Notes & Quotes: Trail Blazers 108, Nets 98


November 18, 2013



Wesley Matthews

On Tonight's Game:
"My mentality is just try to rebound. I’m just trying to rebound, and that is what is engaging me in the game. I have to credit my teammates for getting me open, setting screens, the delivery. They’re doing all the hard stuff, I just have to shoot it and I’m playing off the confidence of our team. We are on a great roll right now. I was just taking what they gave me. After the first one went in, I started hunting a little more. The second one went in and I was definitely hunting for it. But what won the game for us was turning it on in the last three quarters defensively. We are not going to out-score teams on a consistent basis and win. We have to practice what we preach, which is defense, and that’s what we were able to do tonight.”"

On Playing The Nets:
“They are a talented team. They have Hall-of-Famers on that team. We just had to weather the storm, throw our first punch, because we felt like they did that to us in the first quarter. We came at them defensively and ramped it up. We got into the ball and forced them to do a little bit more than they wanted to and eventually their shots stopped falling.”


Terry Stotts

On Tonight's Game:
“I was really proud of our team. We withstood a barrage in the first quarter and basically I think we held Brooklyn to 25% shooting the rest of the game. Particularly in the second half, we came out really aggressive on the ball. It was a good win. Brooklyn is a talented team; we’re on a back to back. Regardless of the circumstances it’s tough to win. One thing we all knew is that it is a long game. Percentages kind of even themselves out, we didn’t think they’d shoot that well the rest of the game. I thought it was a testament to our guys as far as how they competed. They never lost confidence. They never stopped competing. They kept chipping away at it and when you have that belief that you can do something it just makes it that much easier. I really liked how our guards got into the ball handlers on the pick and rolls. It takes the pressure off of our big guys and it doesn’t allow our guards to be picked off on screens as easily. We’re playing at a good level but we know it’s a long season. We have to keep improving. Every other team in this league will continue to get better and we need to get better too.”


Mason Plumlee

On The Frustration Level Of The Team:
“Pretty frustrated. We thought we would come out and play better tonight but for whatever reason we did not.”

On If This Was A Setback After The West Coast Trip:
“Yes, this was definitely a setback. I think the energy wasn’t their tonight that you saw in LA and Phoenix. Whatever we do offensively or defensively there has to be energy and effort. Some guys did it tonight and not everyone did it and that has to be consistent for us to be a good team.”

On Was The Lack Of Offensive Production Due To Being Off Target Or Their Defense:
“I think it was more on us. We have seen a bunch of different defenses and they didn’t come in known for their defense, statistically anyway. They have won games but they have given up a lot of points in the paint coming into the game.”


Shaun Linvingston

What Have You Been Trying To Show The Coaches And Team Over The Last Few Games?:
“I’m just trying to stay aggressive. I talk to the coaches; just trying to be an extension of them while I’m on the floor. Just get their advice. Just try to do the best I can in my role to help us win games.”

On The Team Not Making Baskets After Starting Well:
“That’s what happens; it’s the ebbs and flows of the game. We came out hot. I think we had a good rhythm, good momentum. You can go cold at any time of the game. I think that’s where we have to make adjustments. We’re all veterans out there on the floor. I think we got to make adjustments. Get the ball in the paint, get it moving around a bit more.”

On Jason Kidd Taking Responsibility For Stagnant Offense:
“It’s on all of us. I take a majority of that [responsibility] as well because as the point guard you got to initiate the offense, make the right play calls to get guys involved. Maybe that’s the time where I should look to be more aggressive and getting into the paint, drawing fouls, maybe getting some free throws to pick our momentum back up.”

Do You Feel You're Having The Same Problems As A Week Ago Or Is This New Stuff?
“I think it’s a little bit of both; kind of inconsistent right now, that’s the biggest thing. We’re trying to find consistency with everybody as a unit; coaches, rotations. I think it’s the trial process but we still have to leave it out there. We got to go out and play hard. Coach can’t coach effort. We got to go out and all do our jobs as a man.”


Jason Kidd

On What Changed Following A Quick Start:
“Just bad coaching, I take the blame for this. Guys played hard; we got a little stagnant on the offensive end. This falls on my shoulders. We got off to a good start and then in the third quarter we came out a little flat and that falls on me.”

On Possible Adjustments Portland Made In The Second-Half:
“I don’t know if it’s what Portland did. We had some great looks on offense and we didn’t score. Again, if we don’t score, we need to play the other side and tonight that falls on me not having the guys ready to play to start the second half.”

On What You Could Have Done Better (As A Coach):
“We got good looks offensively and one thing I’ve always told the guys is some nights the ball is going to go in and some nights it’s not but we got to be consistent on the defensive end. To start that third quarter we weren’t.”

Assessing The Team 10 Games In:
“It’s a process. We still have a ways to go. We have quite a few games left, but we got to prepare tomorrow, get some work in on the defensive end. Again, as the coach, we got some work to do."

On Whether Players Are Being Too Unselfish:
“I wouldn’t say too unselfish. Do you mean as in assists? I thought that guys were making the right plays. We had a lot of great looks that just didn’t go in.”

On The Team Balance:
“The balances are the guys that we can go with. Injuries are a part of the game. We have those right now. But there are no excuses. If we can’t score, we have to be able to hold the opponent and right now we aren’t doing it."

On How Paul Pierce Looked:
“He had good looks. Again, he is a pro and he probably will never admit if he’s 80%, 90%. He’s just going to go out there and try and help his team win and that’s what the great ones do. It’s not always about making shots, but about playing a total game. I thought he had a pretty good game, even if he isn’t 100%.”

On Shaun Livingston's Role:
“Shaun has been great. He’s one of the guys I wanted. I thought he fit in right with this group. Again, we have asked Shaun from playing 8 minutes to playing almost 30 minutes a night. He’s a pro. Couldn’t ask for a better person and he’s doing everything to lead the team.”