Notes & Quotes: Trail Blazers 95, Thunder 98


February 11, 2014


• The Trail Blazers and the Thunder split the regular season series, 2-2, for the first time since 2007-08. The two teams tied in overall scoring, 401-401, as well.

• This is only the second loss for the Trail Blazers when holding their opponent to under 100 points (15-2).

• CJ McCollum is the first Trail Blazer with consecutive games of 15 points, three 3-pointers and three assists off the bench since Greg Anthony (1999).

• CJ McCollum has shot 15-for-28 (53.6 percent) and 7-for-13 (53.8 percent) from the 3-point line in the past three games for the Trail Blazers, averaging 14.3 points.

• Robin Lopez recorded his 19th double-double of the season, with 17 points and 14 rebounds.

• LaMarcus Aldridge has recorded his 33rd double-double of the season, including all four games against Oklahoma City.

• Robin Lopez has recorded at least 11 rebounds in three consecutive games for the second time in his career (April 12-17, 2013).

• Nicolas Batum scored 16 of his final 18 points in the second half.

• All five Trail Blazers scored in double figures, the 14th such game for Portland this year.

• CJ McCollum shared the team lead (with Damian Lillard) in scoring at the half with 13 points (4-for-5 FG, 3-for-3 3PFG, 2-for-2 FT).

• In the first half, Kevin Durant was the only Thunder starter to score a field goal. • Portland ended the final 3:20 of the second quarter on a 14-2 run.

• The Trail Blazers went on an 11-0 run from 7:56 to 4:03 in the first quarter to give Portland a 19-7 lead.

• Reggie Jackson scored all 17 of his points in the second half after starting the game 0-for-6.



Damian Lillard

On Tough Night Offensively:
“We got good looks. We didn’t make shots. They knocked down some threes and got in the paint a few times. We just didn’t make shots that we usually make.”

Was It Their Defense?:
“They played a good game, you can’t take nothing away from them, but I thought we still got looks that we usually get and we usually make, we just didn’t make them.”

On Aldridge's Final Shot:
“Any time your best player gets that type of look, especially with a shot that he makes all the time, you live with that. He didn’t make it this time. That’s something that if we did it ten more times, we would do it all over again. I thought that was perfect for him to get that look.”

On Losing Opportunity To Win
“It kind of drains you a little bit to know that you got up on two games and then we had one down there and they kind of came back and won that game. And then the same thing tonight. But we can’t pout about it and sit around thinking about this game, we have another tough one tomorrow.”

On Impact On Tonight's Loss Heading Into Los Angeles Tomorrow:
“I think it makes it a bigger game for us because the Clippers are right behind us and we lost a tough one tonight, so not only do we not want to lose two games in a row, we don’t want to go down there and lose to a team that’s right on our backs.”


Terry Stotts

On Tonight's Game:
“It was a good game, both teams – kind of reminiscent of the Indiana game. We did a lot of good things, stayed in the game, felt like we had a chance to win the game – to be honest, we didn’t shoot the ball very well in the second half. We had a lot of good looks, shots that we normally make, shots that I thought we at least shoot a better percentage. But I liked the way we battled. I liked the way we competed.”

On Aldridge's Last Shot:
“We ran a pick and roll. If they committed two to Damian, I thought LA would be open. We had shooters on the court and whether LA shoots a jump shot or drives or passes, I can certainly live with the shot. He’s made a living making that shot.”

How Did OKC's Defense Limit Aldridge?:
“I don’t know that they were. I thought he missed some shots. For him to still get 22 shots, it’s not like they took him out of the game. I don’t know, obviously they play physical defense, but I don’t think that they did anything special.”

Does This Loss Hurt More Being So Close?:
“No. All losses suck. There’s no silver lining in some of the losses. We feel like we’re one of the better teams in the league and we want to defend home court. Certainly, it’s disappointing, but no more so than any other loss.”

On Reggie Jackson:
“He was pretty aggressive taking the ball to the basket, especially when Durant was out of the game. He made some tough shots in the paint. A lot of them were contested. He was more aggressive and like I said, I thought he made some tough shots.”

On Defending Durant:
“On the whole, it was pretty good. He took 28 shots. He’s going to take his shots. In fact, he only had two assists. I thought we made him work for the points that he had. He’s a scorer and he’s going to get his shots, but I take into context the entire team. I thought Wes and Nic really worked hard and did a good job on him, knowing that he got 36.”


Kevin Durant

On Tonight's Win:
"We fought hard. We're a resilient team. We're not happy only when we're winning, we keep our heads up through adversity, through tough times. That's just how we are as an organization. I'm proud of these, especially [Jeremy Lamb], [Reggie Jackson], [Perry Jones] and [Steven Adams]. Those guys had tough first halves and Reggie came out super aggressive, Lamb hit a big shot in the corner. Like I said, we keep our heads up through everything, not just when we're making shots."

On The Defense In The Second Half Against Aldridge And Lillard:
"I think [Kendrick Perkins] did a great job on Aldridge, forcing him out and making him shoot those tough fall-aways. He hit some of them because he's a good player, but Perkins did a great job on him all night, held him at five for 20. Lillard, you know, we just try to keep a body on him, force him into the rim a little bit and make him try to finish over our bigs. So, we did a good job. They shot 37% from the field and that's the key for us to win."

On The Performance Of The Bigs Tonight:
"They did a great job all night, forcing them to shoot tough shots and challenge them at the rim. So, that's the name of the game for us. We're just helping each other out and playing as hard as we can."


Nick Collison

On Derek Fisher:
"Well, he's playing great. He brings a lot of value to the team that people don't even see. People don't understand really and they hear cliches like that sometimes, but it's really true. He's like a coach out there, but now he's shooting the ball better. Defensively, he's one of our best guards at fighting over screens, at being in the right place on helps, bump and cut and things like that, so he's really big for us. With [Russell Westbrook] being out, him able to come and play point and play really well, get us into offense, he's a big part of what we do."

On Fisher's Ability To Knock Down Big Shots:
"It's huge, because we need guys to be able to knock down shots with the way teams play [Kevin Durant]. We need guys that can spot out and be able to hit open shots. He hits a lot of those too when Kevin's not in the game with our second group because we need guys to be able to score too. So, him being able to make those is big for us. It seems like he hits them at big times. Of course, he's known for the legendary late in the games, but when he does a lot of times in the second quarter and we go on a run. So, I can't say enough good things about him."


Scott Brooks

On How Team Secured The Win:
We had a group full of competitors. We competed. That's what we're about. We've always been that way. We don't like to lose. We have a locker room that cares just like Portland. That's a group that competes also. It was a physical game, it was a physical game. I liked the fact that we kept competing. We didn't let none of the things bother us, we just competed possession by possession. That's what good teams do."

On Who Were Key Players Tonight:
"I think everybody did. When we're dialed in defensively, all five guys have to participate in it. If you want to pick out an individual guy, I thought [Kendrick Perkins] was fantastic. He made Aldridge work for every catch, every shot that he took. Our fourth quarter, I don't know what we ended up shooting or what they ended up shooting, but I don't think it was a good percentage. It was because we were dialed in, locked in, we were good pressure on the ball. I thought [Jeremy Lamb] hit a big shot too, that was good to see. We made the kick out pass for him for the left corner three and he knocked it in. I'm proud of everybody's effort tonight."

On A Playoff Atmosphere Tonight:
"Going into the game, we knew that both teams compete. This is two organizations that care about how we perform night in and night out. I thought the atmosphere was great. This is always one of the best crowds in basketball, but I liked the way our guys competed. We just kept hanging in there. We were down, a lot of things didn't go our way, but we kept fighting and battling and made it a game in the fourth quarter."