Notes & Quotes: Trail Blazers 109, Spurs 111


February 19, 2014


• Portland is one of only three teams with a single-digit loss total (Indiana, San Antonio).

• Mo Williams scored a season high 19 points and tied his season high of eight made field goals (Nov. 15 at Boston). His previous high was 18 points also on Nov. 15 at Boston.

• In his first start as a Trail Blazer, Dorell Wright recorded a season high 10 points in the first half.

Wright also finished the game with five rebounds, tying his season high which he set two other times this season (Nov. 20 at Milwaukee and Nov. 1 at Denver).

• Tonight marks the first game that Dorell Wright has started since Jan. 21, 2013 against San Antonio while playing for the 76ers.

• Tonight marks the first time this season that the Trail Blazers have had a different starting lineup. Portland is the first NBA team to use the same starting lineup in each of its first 53 games since San Antonio in 2010-11 (Elias).

• Robin Lopez recorded his 20th double-double of the season, totaling 11 points and 14 rebounds. This is the 35th double-double of Lopez’s career.

• Robin Lopez grabbed 14 or more rebounds for the eighth time this season, tied for 11th most in the NBA.

• Damian Lillard scored 15 of the Trail Blazers’ 28 fourth quarter points.

• Tonight’s loss ended a four-game win streak for the Trail Blazers against the Spurs.

• The Trail Blazers made seven consecutive field goal attempts from the 4:50 mark of the fourth quarter to the 1:51 mark.

• The Trail Blazers outscored the Spurs, 19-6, from 5:58 to 1:54 of the third quarter to take the lead to 79-75.

• LaMarcus Aldridge missed his first game of the season tonight, his first missed game since April 16, 2013 (at L.A. Clippers).

• The two highest bench scorers against the Trail Blazers all season have both been on the Spurs. Manu Ginobili scored 29 on Jan. 17 and Patty Mills scored 29 points on Feb. 19.

• Patty Mills’ 13 field goals tonight are tied for the most made field goals off the bench in the NBA this season (Dion Waiters, Dec. 6, 2013 at Atlanta).



Damian Lillard

On Playing Without Aldridge:
“It was different. It’s tough to rebound and run our offense how we usually do when we don’t have our guys that’s normally in the rotation out there period, but without LA out there, that makes it tougher obviously.”

On Defense:
“We weren’t getting places fast enough. We had a great first quarter, an okay second quarter, but they played a good game. They came out and executed, they screened us. We got hit easier than we should have. They got loose balls, offensive rebounds. There was a number of things we could have done better.”

On Mills:
“He came off pick and rolls hard and kept raising up. He made a lot of jumpers. We knew he would take jumpers but he got to the rim a little bit, he started hitting floaters and he was just in a good rhythm.”


Dorell Wright

On Playing Without Aldridge:
“I think we fought hard. We just have to play a 48 minute game. We came out in the first half and got a good lead. The third quarter, they came out and Pop made adjustments and put Ginobili in there to be a playmaker. He did a great job getting guys involved. I think they went 10 straight possessions with him with the ball in his hands. He was just making plays and finding guys and getting to the basket.”

On Stepping Up To Play With Injuries:
“I’ve been in this league ten years. I know what it is. It’s a marathon. In the game, there’s injuries and guys go down. Guys step up. I think Patty Mills is a prime example. He went out there and performed the last two nights. Guys go down and the next guy has got to step up.”

On Getting Back On Track After Rough Patch:
“Like I said, it’s a marathon. We have 28 more games. We just have to continue to stay together. That’s the number one thing, staying together. The reason why you want to get off to a good start, rough patches like this – the games we did win early in the season are still holding us up. So we just have to find it and it’ll happen.”


Terry Stotts

On Tonight's Game:
“We tried to beat San Antonio at their game and they did better than us. They played their small lineup more effectively. We didn’t do enough defensively to get a win. While LA and Meyers and Joel are out, we’re going to have to figure out ways to win games. There were some good things we did tonight. San Antonio is used to playing these games without their guys and they plug guys in and they play well. During this stretch, we’re going to have to figure some things out at both ends of the floor.”

What Was Most Disappointing?:
“Probably our focus defensively. I thought we had a lot of just some mental lapses – going under shooters, not keeping the ball on the side, not coming up with rebounds. The offense was okay but I thought defensively, we could have done a better job.”

On Rotation:
“I don’t know necessarily that I have a rotation. We’re trying to figure things out. One of the things playing against San Antonio and Pop, he’s unconventional. He had Matt Bonner playing center for a little bit and had three guards, so I don’t know that every team that we play will play that style. Some of it will depend on who we’re playing and how they’re playing. I thought Thomas Robinson did a nice job with his minutes. We did a lot of good things. We lose a close game and it’s easy to focus on what we didn’t do. We’ll have a clearer picture tomorrow after we watch the video and look at some things. Like I said, we’ve got to figure it out for this short period.”

On Mills:
“He made big shots and that’s what he’s been doing. 29 points – you can look at it two ways. 29 points in 29 minutes is pretty good but he took 26 shots to get them. He made some nice floaters. Most of them were contested, but obviously that’s what he’s been doing. He did the same thing last night against the Clippers.”


Patty Mills

On Tonight's Game:
“Yeah, good. I mean, it's just like any other building, you know? We're just trying to get better as a team, keep trying to win. It's hard to win on the road in any house, I know it's especially hard to win here. We haven't won here in a while. I know what it's like to win here when you're on the home team, but away team it's hard. But the last two nights, very good wins.”

On Bigger Role With Parker Injured:
“It's collectively, but that's the whole factor of our wins the last couple weeks is doing the job together. You can't fill Tony Parker's shoes. Everyone knows that. But if you do it together, you can get close to it and I think that the last two games was a good example of how we do it together as a team. We just have to be consistent now and maintain it while he sits out.”

On Matchup With Nicolas Batum:
“Just like it was when we were 15 years of age. We've been playing against each other for a while. We've played on the same team, but, yeah, it was fun.”

On The Game And Bucket Coming Easy Of Late:
“I think it's just understanding my role in the team and understanding where you can get shots in the offense or where you can do stuff defensively that I didn't really understand before now. So, I think it's understanding the system, it's understanding your teammates and your coaches, and once you have a good understanding about that, you tend to get a little bit more confidence and free flowing.”


Tiago Splitter

On Playing Time:
“He told me I was going to play periods of five minutes, so that's what we did and it worked. I felt good and, most importantly, I didn't feel anything. I was a little tired, but I didn't feel the pain that I had.”

On If He Felt His Rhythm Tonight:
“No, no, no. Definitely no. But, you know, just getting back in the court, it's great to be with the guys. Like I said, to win a tough game for us after a back-to-back after the Clippers, it's been great for us.”


Gregg Popovich

On Tonight's Game:
“Patty Mills again in the fourth quarter. Patty was spectacular again. He's a tough cover, he's a great competitor and he's helped us like that all year long. He's been very important to us. It was good to get [Tiago Splitter] back, you know, it was the first time he's played in a month. We got a few minutes from him, got a few minutes from [Manu Ginobili], but we had to limit those guys as much as we could. I'd want to put Manu back in in the fourth quarter, but I just couldn't do it. They gave us a little bit and, as a team, I couldn't be prouder of them. They worked very hard for those two wins, and, you know, back-to-back, it's pretty special for them.”

On Holding Portland To No Field Goals In A Six Minute Span:
“Those things happen in a game. We didn't do anything special, it just happens. It's a game. Sometimes that happens to us, it can happen to anybody, but I thought the effort was fantastic.”