Notes & Quotes: Trail Blazers 109, Spurs 100


January 17, 2014



Damian Lillard

On The Win:
“It was a huge win, especially with the rest of the trip that we have in front of us. It was big for us to come here against probably the toughest one of them all, and to get a win, I think it’s great momentum for us going forward.”

On The Spurs Getting Back Into The Game:
“We knew that once we built the lead, we knew that they weren’t just going to go away. We knew that eventually they would find their way back into the game, especially after Pop (Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich) got tossed. It looked like he wanted to get tossed because he just kept going off, but I knew that would spark their team. They got some calls, they made some shots and it was the type of game that we thought it was going to be.”

On What The Win Means Going Forward:
“It’s not even about later. I think it’s about just wanting to be consistent and keep getting the job done. We knew that this was going to be a tough trip. We came here ready to go out and win the game, and we did that.”


LaMarcus Aldridge

On Difference Between Halves:
“Got more looks. Coach tried his best to get me going in the second half, getting me more looks and calling more plays for me and I was trying to be more aggressive going to the basket or just finding my shot.”

On The Win:
“It’s big. Every win for us in big, but to play another top team in the NBA and in the West on their floor and get a win, it’s big for us.”

On What The Blazers Did When The Spurs Went On A Run:
“Just be solid. They made their run. We knew we weren’t going to come in here and blow them out, so let’s take their hit and bounce back and let’s run on them and be us. We know that they’re one of the top teams in the league and they were going to make a run, so we just wanted to weather that storm.”


Terry Stotts

On Tonight's Game:
“It was a quality win. They played a good game. I thought both teams competed pretty hard. The momentum switched in the second half, and things started going their way. I liked the way we showed the resolve to keep battling even though they had their run, and we didn’t let up. We had a lot of guys make big plays at the offensive end down the stretch. Wesley’s (Matthews) shots, L.A.’s (LaMarcus Aldridge) shots, Nick’s (Batum) playmaking, we did a lot of good things to get a win on the road.”

On Making Adjustment And Regaining Momentum In The Fourth Quarter:
“I don’t know if it was necessarily adjustments. We went to LaMarcus when he came back in the game, and our offense kind of stalled out a little bit. They made the threes. I don’t know how many threes they made. I think they made four threes in the third quarter and maybe one in the fourth. We did a good job of keeping the three out of the game in the first half, and that was a big part of their comeback. Going to L.A. on the block was good. Nick, as a facilitator, was good.”

On Manu Ginobili's Performance In The Third Quarter:
“I’ve seen him do things like that for so long. It’s just vintage Ginobili. He was making threes, going to the basket; he got fouled on a three, pick and rolls. He’s capable of having those. I’ve seen him do it a few times.”

On How The Spurs May Have Fed Off Of Gregg Popovich's Ejection:
“It sure looked like it. The momentum really switched when he got ejected. The momentum switched. Whether that was them, or the crowd, or whatever, the game definitely kind of turned at that time.”

On Wesley Matthews Shooting Six-For-Seven From Three:
“We have confident shooters. Whomever it is - Damian (Lillard), Wesley, Mo (Williams), L.A., Nick - we have a lot of guys who are very good shooters and feel confident when the ball is in their hands. The ones Wes (Wesley Matthews) hit were very timely. It really turned the tide.”

On How This Win Compares To Others This Season:
“To beat the best team in the West on their floor, that sticks out. Like I said, we showed a lot of resolve at both ends of the floor. I thought we had a good defensive game throughout, except for the stretch in the third quarter where they hit the threes. Again, I thought we showed our mettle tonight.”


Tony Parker

On His Availability For Sunday's Game:
“I think I’ll play. I wish I was 100 percent tonight, but it happens. I’ll play. I’ll play on Sunday. It will all get better with time. It was just a tough one tonight. I have to give them credit. They made a lot of shots, a lot of three’s. We just have to keep pounding on that rock.”

On The Defensive Challenge That LaMarcus Aldridge Poses:
“They shoot a lot of threes, so we decided to stay in single coverage and he made all his shots. It’s one of those nights you just have to give them credit. They played well tonight.”

On Gregg Popovich's Ejection:
“He just wanted to give us a boost. It worked pretty well. We came back and we were up one in the fourth quarter, but we just didn’t make the stops that we needed. You have to make stops to win games and tonight, they made shots.”


Manu Ginobili

On Gregg Popovich's Ejection As An Inspirational Moment For The Team:
“You don’t feel it right away, but it worked. People got excited and we started making shots. We made a great run. We went up after being down by 12, I think, when he got ejected. I don’t know. I guess it worked.”

On Having A Hot Hand After Gregg Popovich's Ejection:
“I got in the game and I had two wide open shots. Both went in. Things started to happen. They found me on a three-point shot. I started to feel more confident and the whole situation was exciting. Things went our way in that third quarter. Then, we just couldn’t keep that emotion up. Every time we made a run or played good defense, then they would get a three or an isolation for [LaMarcus] Aldridge and a bucket. They were ready down the stretch.”

On Trouble With Trail Blazers:
“They are good. They have a lot of scorers. They have great shooters. They passed well too. They have a guy that can shoot over anybody and against us, it looks like they all go in. In the first half, he didn’t do that well. Down the stretch, of course, he did. Even with all that, we had a great opportunity. They got one offensive rebound and a corner three by [Wesley] Matthews. Then, they run a great play for another three. We missed a couple opportunities. That’s what happens when you play great teams.”


Gregg Popovich

On What Happened In The Fourth Quarter:
“We just didn’t get stops. Couple mistakes that cost us the (Wesley) Matthews threes down the stretch. We have to make those stops at the end of games and we just didn’t do it.”

On Difficulty Of Defending Portland And Having To Double Team LaMarcus Aldridge:
“We actually did a good job in the first half keeping them off the three-point line, they shot six threes, and that was the strategy. LaMarcus is going to shoot two’s and make them. We’re fine with that. But we can’t turn it over. We have to make some threes. We have to make some layups. We didn’t score the way we needed to in that situation. But in the second half I thought we became a little bit more of a physical team. Played with a little bit of an edge and got ourselves back in the game. We got pumped up a little bit and that was good to see. But they finished and made shots down the stretch. We just didn’t get those stops.”

On The Vintage Play Of Manu Ginobili:
“Obviously you know Manu, he was spectacular. I thought Boris (Diaw) did a great job on Aldridge in a lot of ways. Just didn’t go his way, so to speak, on several occasions. He hung in there and he kept playing. I thought he did a good job, played him square and did what we wanted to do.”

On Whether Or Not It Looked Like Tony Parker Was Hesitant Tonight:
“Well I have to give Tony a lot of credit. He was in a lot of pain. The thing was bothering him. He got through the first half fairly well, but I think halftime hurt him badly. It stiffened up and it got pretty painful. But he wanted to go and it wasn’t a thing where he was going to injure himself further. If it would have been a hamstring kind of thing I’d have made him sit. But he wanted to do it, so he did. He showed some good guts.”

On If Tony Parker Is Expected To Play Sunday:
“We’ll see how he is tomorrow. I think probably so though.”

On Not Beating The Good Teams And Whether The Spurs Ignore That Talk From The Media:
“No we don’t ignore anything. It’s like when we started the season the first thing we did was watch Game 6 in Miami. We look everything square in the eye and talk about what we need to do.”

On Matt Bonner's Status Update After Broken Nose:
“Yeah he got a messed up nose for sure. I don’t know exactly how serious, but they’re going to do a CAT Scan tomorrow. It wasn’t pretty.”

On When The Play That Broke Matt Bonner's Nose Occurred:
“We’ll see how he is tomorrow. I think probably so though.”“You know I never saw it. A timeout happened right after and we went to the timeout and someone said Matty broke his nose. And I looked at him and it was in the wrong place, so I knew they were right. But I did not see it happen, so I don’t know.”