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Trail Blazers Media Access


The following guidelines in regard to access for credential media will be followed throughout the pre-season, regular season and post-season:

Media Access Regulations: When practices, shootaround, press conferences and other team events are open to the Media (“Team Media Events”), they must be open to all Media---regardless of sex, whether they take place in the locker rooms or whether the team has licensed a bream broadcaster to cover the Team Media Event.

Without the prior consent of the NBA, a team may not prohibit any Media from covering (on a live basis or otherwise) any Team Media Event in accordance with NBA regulation. When practices or shootarounds are closed to the Media, they must be closed to all media, including team broadcasters (whether employed by a team or broadcaster).

The home team may not (and will ensure that the arena will not) charge an “origination” or similar access fees to any Media that has been credential to cover an NBA game.

No one other than League or team representatives or member of the Media shall be allowed in the locker rooms after a game.

a. Day of Game:

(1) Shootarounds: Shootarounds may be closed, but all players and coaches must be available for a 15-minute interview session in a designated interview area near the court (i.e., locker room or interview area). As teams usually have back to back shootarounds, interview sessions will be conducted similar to what is done during The Finals, except these will be away from the court area. Example: If Team A shoots around from 11:00 AM-12 Noon, Team B arrives at the arena so they are interviewed BEFORE practice (either 11:30 AM to 11:45 AM or 11:45 AM-12 Noon). Then Team B takes the court and Team A is interviewed AFTER practice (12 Noon to 12:15 PM). Should the first team end early, one team interviews on the floor and the other in the interview area. It is the responsibility of the home team PR Director to designate the interview area. Should a team no have a shootaround, it is not required to have a media “shootaround” interview session.

(2) Pre-Game: Locker rooms are open for a 45-minute period ending 45 minutes before the game (e.g., Media access from 6:00-6:45 PM for a 7:30 start). Coaches and GMs are responsible for ensuring that all players are available for minimum of 15 minutes during this 45-minute period. All head coaches must make themselves available for a minimum of 15 minutes beginning anywhere from 15 minutes prior to the open locker room period through the end of the open locker period. It is the responsibility of each team’s PR Director to be sure that Media at the game know hen the coach will be available.

(3) Post-Game: No later than 10 minutes following the game, all coach3es must make themselves available to the Media. Following a five-minute window for coaches, all locker rooms must be open to Media. Coaches and GMs are responsible for ensuring that players do not leave by back doors and are available to the Media. Teams have the option of opening locker rooms earlier.

(4) Teams must schedule their departures so that they do not leave the arena until 30 minutes after they have opened their locker rooms to the Media post-game.

(5) A sign bearing the Commissioner’s name shall be placed on the door of each home and visiting team locker room, listing the times that such locker rooms shall be open to the Media. These signs will be furnished by the League Office.

b. Off-Day Access:

(1) Practice: All off-day practices must be open to the Media for the final 30 minutes. Immediately upon the conclusion of practice all players are to remain on the floor or in the locker room for a minimum of 15 minutes up to a maximum of 30 minutes for Media interviews. If Media interviews are held on the court, the Media must be given access to the entire court area during the interview period. If Media interview are in the locker room, Media must have access to the primary locker room area for the interview session. Each team PR Director is responsible for determining the length of each interview session depending upon Media needs. Coaches may leave the interview area for the first 5-10 minutes, but must make themselves available no later than the 10-minute mark.

(2) Two-a-day Practices: When a team practices twice in one day, the team is required to have media availability as part of the first practice of that day. The first session must be open to the Media for the Final 30 minutes. Immediately after the first session, all players are to remain on the floor or in the locker room for a minimum of 15 minutes and up to a maximum of 30 minutes for Media interviews. The second practice of the day is not required to be open to the Media.

(3) Except in extreme cases, it cannot be used as an excuse to avoid interview that a player needs treatment or extra work—either after practices or game. It is the responsibility of the head coach and PR Director to coordinate arrangements for special circumstances.

Arena Availability Pre-Game. The arena bowl area must be open to both teams and all Media two hours before the scheduled tip-off of any game. The rules relating to the availability of the playing court for pre-game practices are addressed above.

All other interview requests (non-game or practice situations) with the team, whether players, coaches and/or management and staff. Those requests must always originate with the team’s sports communications department for the purpose of assisting with interviews and appearances.

Recording Interviews. The team reserves the right to record any and all interviews with media members and utilize either the transcript or audio file of the interview on its own website, after any portion of that interview has first appeared in either print, broadcast, webcast or blog.

Media Cellular Phones. No media member may use a cell phone at any time in the team locker rooms. Media members may carry their cell phones into the locker rooms, but may not use them to place calls or take photographs.
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