Game 4 Notes & Quotes:Trail Blazers 123, Rockets 120 (OT)


April 27th, 2014


• Portland's win tonight is the 100th playoff victory in franchise history.

• The Trail Blazers lead the series over the Rockets, 3-1. Tonight was the first time in the series that the home team came away victorious. Portland holds a 3-1 lead in a playoff series for the first time since the 2000 NBA Western Conference Semifinals against Utah (won 4-1).

• The Trail Blazers have played three overtime games in a playoff series for the first time in franchise history.

• Portland's 11 3-pointers tonight match a franchise record for 3-pointers in a playoff game (11, 4/29/10 vs. Phoenix).

• Damian Lillard's 14 3-pointers (five tonight) are the most by any player in the 2014 NBA Playoffs. His five 3-pointers tonight were one short of an individual franchise record (6, Terry Porter, 5/16/92 vs. Utah).

• Four Trail Blazers scored 20+ points (Aldridge, Batum, Lillard, Matthews) in a playoff game for the first time since May 26, 1992 vs. Utah (Drexler, Duckworth, Kersey, Porter).

• LaMarcus Aldridge is the first player with 140+ points and 45+ rebounds in his team's first four playoff games since Hakeem Olajuwon (April 28-May 5, 1988).

• LaMarcus Aldridge’s 55 field goals (12 tonight) in the series are the most in a team’s first four playoff games since Michael Jordan (61, April 25-May 6, 1997). Aldridge is the first NBA player with 50+ field goals in his team’s first four playoff games since 2010 (C. Anthony, L. James and D. Wade).

• Robin Lopez set a new playoff career high with 11 rebounds (previously 10, set in Game 2 at Houston).

• Nicolas Batum’s two career 20-point playoff games have come in the last two games (26 points in Game 3).

• Nine of Dorell Wight’s 25 blocks this season have come during Portland’s four playoff games.

• LaMarcus Aldridge’s first basket gives him more points through the first four playoff games (114) than any Trail Blazer in team history (Roy, 113).

• The Trail Blazers have scored 100+ points in four straight playoff games for the first time since the 1992 NBA Playoffs (11 games).

• The Trail Blazers went on an 11-3 run from 6:41 to 4:31 in the fourth quarter to take the lead, 99-97. The 99-97 lead was the first for Portland since leading 6-5 with 9:03 to play in the first quarter.

• Rockets forward Chandler Parsons posted a postseason career high for points in a half with 19 points in the first half tonight (previously 17 set on April 20, 2014 against Portland). He finished with 26 points, one shy of a career best in the playoffs (27, April 29, 2013 vs. Oklahoma City).

• Houston center Dwight Howard has recorded a double-double in all seven of his games played against Portland this season (four postseason games, three regular season).



Damian Lillard

On The Game:
“It was a great game, a great game to be a part of. Both teams competed really hard. It was another overtime game, but our team played a really resilient, tough game. They controlled most of it, but we kept competing, kept fighting and we found a way to get it done again.”

On Matthews Willing Team Tonight:
“That’s Wes. I wasn’t surprised by that. He competes as hard as anybody in this league at both ends of the floor. He’s matched up against one of the tougher offensive players in James Harden. Every possession he’s coming back. It’s tough to play against when you have a guy that’s picking you up full court and bumping you and cutting you off and playing physical. He can move laterally. He brings it consistently and I think that’s the biggest thing and he makes shots. So having Wes on our team is huge. He definitely was one of the main reasons we were able to get it done.”

On Whether He Feeds Off The Energy:
“Definitely. Our whole team, we look to each other. It’s not about one or two people. It’s about our group. We see Wes playing that way, we see Nico shooting the passing lanes, we see LA taking on the challenge to guard Dwight Howard on the block one on one. Dorell Wright coming in at the four and guarding bigger guys and helping rebound and Mo Williams doing the same thing. So I think the fact that a lot of guys was able to come in and go above and beyond and sacrifice their bodies diving on the floor. If it was five minutes, they gave it all in that five minutes. Our strength is in our unity and it showed tonight.”

On Going Back To Houston:
“It will be tough, just like the first two games that we won down there. Doing it three times is really tough, but it’s not impossible. When you have a team down three games to one, you don’t want to let them believe too much. They’re a good team, a really confident team and I’m sure they believe that if they win one at home, come back win one here and get it to seven, they’ll have a great chance. But in our heads, we want to make sure that we stay focused, take that same mindset that we’ve had these past four games and take that back into Houston and do what I guess is considered to be almost impossible.” [winning three road games in same series]


Terry Stotts

On The Game:
“It was another terrific game and I think it’s obvious that both teams are pretty evenly matched. I was really proud of the way we played in the second half. I thought we showed a lot of heart and determination to get back into the game. Even having the lead at the end of regulation and then losing the lead in overtime, we made a lot of big plays. Wes Matthews was terrific tonight. LA, Nic was aggressive, Dame, everybody who played made a strong contribution. Thomas Robinson coming off the bench in the second half and giving us a spark. There was a lot of things to be proud of, but we know we’re not there yet. We’ve got to go down to Houston and get one down there.”

On Getting Aldridge Going In The Second Half:
“We’re a team and getting anybody going, it’s important that we make plays and it’s important that we’re aggressive. When we’re aggressive, opportunities open up for anybody, whether it’s LA or Dame or Nic or Wes or whoever it is, as long as we’re aggressive, opportunities will come up for us.

On Whether Matthews Willed Him This Win
“Wes has a big heart. He was taking criticism for his offense in the first three games. His defense has been as solid every game and I don’t think any of us were concerned about his offense, but he came out determined and made plays on both ends. That’s what Wes does. He’s got a big heart.”

On Batum:
“He’s being aggressive going to the basket. The last two games, the fourth quarter and overtime have been with small lineups, which open up driving opportunities and getting to the rim. When you play a spacing lineup, those opportunities are going to be there. Nic provides us with a lot of things. In fact, I know a lot of people get caught up on whether he shoots or if he takes enough shots. I think he plays the game the right way and looks for the opportunities that make the team better.”

On The Matchup:
“They’re very evenly matched. Players and teams don’t really change who they are, so both teams are aggressive, both teams are playing to their strengths. I don’t know if anything surprises me right now, but the one thing I did forget to mention is what we did on the boards in the second half and limiting their threes and offensive rebounds, second chance points in the second half I thought was the key to the game. We gave them too many threes in the first half. We gave them too many offensive rebounds in the first half, and we really limited that in the second half and overtime.”


Chandler Parsons

On What Happened Tonight That Caused A Loss:
"When you get to this point, it's so competitive in this series and in the west, that everything is magnified. All the little plays that we're not doing cost you and we're learning the hard way with all those plays. Loose balls, offensive rebounds, defensive breakdowns, we're not executing and doing what we need to do and at this level, every little thing costs you and we're down 1-3 because of it."

On His Offensive Performance Tonight:
"Just slowed down, stopped getting out in transition, started going more to [Dwight Howard]. He's had a good series, so I just have to continue to stay aggressive and I can't sit back. I have to be a part of the offensive, especially when I have it going like that."

On His And The Team's Mindset After Tonight:
"We feel like just as easily as it's 1-3 we're down, we could be up 3-1. A couple plays here and there, and it can all change. We're excited to go back to Houston and play at home and we fully expect to come back here and this is it. It's win or go home and we're not trying to go home."

On A Young Team Having To Do With The Little Mistakes He Discussed:
"Yeah, you can't use that as an excuse, though. We're here and anything that happened during the regular season does not matter at all. Everybody starts from scratch and this is the first time, the first year we've been playing together, but that doesn't matter either. We're a good team with the potential to be great, we're just not reaching our ceiling, we're not reaching our potential because of these little let-downs that we keep having. That's definitely not an excuse, we should be better than this."

On His Thoughts About Portland Tonight:
“They played good. We respect them and they have so many options. Their starting five is one of the better ones in the entire NBA. They can hurt you inside with [LaMarcus Aldridge], they have shooters that space the floor, Wright has being playing well for them. So, they played well. You can't take anything away from them, but it's just hard to play a team and play against ourselves against the same time. It's impossible to win that way."


Kevin McHale

On Tonight's Game:
"We didn't execute very well, we held the ball way too often. We just held the ball way too much. We didn't attack enough and we had a ton of opportunities. That wasn't the fourth quarter, it was the third quarter, we had three consecutive breaks where we were up 11 and could have gone 17."

On The Amount Of Boards In The First Half In Comparison To The Second:
"Well, we didn't get them. You have to go get them."

On His Attempt To Give The Ball To Dwight Towards The End Of The Game:
"Yes, we were trying to get the ball into Dwight. Dwight was being aggressive. We didn't have much aggression tonight. Again, you know, we're trying to find some things offensively, especially down the stretch there, that click for us and gave everybody kind of a shot and I just felt, at that time, Dwight was our best bet down in the box."

On The Exhaustion Of Playing Overtime In Three Of The Four Games:
“It's not exhausting if you're winning, it's exhausting if you're losing. We've lost two of the three, so we had our opportunities, we just have got to play our game. We didn't get some of the loose balls, we didn't get some of the little plays and those plays end up hurting you. at the end of the game, we have the chance to make a three. We don't get the ball to who we're trying to get it to, they end up with a steal."