Fan Reaction: Damian Lillard's Game 6 Game Winner

by Casey Holdahl
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What happened on May 2nd, 2014 will not be forgotten. Anyone and everyone will forever remember where they were, who they were with, and how they reacted when Damian Lillard's 3-pointer, with 0.9 seconds left on the clock, found nothing but the bottom of the net and sent your Trail Blazers to the Western Conference Semifinals for the first time in 14 years. And thanks to the technology of smartphones, a lot of the emotion was captured and placed on the internet where it will continue to live. We pulled down a few of the best ... Enjoy!

How your Trail Blazers reacted on the court ...

How fans gathered together at a local Buffalo Wild Wings reacted ... (Via davidhazelbaker

A bird's eye look ... (Via Rob Woodruff)

How a family of 11 reacted ... (via uMoogle

From the 300 Level ... (Via Jame Higgin)

A compilation video ... (Via Josh Parcell)

And how a few Houston fans felt ...