Notes & Quotes: Trail Blazers 94, Knicks 90


February 5, 2014


• Portland's 17-3 (.850) record vs. the Eastern Conference this year is the best mark for any NBA team outside of conference play.

• The Trail Blazers have now won four straight and 11 of the past 14 meetings against the Knicks, dating back to 2007.

• Damian Lillard is the 11th NBA player to score 1,000 points this season. Portland is the only team with two of them (Aldridge).

• New York has fallen to 15-9 when they hold it opponents under 100 points.

• New York falls to 15-20 when it commits equal or fewer turnovers than its opponents

• New York falls to 16-20 when they hold its opponents under .400 shooting.



Nicolas Batum

On Tonight's Game:
“We got the job done on defense and we have to give credit to Wes (Wesley Matthews) who did a great job on Carmelo (Anthony). He didn’t score in the last quarter and got bad percentage shots. It was team defense too, but when you struggle like that, you have to stick together and play together.”

On LaMarcus Aldridge:
“We just tried to adjust. He is going to get double-teamed every time and we know that. We moved the ball well tonight, and in the end, when he needed to score and take some big shots, he made those shots.”


Damian Lillard

On Tonight's Game:
“We didn’t shoot the ball really well, but we still found a way to get it done. I thought we made them make some tough shots. Obviously we had a few breakdowns at the end of the game. All that matters is that we won the game. Despite the fact that we didn’t shoot the ball well, we were still able to win the game on the road.”

On Playing In Madison Square Garden:
“It’s the same feeling. From the warm-ups and you see the crowd ready and you see the celebrities in the building and the lights are bright, so it’s always fun coming in here.”

More On Tonight's Game:
“It’s the same feeling. From the warm-ups and you see the crowd ready and you see the celebrities in the building and the lights are bright, so it’s always fun coming in here.”


Terry Stotts

On Tonight's Game:
“It’s good to get a win at The Garden, that’s always special. Other than the last minute, which was a little bit of an adventure, I thought it was a quality win for us.”

On LaMarcus Aldridge:
“The shot he hit, he’s been doing that all year, but it’s a tough shot and Tyson Chandler contested it. He’s been doing that for us all season and that’s why we went to him.”

On Fourth Quarter Defense:
“I thought our defense all game was pretty good. For us to win a game shooting 38% is not an easy thing to do. From what I understand Carmelo (Anthony) didn’t score in the fourth quarter, Wes (Wesley Matthews) I thought did a nice job, LA (LaMarcus Aldridge) was guarding a perimeter guy most of the night and he was chasing Hardaway (Tim Hardaway Jr.) off the screens. Ro-Lo (Robin Lopez) was protecting the basket and changing shots at the rim. I thought except for a couple of times, we did a good job on their pick-and-rolls. I thought it was pretty solid.”


Carmelo Anthony:

On Tonight's Game:
“It was one of them nights as far as shots go. I couldn’t find it coming down the stretch.”

“I was missing a lot of shots. Some of them were wide open shots that I missed…some chippers. I don’t think they made any type of adjustments defensively. That is all on me.”

“We didn’t knock shots down, we missed a lot of open shots, everybody did, along with me. When you are not making shots on the offensive end, you have to find it from somewhere, but it wasn’t falling for us tonight.”

On Three Game Winning Streak:
“We have been down this road before. We have to find our way out of it. We have to it Friday.”

On Rest Of The Season:
“The situation is what it is right now. We have to find a way out of it. We have to keep fighting and getting through it and see what happens. Friday is a new day for us. We have to win that game first and move on from there. There is no need to panic. We are losing basketball games and we have to figure it out, turn it around and win basketball games.”

“We have to stick together as a team. Our main focus is to win as many games as we can right now to make a push for the postseason. Are there games that we are losing that can come back to bite us? Yeah but we have to keep looking forward.”

On Iman Shumpert:
“He has to figure it out but we have to help him figure it out too. We have to do a better job of getting him the ball. Then we have to do that. Does he have to be more aggressive? I think so but for the most part we have to help him out where we can.”


Tyson Chandler:

On LaMarcus Aldridge's Shot At The End Of The Game:
“I thought I played good defense on it but he played better offense. I forced him into a look I wanted but he made a good shot. He hit the one that counted and that is what good players do.”

On The Offense:
“We have to push our tempo with the smaller lineup we play. We have to make sure that we speed the tempo up, get to the rim and get guys involved.”

On Rest Of The Season:
“I don’t like losing, period. Losing is not something that I will ever get accustomed to. I know we have to fight our way out of it.”


J.R. Smith

On Tonight's Game:
“They did a great job of closing out on us. We have to do a better job of getting more open threes.”

“Free-throw game wasn’t a factor like it normally is. Melo (Carmelo Anthony) didn’t shoot the normal free-throws. Tyson (Chandler) didn’t get to the line. When you have a lack of free-throws it is going to be hard to beat anybody.”

“You cannot take away from an elite team in this League. You can’t get down. We have to get better slowly but surely on the defensive aspect. We will score points…we have to work on the defensive end and we will be fine.”

On Rest Of The Season:
"I don’t think anyone in this locker room accepts losing. We can’t sit here and play the blame game. We have to stick together and move forward.”


Raymond Felton

On Tonight's Game:
“It’s tough but we’re going in the right direction. I feel like we played well tonight we just didn’t quite pull it all the way through. It was a good game versus a good team. I feel like what we did worked but they made shots when they needed to, got calls when they needed and they came through with the win in the end.”

On Defending The Trail Blazers:
“When you have a guy like LaMarcus (Aldridge) who can really score the ball in the post. One of the best four men in the game it’s tough. You don t want to leave Tyson (Chandler) there to deal with that the whole game by himself even though Tyson is one of the better defenders in this league. You don’t want to leave him there because offensively guys are good, this is the NBA, guys are really good. If you do go double team they have a team full of shooters. They’re one of the best three-point shooting teams in the league so when you go double you give up something. That’s what a lot of people don’t understand when you go double you’re in rotations and there’s something you’re going to give up.”


Amare Stoudemire

On Tonight's Game:
“We had a situation where we created some tempo out there offensively. We got the ball moving. We did some good things out there for the most part, we just couldn’t close the game out and get the stops we needed. Portland made some big shots down the stretch and they won the game.”

We just couldn’t hit shots. We normally make shots that were open like that but tonight we didn’t knock them down. We just have to get back in the gym, more practice, more repetition. We have to visualize ourselves in the game like we were tonight and see if we can do a better job against Denver.”

On Teams Standing In The East:
“It’s not where we want to be from a standings standpoint. But with that being said if you look at the glass half full we have a chance to still make some way. You know what I’m going to do. I’m going to continue to work and stay optimistic and see what happens."


Mike Woodson

On Tonight's Game:
“We had a lot of good looks from the three-point line. Tonight we struggled from the three-point line and we failed to get to the free-throw line. I thought there were times where I thought we got hit and there was no call. We put Melo (Carmelo Anthony) in a great position, down four, with 35 seconds on the clock, and I looked back on the tape, and I thought it clearly was a foul.”

On Prigioni:
“Pablo was playing well. I thought that unit out there with (Jeremy) Tyler and Amar’e (Stoudemire) gave us a great spurt. I played Amar’e long minutes in long stretches but I elected to go defensively down the stretch with Tyson (Chandler) and I kept Pablo in the game to run the team defensively. I thought both put us in a position to win the game.”

On Anthony's Play In The Fourth Quarter:
“It wasn’t like he wasn’t getting good looks and he was trying to get something from the free-throw line. All you can do is put your best player in those positions and you hope he can get to the free-throw line and that he makes the free-throws. That is what it is all about.”

More On Tonight's Game:
“I thought everybody that played tonight played pretty good. I thought our defense was pretty good. We had some good looks from the three-point line but we didn’t knock them down. As of late we have been shooting the ball from the three-point line pretty good but tonight we couldn’t make them.”

On LaMarcus Aldridge:
“Aldridge I thought we held in check and we started staying at home. He made a hell of a shot on Tyson (Chandler).”