Notes & Quotes: Trail Blazers 97, Thunder 105


January 21, 2014


• Robin Lopez now has more double-doubles this season (16) than the rest of his career combined (15).

• LaMarcus Aldridge is first NBA player with 11+ field goals and 12+ rebounds in five straight games since Antonio McDyess (Jan. 3-10, 2001).

• LaMarcus Aldridge is the third NBA player to record his 1,000th point this year, joining Kevin Durant and LeBron James.

• LaMarcus Aldridge has reached 1,000 points in his 42nd game, fastest by a Trail Blazer since Clyde Drexler in 1991-92 (41 games).



LaMarcus Aldridge

On Kevin Durant:
“He made some tough shots at the end, they went to him and he came through for them.”

On Four-Game Road Trip:
“Definitely not happy about it. We put ourselves in position to at least win this one tonight. We didn’t close it out, going 2-2 on a road trip isn’t bad but it’s not great for us.”


Damian Lillard

On Kevin Durant:
“He did what he’s been doing the last two weeks. He’s hitting 50, 45 and 50 again. We knew coming in he’s been shooting the ball well and confident. We gave ourselves a chance down the stretch. We missed a lot of shots that we’d been making. I think it’s just been a tough trip. When it came down to it to try to win the game, they made shots and we missed a few opportunities.”


Wesley Matthews

On The Game:
“We played well enough to win. KD made some tough shots down the road. We missed a couple and that’s what kind of separated us.”

On If Fatigue Was A Factor:
“I don’t think so. When the basket’s an ocean, you can’t really do much about that. He’s [Kevin Durant] been on a roll. Like I said, we played well enough to win this game.”


Terry Stotts

On Tonight's Game:
“It was disappointing to lose the game, but on the road against Oklahoma City if you can put yourself in position to win the game late in the fourth quarter, that’s what you want. I thought we played a very good game. I think it was a good game overall by both teams. But, when it came down to it [the Thunder] made the plays when they needed to.”

On Kevin Durant
“MVP performance. To score 46 points on 25 shots, six of seven from threes, and I think he got a couple of his shots blocked. It was a remarkable performance. He made shots when they mattered. He took his time and didn’t force it. He took what was there, and he made some great shots.”

On Trail Blazers Four Games In Five Days:
“Two and two on a [road] trip like this, you look back on it and you’re pleased to get the two wins, but coming off the heels of this one where you think you’re in position to win it and you’d like to have gotten that last one.”

On If The Thunder Have Improved From Last Year:
“They were good two years ago. They were really good three years ago and last year. I just think they’re playing at a really high level.”


Kevin Durant

On Your Play And Enjoyment On The Court:
“I’m just having fun out there…Every moment I’m on the court is fun for me no matter how the games won. You play this game and you look to the bench and see your teammates are so happy for you. All I could do was smile because I know their joy for the team. It’s a great feeling knowing that you have your group of brothers out there supporting you no matter what. So that’s what I was smiling for.”

On End Of The Game:
“I told the team after Perk hit that shot, we got to get a stop out there. I just told them I saw something at the top of the key. Batum is such a long defender but he was giving me some space. I just needed a little bit of space to get my shot off and I felt good from the three point line all game. So I just knocked those two threes down for us. Reggie opened it up for us by his play aggressiveness in the fourth. He stuck with it and I’m proud of his maturity in the whole game.”

On Fourth Quarter:
“We didn’t do anything different in the fourth. Perk (Perkins) and Serge (Ibaka) did a great job early on contesting LaMarcus (Aldridge)…I think Reggie with that pick and roll late in the game opened everything up for us…Perk with a jump shot to open it up for myself to make a few shots as well. We stuck with it and didn’t get discouraged after they hit tough shots, and we got a good win.”


Kendrick Perkins

On Kevin Durant:
“I don’t know man. I have played with some pretty good players, but what he is doing right now is on a whole other level. His confidence in the threes he hit, he is just in the zone. Like I say, he in the zone and I am just happy for him.”

On His Confidence To Knock Down That Shot Late In The Fourth Quarter:
“I was going to shoot it regardless. I knew Reggie when he drove the first time and got the floater, I had seen that the big helped off when he floated. He looked at me and said pass it to me, so I was like, if you pass it to me it is going up. So I just shot it. I work on that shot everyday at practice.”


Scott Brooks

On Kevin Durant:
“There’s no question we are seeing an amazing player develop in front of our eyes. That’s one of the big reasons why I started wearing my glasses during the game so I can see that. I didn’t miss the 54-point night and I didn’t miss tonight. There’s not much I can say about him that I have not already said. He’s an amazing young man who takes a lot of pride in what he does, how he plays, and how he represents our city. He’s just a prideful person, he was raised the right way and cares about doing the right things. He’s a smart player, a great player, and a great teammate. There are not a lot of other adjectives that you can use that haven’t been used before, but I love the guy and I’m proud of the way he represents us. He does it every night and that’s not easy to do, regardless of how he plays he steps up and challenges himself to always do well the next night.”

On Defending The Rim Down The Stretch:
“I thought Serge (Ibaka) was really doing a great job of protecting and altering shots. He had five blocks and he probably altered 10 other shots and then he probably prevented five or six shots that weren’t even going to challenge him. We held the best scoring basketball (in the NBA) team to basically 13 points under their average…Give our guys credit they did a great job defending and in the fourth quarter they were 7-of-21, Aldridge was 1-of-8, but it was always about our team defense throughout the game we were just going to keep chipping away and hopefully we were going to start making some shots and we did.”

On Playing San Antonio Tomorrow Night:
“Well that’s NBA basketball you have to step on the floor every night and do your best. We have a philosophy as a team that we have 82 big nights a year and I expect our guys to come with energy and inspire one another to play a good basketball game against one of the best teams on their floor. I know it’s a very tough challenge ahead, but as we all know this team loves challenges and we definitely have one tomorrow night.”