Notes & Quotes: Trail Blazers 102, Hawks 78


March 5, 2014


• The Trail Blazers have made at least 13 3-pointers for the 12th time this season, most in the NBA.

• Portland’s 19 wins against the East are tied for the most by any Western Conference team (Oklahoma City, San Antonio, Houston).

• Nicolas Batum is the first player in Trail Blazers history to record at least 18 rebounds and three 3-pointers in the same game.

• Nicolas Batum joins Kevin Love as the NBA’s only players with at least 18 rebounds and three 3-pointers in a game this season.

• Nicolas Batum is the seventh player this year with three straight games of at least 15 rebounds (D. Jordan, D. Howard, K. Love, H. Bogut, A. Drummond and J. Noah).

• Portland ended Kyle Korver’s streak of 127 consecutive games with a 3-pointer, an NBA record.

• Nicolas Batum is the fifth Trail Blazer since 1985 to record three straight games of at least 15 rebounds (J. Hickson, M. Camby, B. Grant and K. Carr).

• The Trail Blazers held the Hawks to 78 points and a 33.3 FG percentage for the game, the lowest point total and field goal percentage for a Trail Blazers opponent this season. The Hawks also never led in the game.

• Nicolas Batum is the 35th NBA player with at least 18 rebounds in a game this year, Portland has four of them (Aldridge, Lopez, Robinson, Batum).

• Nicolas Batum grabbed a career high 18 rebounds (previous was 16 which he set just two games ago on March 1 vs. Denver).

• The Trail Blazers are 21-3 when Mo Williams scores in double figures.

• Nicolas Batum’s 13 rebounds in the first half mark a new personal career high for rebounds in any half (11 – first half, Dec. 5, 2010 vs. L.A. Clippers).

• Nicolas Batum has recorded at least 11 rebounds in three straight games for the first time in his career.

• Nicolas Batum’s 421 rebounds this season already mark a new career high (412, 2012-13).

• With two 3-pointers tonight, Wesley Matthews is the fourth player with at least 600 3-pointers as a Trail Blazer (Porter – 773, Stoudamire – 717, Batum - 606).

• Nicolas Batum has recorded his 10th game of double-digit rebounds this year, three more than his previous career high in a season (7, 2012-13).

• Nicolas Batum’s 8 rebounds in the first quarter mark a new first quarter career high (previously 6, Oct. 26, 2010 vs. Phoenix).

• Mo Williams’ second assist tonight was his 250th of the season, the most off the bench by any player in the NBA.



LaMarcus Aldridge

On Struggling To Find Rhythm:
“My timing is just off. Since coming back, I haven’t felt like my timing has been great. I was really trying to find it in my minutes that I was out there and they were double teaming some and were trying to dig a lot, so I was trying to force the issue on my rhythm, but I defeinitely didn’t find it tonight. I’ll find it tomorrow at practice.”

On Game Tonight:
“Great team win. Everybody played well. I thought we came out focussed and played great defense. I thought Wes and everybody did a really good job on Kyle Korver. He didn’t get a make tonight so that’s big time when you have guy that can shoot to his level, not to give him any easy looks.”

On Batum's Rebounding:
“He’s been great. He’s been crashing the boards pretty hard and rebounding great for his position. That’s what we need from him.”

On Upcoming Road Trip:
“It’s going to be a really tough road trip for us, but if we go out and take care of business and keep playing defense like we did tonight, anything is possible.”

On Success Defending The Three-Point Line This Season:
“That’s what our defense is built for. We try to force a lot of midrange shots, we try to get guys off the three line and we try to have RoLo at the rim, so that’s our goal every game.”


Wesley Matthews

On Playing With Energy After Loss Against Lakers:
“Well we were playing against a similar team. They shoot threes, they run, they get up in transition. They have a lot of guys who can shoot at a high clip. If they get hot, if you give any team confidence in this league, anything can happen. We just saw that against the Lakers. We wanted to correct ourselves on what we did the other night and we were able to do that.”

On Batum:
“He’s stealing rebounds, right? Nah, he’s playing well. He’s doing everything which is what his best asset is. He’s a jack of all trades and we’re feeding off of that.”


Terry Stotts

On Tonight's Game:
“A really good bounce back win for us, especially going out on the road. After the Laker game and a disappointment with how we played there, it was a good defensive effort. We shared the ball. Just an all-around good game for us in a lot of ways.”

On Defense:
“There was a lot to like. We rebounded the ball well, we took away transition. When we switched their pick and rolls, I thought LA in particular and our big guys did a good job of containing Teague in his penetration. Our rim protection - when he did penetrate, Robin or LA or Meyers was there. The three point shot in the first half. The priorities going into the game – three point shot, penetration, rim, transition – we took care of all of those in the first half and I thought we continued that with the second half.”

On Korver's Streak:
“We all knew about it. You can’t help but to know about it. We didn’t go in saying – no one mentioned it as part of the game plan – let’s stop the streak, but he was definitely a priority in the game plan as far as not letting him get threes.”

Do You Take Pride In Ending The Streak?:
“No question. It was a team thing, but Wes took a lot of pride in that challenge. It was fun to watch, especially that third quarter. They were going head to head and Wes took the challenge. I think he looked forward to it.”


Kyle Korver

On Tonight's Game And The End To His Streak:
"Well, it was just a bad game all around for us. I'm a little bummed for sure, but it was good while it lasted. I think someday we'll look back on it and be proud, but obviously it was just a tough game all around for us and that was part of it."

On His Desire To Get Back In The Game In The Fourth To Continue His Streak:
"Um, no. I mean, we were getting blown out. I never wanted to keep it going like that."

On Poor Shooting Performance Tonight:
"We just didn't execute very well, we had a hard time getting good looks and it felt like they had an open shot every time. They were just driving in and kicking out the threes and really got us on our heels. So, not one of our better games.”


Jeff Teague

On Poor Shooting Night:
"It just happens like that. It just happened to happen on the wrong game, but we just had a bad night."

On Portland's Defense:
"We just missed shots. I mean, we got good looks, got a couple open looks, we just missed them tonight."

On Ability To Limit Aldridge And Lillard:
"We just wanted to play good team defense. I think our defense was pretty good, we just couldn't make any shots and it's tough, man, when you can't make any shots and have to go back there and grind and grind on the defensive end. They have a talented team, they have a lot of shooters on the floor and they spread us out and drove us in and kicked for threes and they were making them tonight."


Mike Budenholzer

On Tonight's Game:
"Obviously, it wasn't a good night for us. We really struggled offensively and when you don't see the ball go in that many times, I think it effected us just overall - our defense. Defensively there were times when we were good. You know, LaMarcus Aldridge, I thought we did a decent job on him defensively, but their ball movement and their team play was impressive. I think their defense had part of the credit in our poor performance offensively and it just wasn't our night."

On Sense Of Frustration As Shots Weren't Falling:
"I think we've shot the ball so well this year and we've developed a lot of confidence that way and I think when the shots weren't falling, we weren't getting good looks and I think some frustration set in."

On The Idea Of Putting Kyle In In The Fourth Quarter To Continue His Streak:
"No. I think that it was a tough night for the whole group and I think Kyle's health, the health of the whole group, we base all of our decisions on what's best for the group and keeping Kyle healthy and keeping the group moving forward is important to us. He's a competitive guy. He's going to want to be ready to play our next game. It's a heck of a streak. We all feel fortunate to be part of it. He's an amazing competitor, an amazing shooter and we'll all move on."