, had a tough one against the Clippers, and had a big win here tonight. The guys showed a lot of resilience, James [Harden] and Dwight [Howard] had tremendous games, I thought Omri [Casspi] had a tremendous game off the bench, Patrick [Beverley] gave us a big lift, so everybody played well. It was really, you know, the guys that were out there did a nice job."

On The Defensive Performance Making A Difference In The Game:
"If we get stops, we get on a run and if we get on a run, we're pretty effective and that's kind of the key to our game is consecutive stops and run outs."

On The Defensive Confidence Gained Throughout The Game:
"I think you could feel us getting some defensive confidence and getting that defensive engine revved up. Then, the guys really started believing it and you could sense it coming. Again, it was our first time we've been beaten this year, we were beaten by the Clippers last night pretty good, and I wanted to see how they responded. It was a huge response by the guys. That really showed me a lot. When you do that, it shows you've got character."

On The Solidity Of The Rotation Thus Far In The Season:
"We're getting it closer. I mean, I don't think your rotation is ever perfect because fouls happen, people sprain ankles and that stuff. So, in a perfect world, you would say I'm going to do this, this and this, but that's now how it works."