Notes & Quotes: Trail Blazers 109, Celtics 96


November 15, 2013



LaMarcus Aldridge

On Tonight's Game:
“It’s just a matter of trying to get wins. Its just one of those years where you know our team is good and you know I’ve worked hard this year and we are just trying to get better every game.”

You Guys Are 7-2 But Could Be Undefeated:
“Yeah easily could be, but you know we have learned from those two losses and just trying to keep getting better.”

What About The Inside-Outside Game Tonight?:
“Yeah we have been great all year about playing inside outside. They make shots from the outside and I go pick and roll midrange and you know it opens it up for me down low.”


Nicolas Batum

On Tonight's Game:
“We want to keep this winning streak going so that is one of the reasons we needed this game. We got a good start, a good start right away. The way they came back in the game early, we didn’t panic we played our game and get the ball inside. Mo did a good job too, come off the bench and after we got a lead and kept it."

About Winning In Boston For The First Time In A While:
“I mean that is huge for us. That is good for the confidence. We like to keep winning on the road. The biggest thing for us is we want to in like a playoff game win on the road. We know we can do it at home because the crowd will be there and we are confident at home.”


Terry Stotts

On Tonight's Game:
“It was good to play a good game from start to finish. I thought Boston played well. They played the way they have been playing all season. They played hard they are active defensively. They pressure the ball. They were never out of it they kept coming back and kept making it difficult.”

“From an offensive stand point we are moving the ball well. It’s different guys on different nights. Wes had thirteen in the first half, Nic comes in on the second half, Marcus has been consistent. I though Mo is getting more comfortable running the offense and understanding the players he is playing with. So, I think our offense has been doing well.”

“Tonight I thought our defense is getting better. They had some guys that made some threes that don’t normally make threes but I like the way we are attacking the defense, our approach, and more than anything I think I like the way we are coming together as a team.”


Courtney Lee

How Do You Keep Pace With A Team That Scores Like They Do?:
“The best way to do that is to try to get stops. If you get stops and make it easy on ourselves, we can get out and run in transition, and then the more stops we get the more opportunities we have to score.”

How Much Is Communication Part Of Defense?:
“Communication’s part of it. But a lot of it is effort and knowing where to be and being in the right spots and not giving up.”


Jordan Crawford

How Do You Maintain Pace With A Team Who Shoots The Three That Well?:
“Well, we were kinda playing behind the whole game, so when they hit one of those threes it kinda was crushing to us. Heads were down a couple times. Us being a young team, we just gotta keep pushing, keep chipping away. I think a couple times we were trying to cut the eight point lead down in one possession. It was tough.”

How Do You Try To Keep It Even Keel When You Lose 4, win 4, now lose 2?:
“You definitely wanna tell the new players it’s gonna be like that. It’s a long season. We just won four, all of the sudden we’re losing two looking for a win. So just tell everybody not to get too high, not get too low. Just keep getting better every day.”


Jared Sullinger

On Tonight's Game:
“I think that was on us. You gotta give Portland a lot of credit, they executed a lot of stuff and I thought that was on us. Wasn’t helping like we normally do and we gave up a lot of points tonight.”

Doesn't Seem Like Your Knee Was Bothering You Too Much:
“It was a little bit out there. It was kind of sore, but that’s what treament’s for. I wish we got the win, but it is what it is.”

On The Team's Mindset:
“We gotta win. We gotta win. Gotta get a win. Gotta get a win. That’s the mindset. Every game is a pride game. And every chance we can get, we gotta get a W, and right now I think we’re, what, 1-3 at home, something like that, and we gotta continue to get the wins.”


Brad Stevens

On Difference On Defense:
“We really had some good moments defensively, and then we let our guard down at the end of the first half, and then they got those three threes – one of which was a very good shot by (Wesley) Matthews, very well defended by Avery (Bradley.) And then the other two, we just relaxed on (Nicolas) Batum and now you’ve got Batum going. And that’s not a good thing, and he continued that. I don’t know what he ended up with…but it sure felt like more than 18 because he hit some big ones that really separated the game and then when we were scoring at the start of the second half and they were scoring every time too, we were just trading baskets. And in a come-back you can’t do that.”

What Does He Take From The Come-Back Falling Short?:
“Just tells me that we’ve got to get better in the first forty-two minutes, to give us a better chance to win it at the end. We weren’t good enough in that time-frame. Now, I’m trying to be fair in my analysis of this because I think the fair thing to do is to credit Portland, because they’re a good basketball team. And they’re really, really cohesive; they clearly have been playing together a while, they know the shot they’re looking for, and they’ve really got some go-to options on the block with (LaMarcus) Aldridge when they need a bucket, and then they really know what to do in those situations where they need a basket. Whereas we might be searching a little bit, they know exactly where they need to go, and they did that. When they needed a basket, they went to Aldridge; when they needed a basket they went to Batum, and those guys carried the day as we were threatening them.”

On Jared Sullinger:
“I thought he played well. Obviously he turned it over a few more times than he usually does, but he shot the ball well, he posted. We talked about it before the game: he’s probably our best post-player. And so we’ve got to figure out a way to utilize everybody better.”

Is Portland A Tough Team To Keep Pace With Offensively?:
“Yeah, you can’t outscore those guys. You’re going to have to defend them, and I thought we didn’t do that very well. And again, I’m not sure sitting over there if it was us or them, but I think it was a combination of both.”

How Much Better Can Sullinger Get When He's In Top Shape?:
“I don’t know. That’s a good question, because I think he’s playing really well know. We met yesterday and he said he feels like he’s playing better than he’s played last year, and ever before. So hopefully he can continue to enhance, and I think more than anything, play more minutes. He played 31 tonight which is quite a bit of minutes, especially off the bench, so he played for long stretches, so that’s probably a good sign.”

On The Ups And Downs Of These First 10 Games:
“It’s more topsy-turvy for everybody else than it is for me. You know, I hate losing, I don’t stomach it well, I don’t deal with it well. But I’ll be back at work tonight.”