Notes & Quotes: Trail Blazers, Bulls

November 22, 2013


  • • With his one block tonight, LaMarcus Aldridge tied Bill Walton for seventh place on the Trail Blazers All-Time blocks list (533).
  • • Portland overcame a 21-point deficit (48-27, 5:33 2nd quarter), the largest deficit the team has faced all season. The last time the Trail Blazers came back from a 21-point deficit was on Jan. 19, 2013 when Portland defeated the Dallas Mavericks 106-104.
  • • Portland outscored Chicago by 22 points in the third quarter. The last time Portland outscored an opponent by at least 22 points in a quarter was on March 8, 2013 against the San Antonio Spurs. In that game, Portland outscored San Antonio 46-24 in the fourth quarter and finished the game beating the Spurs 136-106.
  • • The Trail Blazers registered a season-high 11 steals tonight.
  • • The Trail Blazers did not allow a single fast-break point from the Bulls tonight, the first time Portland has not given up a single fast-break point since Dec. 9, 2010 against Orlando.
  • • Portland’s nine consecutive wins are tied for the team’s 10th-best winning streak, all-time.
  • • Robin Lopez grabbed a career-high 16 rebounds and ties his career best with eight offensive rebounds.
  • • Wesley Matthews set a new season-high with 28 points, his previous was 24 (Nov. 18 at Brooklyn).
  • • Nicolas Batum is the fifth NBA player this year to record at least 17 points, eight rebounds and five steals in a game (A. Davis, J. Smith, L. Deng, S. Curry).
  • • The Trail Blazers held the Bulls to 12 (4-for-12) points in the third quarter, the lowest quarter point total for a Trail Blazers’ opponent this season.
  • • Robin Lopez recorded his fourth double-double of the season on a two-point shot at the 8:56 mark of the third quarter.
  • • Portland went on a 10-0 run from 8:56 to the 6:08 mark in the third quarter.
  • • Wesley Matthews has made his first 3-point shot in each of the past three games.
  • • In the first quarter this season, Wesley Matthews is shooting 26-44 (59.1%) and 15-for-25 from 3-point range (60.0%).  In the first quarter of the past five games, Wesley Matthews has averaged points on 18-for-27 (66.7%) shooting and 12-for-18 (66.7%) from beyond the arc.



Wesley Matthews

Wesley Matthews

On crowd tonight:
“They were great. It’s the best crowd in the NBA and we need them the rest of the season. It’s going to be a long ride hopefully. We’re geared up and we want them to be geared up. Every game should be like that.”

On winning in a variety of ways, tonight when Aldridge went 4 of 20 from field:
“We’ve got a lot of players who can make plays. We’ve got a lot of guys that can score any given night. Whenever you have a ‘problem’, which is LA or Dame, and they have to put two guys on them and you’ve got guys who can make plays, that’s why we’re able to make shots. They’re putting themselves at a disadvantage trying to take LA out of the game. He shot 20 balls, but how many times did he make the hockey assist or actually make the assist? That’s an unselfish superstar right there.”

Thoughts on hearing that coach said it’s best he’s seen you play since being in Portland?
“I just take it and roll with it and try to build on it. I appreciate the compliment. I appreciate that but I can’t settle. As soon as I settle, that’s when I get content and I’m not helping my team. My thing is I’m hungry all the time, I want to get better all the time. I watch film, see what I Did wrong and try to be ready and do better tomorrow.”


Robin Lopez

Robin Lopez

Were you sensing that team needed extra energy tonight?
“Yeah, the first half yeah and especially in that third period. We knew we needed to make an impression straight away.”

On performance in second half:
“That’s pretty telling. We made a number of huge stops in the third period especially. If we can come out with that kind of energy in the first, if we can figure out how to harness that in the first half, we can be an OK team.”

Was third quarter effort about pride?
“Oh definitely. We knew if Chicago continued on unopposed, it was just going to get embarrassing out there.”

On forcing turnovers in third quarter:
“We were just aggressive. We realized we didn’t want to be embarrassed on our home floor like that. Especially after going and getting those wins on the road, we didn’t want to treat our home crowd to such a letdown, we didn’t want to treat ourselves to a letdown. We knew it was do or die time in that period.”



Terry Stotts

“I thought that was as impressive a half of basketball as we’ve played at both ends of the floor. Obviously, defensively we picked it up in the third quarter. I wish we’d played like that at the beginning of the game, but it’s good to know we have that in us. We can point to that as what we need to do more often. It was a great effort in the second half.”

What changed in second half/third quarter?
“We didn’t change any schemes – we just played harder, played better, played with more focus, more intensity, more attitude – all the things basically that Chicago did in the first half. Our mindset and our approach to the game in the second half was what we needed in against a team like Chicago that’s been through a lot together and they know how to compete at a very high level consistently. We did that in the second half.”

Thoughts on first half:
“I’ll credit Chicago. The first half, they took it to us. They were more aggressive to balls, more aggressive rebounding, more aggressive on their drives. That’s the way they play. We just, I don’t know if we adjusted soon enough or realized the level we had to play at.”

On Lopez:
“Robin was fantastic. He, obviously, was a presence in the paint. He got whatever rebounds he got – 16, but he kept pursuing the ball. Even the ones he didn’t get, he kept balls alive. He just plays hard. He’s a team guy and he wants to do what we need him to do.”

On winning just one quarter (3rd) but winning the game:
“I don’t know if that in particular tells us anything. To me, in this league, you’ve got to find ways to win games. The team came back, the crowd was into it, we rode that. We fed off the energy of each other and the crowd. I don’t know if that necessarily speaks to anything though.”

Are you thinking about winning streak?
“Obviously we want to win games. Having the winning streak is nice and everything, but I think the way we’re approaching is just win the next game.

“We’re playing with a little bit of a chip on our shoulder. We haven’t proven anything. Indiana and San Antonio, they’ve done something. They have a body of work and nobody questions their record, so I think our mentality it to come out every night and play as well as we can and as hard as we can.”

Tom Thibodeau

Head Coach Tom Thibodeau

On a possible early diagnosis with Derrick Rose:
"We're not sure. The doctor looked at him but he's scheduled to have an MRI tomorrow."

On comments Rose has made since injury:
"He has pain and felt like he couldn't push off the right knee."

On the process of Rose coming off the court:
"He talked to Fred and Jeff and they brought him back and they had a doctor look at him. They have the MRI set up for tomorrow."

On his thoughts about the situation:
"I don't want to speculate on what it is or what it might be other than my concern for him. I know how much work he's put into his rehab, that's the type of person he is, that's the type of player he is. So concern for that, I feel for him because of all the things that he does mean to our team."

On a tough third quarter:
"In some ways, similar to last night. I thought we played very well in the first half. Third quarter, 34-12, and we let it get away from us. So, we still have a long way to go in terms of being a 48 minute team and when you're playing a team like this that can shoot the ball the way they can, we didn't guard the line the way we needed to. So, that's something we have to correct."

On the mental state of the team after some tough losses:
"It's the NBA. Whether you're winning or losing, I think it's important to analyze why, what are the things that you're doing well, what are the things you're doing not as well as you would like, and strive for those improvements. You have to correct those things. To win on the road, you have to minimize your mistakes and we have to be able to rely on our defense. We have to be able to make plays for each other, keep the ball moving and we have to make shots - that's the big thing."


Taj Gibson

Taj Gibson

On his reaction to Rose's injury:
"I didn't see the play. I just saw him limping. I didn't think it was anything too serious. I was just hoping for the best."

On the immediate reaction of the team:
"In the heat of the moment, we didn't think too much, we just focused on trying to get this win, trying to pull this out. It was a tough battle. Most everybody has high hopes."

On this possible deja vu feeling with Rose:
"I don't really know, I'm hoping for the best. He's going to get the MRI tomorrow and we'll see. Hopefully it's nothing serious. He's a strong guy. He worked extremely hard this summer trying to get his body right, working out every day. So, it sucks that this has to happen but that's what happens in this league - it's a tough league."

On his thoughts on the loss tonight:
"I think we had a shot to win the game. We got a good strong push back in the fourth, the guys played solid defense. A lot of baskets went in and out - it was real frustrating - a lot of baskets went in and out. We just kept fighting but now we have to push forward. Guys have to step in and do their job."


Joahkim Noah

Joakim Noah

On his thoughts after soaking it all in:
"Just frustrated. It sucks to lose. We gotta step it up and I hope Derrick is alright. And play better."

On what went wrong in the game:
"Teams are playing harder than us. When teams make a run, we're all over the place. We're not disciplined, everybody is frustrated, everybody is screaming at the refs instead of just focusing on the next task at hand."