Team Porter and Team Kersey Tip Off Home Team Challenge

Habitat For Humanity Build Gets Off To Quick Start

When you're playing for a Nate McMillan team, you better come ready to compete from the opening tip. He's not a man who suffers turnovers or mistakes, and if he thinks one of his players isn't up to the task on any given night, he won't hesitate to make a change, and quickly. He doesn't care about your reputation, how much money you make or how many years you've been in the league. If you're not able to fill your assigned role, you're getting the hook.

But on Thursday, it was McMillan who was on the receiving end of an early substitution at the Habitat For Humanity build in the Rockwood neighborhood in Gresham. Though he had prior experience working construction, McMillan's performance on the compound miter saw was deemed unacceptable by the professional carpenters on the job site, so they sent Coach to the proverbial bench. read more ...

Photo Gallery: Trail Blazers And Wells Fargo Join Habitat For Humanity Portland/NE Metro For Victoria Cottages Build

A team of 150 volunteers from the Portland Trail Blazers and Wells Fargo worked together to begin the framing and fencing for eight houses, which will become homes to over 40 people. The 150 volunteers made the collaborative effort the largest one-day build in Habitat's 30-year history. view photo gallery ...

Trail Blazers, Wells Fargo Partner With Habitat For Humanity Portland/Metro East To Launch 'Home Team Challenge' Campaign

Campaign includes unprecedented volunteer event, Facebook fundraiser

The Trail Blazers and corporate partner Wells Fargo are joining with Habitat for Humanity Portland/Metro East to launch the ‘Home Team Challenge’ campaign. The campaign tips off Thursday, Sept. 15, with the largest one-day build in the 30-year history of Habitat for Humanity Portland/Metro East.  

A team of 150 volunteers consisting of Trail Blazers make it better employee volunteers, Wells Fargo employees, local celebrities, Trail Blazers alumni and personalities, season ticket holders and fans will work together with Habitat families from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. to frame eight houses in the Victoria Cottages development at the intersection of S.E. Stark St. & S.E. 204th Place in Gresham. The affordable houses will become home to eight families in need.   

“By partnering with the Trail Blazers and Wells Fargo, we are showing the people of Portland and Gresham the positive influence local businesses can make in our community,” said Habitat Executive Director Steve Messinetti. “Victoria Cottages will provide a brighter future for more than 40 moms, dads and kids, who for the first time in their lives will get to experience the benefits of a stable, healthy home.”   

The volunteers will work together to frame eight houses at the corner of SE Stark St. & SE 204th Place. The affordable houses will become home to eight low-income families.   

Participants will be available to the media 11 a.m. – 1 p.m., with a formal press event at 12 p.m.   

“Wells Fargo is one of the strongest corporate supporters of Habitat for Humanity, both in this region and across the nation,” said Don Pearson, Wells Fargo’s regional president for Oregon and southwest Washington. “Last year we donated $345,000 to eight Habitat for Humanity affiliates in Oregon and southwest Washington to support the construction of 15 homes. About 550 of our team members in this region volunteered more than 3,480 hours last year for Habitat for Humanity.”   

As part of the ‘Home Team Challenge’ the Trail Blazers will also donate $1 for every fan who ‘likes’ the local Habitat for Humanity Facebook Page (up to $5,000). Throughout the campaign fans who ‘like’ the page will be randomly selected for prizes and giveaways, including autographed merchandise.   

“We value every fan in the community who supports their home team,” said Trail Blazers President Larry Miller. “We encourage anyone who is a Trail Blazers supporter to also support Habitat for Humanity Portland/Metro East and recognize the incredible work they have done for our community over the last 30 years.”

Barrett's Blog: Before the Build:

One of the many great things about this job is getting the opportunity to brighten someone's day. Working for the Trail Blazers, and getting the chance to share special moments with fans and would-be fans, is probably the most rewarding part of being in this profession.

During the season, and probably more often during the offseason, we get these special chances to step out of our normal roles and do something much more meaningful. Once in a while I take a quick moment to share these experiences with you. I probably don't do that often enough. There's always the fear that it'll appear self-serving or hollow.

This one, however, is easy. Because as much as the Trail Blazers were involved in helping change some lives recently, most of the credit goes to another group of people- Habitat for Humanity. Most likely, you've heard of this group. But, if you're like me, you probably haven't ever taken the time to really help put the rubber meet the road with these people. read more ...

Habitat for Humanity Pays Off

Rick and Nona King seemed to do everything right. They met at church and courted for around two years before getting married. A few years later, they had their first child, a son. Another couple of years, another son. With a household of four, it made sense to squirrel away any savings they could muster in an attempt to buy their own home.

"We tried to buy a house once and within our price range," said Nona, "but everything was like the lowest level. There were houses with floors leaning, a lot of different … interesting things. So ok, let's not do it yet. Let's wait."

So they waited and saved. And they moved, a lot. Eleven times in ten years, to be exact. They always stayed in Portland, but moved from neighborhood to neighborhood in search of a suitable rental in which to raise a family. And Nona home schooled the boys, so not only did they have to find a home large enough for a family of four, but it also had to be affordable on one income.
read more ...


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  • Habitat for Humanity on Facebook (Trail Blazers will donate $1/new like)