Game 2 Quotes: Spurs 114, Trail Blazers 97


May 8, 2014



LaMarcus Aldridge

On The Game:
“We missed a lot of shots. I definitely wasn’t in a good rhythm tonight. I missed two dunks and four or five layups, so if those shots go in then the whole game is different. We know that we haven’t played our best basketball, so now we have to. Going home, every guy has to play better, starting with me, and I think every guy will.”

On The Importance Of Game 3:
“Biggest game of our postseason and of this series. We need to go home and take care of business. We need to establish ourselves offensively and defensively. Going home, we have to be better.”


Nicolas Batum

On What He Saw In The Second Quarter That Turned It To The Spurs:
“The first five minutes was huge for them. They scored 25 points. They got offensive rebounds, threes, we didn’t stop them. We had a good start finally. Compared to last game we had a good first quarter. Right there in the game, but then the first five minutes we let them do whatever they wanted. They made threes, offensive rebounds, transition points, made their run and the crowd got into it and it was tough to get back into the game after that.”

On The Mood In The Trail Blazers Locker Room Right Now:
“No panic. We know we’ve done bad the last two games. We have to go back home and watch video tomorrow. Game 3 will be huge for us. We know the crowd is going to be behind us, so we have that for us. We have to be ready right from the start. Don’t do those mistakes, those little mistakes, to let them get a huge lead, and have a good game.”

On If He Thinks They’ve Done As Good Of A Job As They Can Defensively Against The Spurs:
“No. You can’t let the San Antonio Spurs score 41 points in a quarter and 70 points in the first half. On the road, you can’t do that. We have to really step up our defense, right from the start.”

On What It’s Going To Be Like If Mo Williams Is Not Able To Go Or Hindered By His Groin Injury:
“Other guys are going to step up. A guy like Will Barton tonight stepped up and played huge for us. He did a pretty good job on offense, tried to do a good job on defense. We have other guys who can play on this team. We played without him sometimes, he got hurt earlier this year. We keep playing without him. I trust every guy, I know every guy can play on this team. I trust them.”


Damian Lillard

On The Difference Between Halves:
“The first two games, they went on a big run in the first half of both games. Then in the second half, we come out and make those adjustments and those corrections and clean things up and then we play a much better half. We have to do a better job of taking away those second chances. Every offensive rebound they get is leading to three-pointers and they’re kicking it out to their shooters and getting them going with open threes, and that’s putting them in rhythm for the rest of the game. I thought we did a great job in the second half, but we put ourselves in too big of a hole to begin with. If we don’t do that in the first half, then who knows what type of game it is at the end.”

On The Spurs:
“They’re really clicking right now. When a team is playing that well offensively and defensively and we’re making mistakes here and there and not bringing it every possession, they’re capitalizing on that. They’re taking advantage of it, so it’s a matter of them being on top of things and us having to stop having those breakdowns.”

On The Spurs Simply Holding Home Court:
“That’s the most positive way to look at it. They won their two home games and took care of home, and now we have the opportunity to do the same. Just going home doesn’t mean that we’re going to win the games the way that they did, just going home and getting two wins. It’s going to be tough, but we have confidence in what we can do on our home floor with our crowd being behind us, and just the way that we play in our home city.”


Terry Stotts

Opening Statement:
“The onslaught at the beginning of the second quarter was obviously the turning point in the game. I thought Boris Diaw during that stretch made the plays that kept that group afloat. Again, their bench just did a great job of coming in and having an impact on the game. It happened pretty quickly. It was very similar to the first game in that we gave up too many second chance points and fast break points in the first half. I think there was 32. We gave up 41 in the first game and that was way too many and 32 was tough. We didn't give up any fast breaks in the second half, we held them to 44 (overall points) in the second half. We just need to stay focused. They are one of the best in the league that keep coming at you. They come at you in waves and everybody that plays in the game is aggressive. They make shots and we just have to sustain our focus, alertness, and our intensity no matter who is in the game.”

On If The Trail Blazers Were Close To Playing Their Best Game:
“I don’t know. We were good in spots, but I don't think we are close to playing our best game. We were good in spots. We were good in the first quarter. I thought we were good for a long period of the second half. That second quarter, the lead just ballooned. You get down and you're fighting an uphill battle. It is hard to evaluate the game because of that stretch.”

On The Mentality Of The Team:
“I think we have a bunch of competitors. They want to win. They know we can play better. The fact that we kept coming back in the second half - I am not worried about that part. Certainly frustrating to lose and to get blown out in Game 1 and not quite have enough in Game 2. I know we will be ready in Game 3."

On Mo Williams' Injury:
“He has a groin injury. It has been bothering him for a couple days. He wanted to play but it was our decision that it wasn't good for him to play.”


Tony Parker

On His Offensive Effort In The First Half:
“I took what they (Trail Blazers) were giving me, I figured after my last two games they were going to close the paint. We talked about it before the game and I just tried to find my teammates. It was a big first quarter for us because it set the tone for the game and we had a good start. (Wesley) Matthews is a great defender, he plays physical and he is going to make me work hard for everything. I had some good looks, but the entire team was playing great so I didn’t want to force anything and the ball movement was great. Everybody was making shots.”

On The Play Of Kawhi Leonard:
“We tell him to be more aggressive and don’t worry about us, we will find our own shots, and he needed to find his. When he plays well we usually win. It was the same thing when Manu (Ginobili) and I first arrived with Tim (Duncan) in his prime, David Robinson, and Steve Smith pushing us to be more aggressive.”

On Keeping The Momentum Going In Portland:
“It is going to be even harder, especially because it is the playoffs. We did our part and won both games at home of this series, but the series starts when you win one on the road and we know it is one of the toughest arenas to play in. They play really well at home and they have a great crowd, so it is going to be about how we handle these next two games. We need to play with the same energy, take care of the ball, especially on the road, and play the same defense.”

On The Play Of Boris Diaw:
“Boris (Diaw) is a key player for our team. When the bench plays well usually we do well and Boris is part of that success. He is like another point guard out there and he tries to create for himself and for his teammates. He played well tonight.”


Manu Ginobili

On The Spurs Bench Outscoring The Trail Blazers Bench:
“What that shows is that we’re all contributing and we’re all feeling important. We have a deep team. We know that. So that’s a plus against guys that have to play 40 minutes every night. So if you change (our) players and the opponents’ (players) are the same, and we can keep the lead, that’s the advantage.”

On The Spurs Getting Open Three-Point Shots:
“Well today was a special night in that regard. We made three huge threes when the lead was getting smaller and they were playing better. They got the lead down to eight; Boris (Diaw) hit a huge one. Then Patty (Mills) and Kawhi (Leonard) from the corner. That gave us that 13, 14-point advantage, but it was tough. It could have gotten tough, but those threes really gave us a lot of air.”

On Kawhi Leonard’s Development:
“We talked a lot about him last year with you guys about what he did in the Finals. On that stage, it’s tough. He did so good, and now he’s just maintaining that. He’s just becoming more reliable. His shot is falling down. He went 4-for-4 today, big ones, too. He became a force on our squad and somebody that we look for on offense, but we rely on defensively and for the rebounds. So he’s a big part of what we do.”


Boris Diaw

On The Spurs Efficiency From The Three-Point Line:
“It was a great night for us. We had a great percentage shooting threes. I don’t think we’re forcing the shots. There weren’t any lucky shots. There were a lot of open shots and we hit them.”

On The Spurs Bench Outscoring The Trail Blazers Bench:
“It was great again tonight. That’s definitely the identity of this team. We play nine or 10 players each night, and everybody was able to come in again and bring something to the team. Again tonight, the defense was huge.”


Gregg Popovich

On Tony Parker’s Offense:
“Well that’s his job, and he did it pretty well. He directs things for us out there just like any point guard is supposed to. Even though his shot wasn’t falling, he stayed aggressive, he stayed in the game, he found teammates and did a good job defensively.”

On Kawhi Leonard’s Offense Early In The Game:
“Well Kawhi [Leonard] is a young player who has just gotten better as each month has rolled along. He obviously looks confident and that is the way we want it. He enjoys playing defense. He hits the board for us. He is a darn good all-around player.”

On Spurs Defense Against LaMarcus Aldridge And Damian Lillard:
“I think those guys who guarded them did the best job they could. As I have said many times, you don’t stop All-Star caliber players. You just try to make them work hard, and I thought we did that. They didn’t make shots and part of that was probably the defense, but they also had open shots that they missed. It’s never one thing, but they made them work hard.”

On The Spurs Bench:
“Our bench has been very important to us all year. We would not have this home court advantage right now if it had not been for the play of those guys. They have done a wonderful job all season long, and they are continuing to do it.”

On Kawhi Leonard’s Aggressiveness:
“That is a process. When a young player comes in, it’s smart when a young player defers. Even Timmy [Duncan] deferred when he came into the league to David (Robinson) for about two-and-a-half days, but then David understood who Timmy was. In Kawhi’s case, he has three veteran players out there, and it has been a process for him to come into his own so to speak. Those three guys encourage him. There might even be someone else open on the court, but he jumps up in the air, he catches it now and is pretty uncontested. It is tough to get to his shot. He is low and has decent quickness, and with each make, he gets more confident. The team encourages him, and those three guys encourage him. That helps him a great deal.”