Notes & Quotes: Trail Blazers 106, Suns 120


November 27, 2013


• The Suns snapped Portland’s 11-game winning streak and have now dealt the Trail Blazers two of their three losses this season. In three games against Phoenix this season, the Blazers are 1-2 (.333) and have an average point differential of -8.3. In 13 games against the rest of the NBA, the Blazers are 12-1 with an average point differential of +8.2, a difference of 16.5 points per game.

• The Suns set season-highs for most points scored with 120 (previous 114 vs. Denver on Nov. 8) and highest field goal percentage at .519 (previous .518 vs. Portland on Oct. 30) in tonight’s win, and tied a season-high for most points in a quarter with 40 in the second frame (tied 40 in the third vs. Denver on Nov. 8).

• The Suns also set a season-high for both largest margin of victory and largest comeback with a final margin of 14 points (previous high of 13 also vs. Portland on Oct. 30) and a comeback from a 16-point deficit (Blazers led 37-21 with 10:37 left in the second period and 39-23 with 9:27 left in the second).

• The Suns improved to 5-2 (.714) at home on the season, the team’s best seven-game start at USAC since the 2009-10 season (7-0).

• Jeff Hornacek improved to 5-2 (.714) at home to begin his head coaching career, the best home record for a Suns head coach to begin his tenure at the start of the season since Paul Westphal started the 1992-93 season 6-1 (.857) at home.

• The Suns have now won six straight at home against Portland, last losing on Dec. 10, 2010.

• The Suns moved to 7-2 (.778) this season when playing on one day of rest.

• LaMarcus Aldridge scored a team-high 24 points, his 11th game with 20+ and eighth game leading the team in scoring.



LaMarcus Aldridge

On Tonight's Game:
“They just picked it up. They raised their intensity and they made more shots than they did in the first quarter and we didn’t make shots like we did in the first quarter. They took over and once they had the lead and they just stayed solid the rest of the game. They made shots again and we made turnovers and they ran out with it.”

On Winning Streak:
“That’s something special in the NBA to win that many games in a row. We’re definitely proud of it but we have to bounce back and not lose two in a row. We’ve talked about that and it was fun and all but now it’s time to go to L.A. and just bounce back.”


Nicolas Batum

On Tonight's Game:
“I don’t know. We had a great start. We played like we want to play: great defense, we put the ball inside, we moved the ball and we were sharing the ball. Everything was perfect. We go up 16 and the bench comes in and they do the same job. Then we aren’t making shots, we missed one shot, two shots, three shots and they got hot. And we know when this team gets on fire from three you have to stop them and that’s what happened tonight."

"They’ve got Channing Frye, they’ve got Dragic and they’ve got Green. Those guys made 5 or 6 threes in a row or something like that. Then they drive and score inside too. It’s tough because we had this game, we had control and we let it go. We wanted to keep this streak going and we wanted to make it 12 so that’s why we’re pretty mad right now.”


Terry Stotts

On Tonight's Game:
“I’m glad we don’t have to play Phoenix until April. After we got a lead they completely outplayed us; hats off to them. They made shots, they ran and they rebounded. They played an excellent game. They’ve played us very well. I don’t know, we’ll see April 4th if anything changes between now and then. We lost their three point shooters in the second quarter and that gave them a lot of momentum. I think the Morris brothers and Channing Frye create a lot of problems with their versatility, with their scoring and with them being able to go inside. I really thought the three point shot in the second quarter is what turned the game around and in the second half they got some loose balls. We had some stops but they came up with the loose balls and were able to gain some momentum there so they played better than we did.”


Goran Dragic

On How The Trail Blazers Played Them Defensively:
“At the beginning they stayed back and gave us some open shots but then they came a little bit up and I went around that and tried to find open guys but after that they started switching with the big guys. They just gave us different looks but we had an answer for every look. Maybe in the first quarter we did not play well. They started to get really hot and our defense was not the best but in the end I was really proud that we came together and played well in the second, third and fourth quarter.”

On Pushing The Ball:
“Like Jeff said every time that we look at the tape when we play in the halfcourt we have problems. We don’t run the action so well and we have a lot of isolations but when we run we get those easy open threes and easy layups and I think that everyone wants to play like that. It is really fun. In the first quarter we did not do that but later I think we did better with rebounding and that helped us.”


Channing Frye

On His Game:
“Guys were just finding me and shots are just going in. I’m just trying to be aggressive. I have been working with Mark West. I have been working with Kenny G and Irv and basically all of the coaches trying to pick their brains about how teams are going to play me. When I got to the post will they front, flash, so it’s really just me trying to cover all aspects of my game and try to be a complete player. Some nights it’s going to work out and some nights it doesn’t. Tonight it worked out, I stayed steady. I still made some mistakes defensively but I felt like we were there trying to execute what Mike wants and we just came out and we needed a win. Goran got hot and I made a couple and Markieff and Marcus just went to town.”

On The First Quarter Deficit Tonight:
"Just came out playing harder and got a lot of lay-ups. They made it tough for us to score."

On Winning Two Out Of Three Against The Trail Blazers:
“We don’t even look at records. You look at teams like Orlando and the Bobcats, those are great teams but the records may not reflect that but we approach them like we approach everyone else, like Miami or San Antonio. It’s not about the teams that we play but it’s more about ourselves and what we are trying to accomplish. For us we are really growing and you are seeing guys really develop. Ish gave us great minutes tonight, Slava got in there. It’s good to see him get his rhythm because we are going to need him and Goran has jut been on a tear and when he is feeling it like that you just give it to him and get the hell out the way.”


Jeff Hornacek

On Turnaround In The Second Quarter:
“We told the guys that sometimes that happens when you come off of a road trip. It’s probably a mental thing now – you get home, you feel relaxed, you just spent a week on the road. We’re still focused we just had a little bit of a let down there. We told them that’s typical of coming off of a road trip and it usually lasts a half and then you get back into it. I think that’s pretty much what happened tonight. Goran (Dragic) gave us a lift when things weren’t going great. He made some big shots for us and kept us in the game. We got down but we didn’t get panicked. The guys, they battled. They were killing us on the boards in the first half and in the second half we did a much better job.”

On Them Playing So Well Against Portland:
“Sometimes there’s a team that maybe matchups create a little bit of a problem. With our point guards, we run a lot of pick and rolls so we make those guys have to guard the pick and rolls. Defensively our guys, we know not to let these guys get three-point shots. That’s a big part of their game, so they were just focused.”

On Channing Frye Finding Himself These Last Few Games:
“I think his conditioning is getting better. You know, when he was running down the court to start the season – I don’t even know how to explain it –he was just kind of plodding down the court. Now he’s running a little bit. I still don’t think he’s probably in the best shape of his career, but he’s getting there. I think another couple weeks of this – and that’s always the case, when you’re in shape and you’re running up and down the court, if your legs aren’t tired it’s a lot easier to shoot the shots. I think that’s what’s happening now is he’s not tired when he’s shooting those shots and he’s making them.”