What 2 Watch 4 - Trail Blazers Vs. Pacers



Robin Lopez vs. Roy Hibbert

With four players named to the 2014 NBA All-Star teams, there are plenty of watchable options in tonight's nationally televised game between the Trail Blazers and Pacers at Bankers Life Field House. But since we can only pick just one, let's focus on two players who are the most interesting off the court, centers Roy Hibbert and Robin Lopez.

Both Hibbert and Lopez are known for their senses of humor and willingness to step outside of the norms associated with pro athletes. Hibbert, a regular guest star on the NBC comedy "Parks & Rec", and Lopez, is known for his love of comic books, wizards and "The Goonies", are two of the most recent examples of the gregarious NBA center.

"I guess we just naturally stand out," said Lopez, "naturally attract a lot of attention. I think we're kind of used to being a little atypical."

But while they might enjoy the lighter side of life, both players are dead serious with between the lines. Lopez says the Trail Blazers will have to play with an extra edge in order to negate Hibbert's talents on both sides of the ball.

"Obviously on offense he's very good at establishing position deep down," said Lopez. "That's where he's become very good near the rim at getting offensive rebounds and such. More importantly, he's a big part of their defense, does a good job of contesting shots and contesting layups. I think we're going to have to be very aggressive tonight."