Notes & Quotes: Trail Blazers 112, Warriors 113


March 16, 2014


• Nicolas Batum is the only Trail Blazer to record back-to-back games with 20+ points, 10+ rebounds and 4+ 3-pointers in franchise history. He is the first NBA player with 22+ points, 14+ rebounds and 4+ 3-pointers in consecutive contests since Kevin Love on Jan. 1-2, 2012.

• Nicolas Batum has more games of 12+ rebounds in March than any other player in the NBA (N. Batum – 7, D. Cousins – 6). He has also recorded at least 10 rebounds in seven games during March, tying him for most in the NBA (D. Cousins, D. Jordan, N. Vucevic).

• With his first 3-pointer of the night, Damian Lillard recorded his 182nd 3-pointer of the season, the second-most by a Trail Blazer in a season, which trails only his own franchise-record of 185 in 2012-13.

• Damian Lillard scored 20+ points for the fifth consecutive game, tied for the second-longest such streak of his career (8, Feb. 27-March 14, 2013).

• Nicolas Batum joins Kevin Love as the NBA’s only players to post 23+ points, 14+rebounds, 5+ assists and 5+ 3-pointers in a game this season. Batum is the only Trail Blazer to record those numbers in a game in franchise history.

• Nicolas Batum tied his season high with five 3-pointers (two other times, most recently on Nov. 17 at Toronto).

• Robin Lopez recorded the 40th double-double of his career, with 25 coming during the 2013-14 season alone. He also passed out a new career-high four assists tonight.

• Nicolas Batum scored 11 points in the second quarter on 4-for-4 shooting and 3-for-3 from the 3-point line.

• The Trail Blazers converted on their first four three 3-point attempts of the third quarter and finished the quarter shooting 5-for-6 from beyond the arc (Wright 2-for-2, Matthews 1-for-1, Williams 1-for-1, Batum 1-for-2).

• From the 7:03 to 3:34 mark in the second quarter, the Trail Blazers went on a 16-2 run to take a 12-point lead (45-33) over the Warriors.

• Stephen Curry led all scorers with 37 points despite not scoring in the first period. He scored 28 points in the second half.

• Klay Thompson scored 23 of his 27 points in the second half of tonight’s game. He posted 15 points in the fourth quarter alone.

• Collectively, Golden State starting guards Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson scored 51 of their 64 points in the second half. They combined for 51 of the Warriors’ 69 second-half points.



Wesley Matthews

On Tonight's Game:
“We’ve got to watch the tape again. We had a nice lead, we built on the lead that we had in the first half. We got it up to our largest lead – 18. We have to put that game away. With guys like Steph and Klay, they can get hot and that’s what they did. We still gave ourselves a chance but we’re at the point now where if we have a team down 18, we have to put that game away. That has to be in the bag for us.”

On Defending Curry:
“He’s a superstar. The way he plays, he’s unconventional. He’s not one of those guys where they have to run a set for him and he’s going to come off a screen and then he’s going to catch it and then he’s going to isolate at this spot – he has the ball from the moment they inbound the ball and with the ultimate green light. I think we did a solid job on him in the first half. He came alive a little bit but the last four or five minutes, it wasn’t him. It was the rest of the team. Klay hit two big threes. They kept the ball alive. We just didn’t close out the game like we should have.”

On Defensive Pick And Roll Principles:
“You want to play percentages. When we execute our pick and roll coverage, it’s going to work out more often than not. We know Steph wants to come off and get space and do all that stuff, but we’ll live with him shooting midrange jumpers if we force him the direction that we want him to go. Sometimes they were breaking our coverage and getting to the middle and we were a little too loose, not connected and he was able to raise up and get in a comfort zone.”

On Losing Against A Team Close In The Standings:
“Every loss sucks. Every loss hurts - even more so now coming off the disappointing road trip that we had and the way that we gutted it out in New Orleans to get a win that we needed against a team that we don’t have that much success against. To come back and to get up 18 against a tough team that’s playing desperate and right behind us in the standings, it’s upsetting. But it’s the NBA, we have to bounce back. We have two more at home before we go off on another road trip.”


Terry Stotts

On Tonight's Game:
"Disappointed to lose another close game. I thought we played a good game. Stephen Curry got hot in the second half. We had some miscommunication on giving up some threes, but it’s just that we have to figure out ways to close out games and realize plays – when we have a 16, 18 point lead, we can’t take our foot off the gas. Steph Curry, he’s done that before and we couldn’t get him under control.”

On Defending Curry When He Gets Hot:
“Like I said, he’s done that a few times in his career. You can say you can trap him, but that opens up other guys rolling to the basket, opens up other three point shooters. So I thought Wes did a good job on him towards the end of the fourth quarter. We did a good job on him the first half and to be honest, I thought the shots he made in the second half were tougher than the ones he missed in the first.”

On Curry's Ball-Handling:
“Some of them. The last three that Thompson got, [Curry] penetrated and we kind of committed to him and he got to the lane and kicked it out and the extra pass for another three. With a team that can shoot it like that, it’s kind of pick your poison. They only had 17 assists in a high scoring game. A lot of the stuff they did was off the dribble or one-on-one.”

Would You Have Wanted A Timeout At The End?:
“Everything happens so far. I looked at it and the earliest that he could have called timeout was at 2.5 and it’s a split second, so you grab the ball and it’s easy to say what he should have done. But he made a hell of an effort to get it. You just have to make a split second decision and it’s tough when the clock is counting down. Who is to say if we call timeout or not – but it was a good effort to come up with the ball.”

Is Team's Confidence In Late-Game Situations Low?:
“It doesn’t seem like it to me. I think we still are playing hard and it’s a bounce of the ball here or there. I don’t think it’s a question of confidence.”


Stephen Curry

On Tonight's Game:
"We found a way to make plays down the stretch, get stops. [Klay Thompson] hit some big time shots down the stretch. But, for us to get back in the game and have pretty much control of the last three or four minutes - everybody contributed that stepped on that floor and we just had to fight our way out of whatever was going on in the first half and guys giving maximum effort. It was definitely a big win for us."


Klay Thompson

On Emotional 72 Hours And Team's Performance Tonight:
"Speechless, especially the way we won. We were down and out for a second there in the third quarter, almost got to 20. It just shows the resilience of this team and the unselfishness. [Stephen Curry] did his thing, of course. I credit [Harrison Barnes] on the last pass he gave me and our defensive effort, especially in the second half."

On How He Feels Emotionally And Physically:
"Emotionally, a little drained. It's been a long weekend. On those long flights, you just have to hydrate, drink a lot of water. I honestly felt fresh when I stepped on the court. You might not believe me, but when I warmed up before the game, I felt good."


Mark Jackson

On Tonight's Game:
"That's as good of win as we've had in three years. When you think about, really, we were out of character early on in that basketball game. I thought in the first half we were selfish offensively and defensively. Give these guys credit. I'm awfully proud of them because it would have been very easy to fold our tent and hang our heads, but we played against a very good basketball team that's well coached that had it going and we defended at a high level, offensively we began to do the things that we've done for a long time now. It's just a great win for us. [Klay Thompson] and [Stephen Curry] were spectacular. 51 of our 69 points in the second half, but [Draymond Green] was huge. [Harrison Barnes] was big in his minutes. [Steve Blake] came in and gave us big minutes and then David Lee with 18 seconds to go in the last possession sets a great screen which creates an opening, Harrison makes the unselfish extra pass and Klay knocks down a big jumper. So, just a great win for us."

On Clawing Back From Large Deficit:
"Someone told me, don't give me the line, but multiple times this year we've chased back from down 15 plus. We know who we are, so I don't think this breeds confidence. What it does, it reinforces when we play the way we're capable of playing and the way we practice playing, we can beat anybody. If we don't, we can be beaten by anybody."

On Klay's Performance:
"He's a big time player. There's no question about it. He's as cool as they come. It does not bother him making and missing shots. He's not afraid to take the next one. To think about what he's gone through the last 48 hours, to think about the travel, the fatigue mentally and physically and to think he had to guard Lillard the bulk of the time and was always guarding a live person out there, the way he came out of it - awfully proud of him. Well deserved night for him, for our guys and we missed him, no question about it."