Comcast SportsNet Coverage FAQ’s

Q: Where can I find Trail Blazers game this year and how many will be broadcast?

A: All 82 Trail Blazers games will be televised this year. Of these telecasts, 23 are on over-the-air free TV on NBC affiliate KGW TV. 18 games are broadcast nationally on ESPN, TNT and NBA TV. 53 games available on Comcast SportsNet channel 37. Click here for a complete broadcast game schedule.

Q: Will Comcast subscribers be guaranteed to see Trail Blazers games?

A: Yes. If you are a Comcast subscriber, you will be able to watch the Trail Blazers on Comcast SportsNet channel 37 on the expanded basic tier of Comcast’s regional programming line-up. If you have a high definition set you can view 30 of our games on channel 788. In addition, you will be able to view the games on KGW, as well as, any other game carried on a national network.

Q: I currently have Satellite coverage only. I do not subscribe to Comcast; will I be able to see the Trail Blazers play?

A: As a Satellite subscriber, you will receive the 23 KGW games, as well as any other nationally televised game on ESPN, TNT and NBA TV. The 53 games broadcast by Comcast SportsNet are currently not carried by satellite providers. Comcast SportsNet is negotiating as we speak with Dish Network, DirecTV and the other cable television providers in the Oregon/SW Washington. We are hopeful that a deal will be worked out soon to provide Dish and Direct customers with access to the 53 Comcast SportsNet games.

Q: What are the Trail Blazers doing to expedite the negotiations between Comcast and the other providers?

A: The Trail Blazers organization is committed to our fans and viewers. We are urging all parties involved to come to a swift resolution in this negotiation so that our valuable fans and partners can have access to the 53 games in question.

Q: Why did the Trail Blazers enter into this agreement with Comcast?

A: Our partnership with the Comcast SportsNet allows the Trail Blazers to be a part of a true Oregon based regional sports network and offer all games to our fans - the most in Trail Blazers history. This agreement also allows the opportunity to produce additional Trail Blazers programming, which our fans have been asking for. We are confident that Comcast SportsNet will be able to reach agreements with the other providers so that all Trail Blazers fans can watch this team rise.

If you would like to contact your satellite provider by phone, please use the following numbers:

Comcast SportsNet: (503)736-5140
DirectTV: (800) 494-4388
Dish Network: (888) 284-7116