Call Of The Game: Silencing San Antonio


The voice of the Trail Blazers, Brian Wheeler delivers the Call of the Game. With the Trail Blazers up six and under 90 seconds to play, Portland went down low to their All-Star, LaMarcus Aldridge to put this game on ice. San Antonio, knowing Aldridge had it stuck on automatic (26 points, 11-22 FG), decided to double and there's no better team in basketball at finding the open man than the Trail Blazers. Aldridge kicked it out to Batum who immediately fired it to Lillard and Damian swung it around the horn to a wide open Wesley Matthews. Matthews, who was already five-for-six from downtown, didn't hesitate and cashed it in to put Portland up 105-96. The Trail Blazers would go on to defeat the Spurs 109-100, earning their 30th win of the season.