Trail Blazers In-Kind Donation Guidelines

The Portland Trail Blazers support thousands of worthwhile charitable causes and events each year. We make every effort to accommodate as many requests as possible. However, due to the number of requests we receive, we are simply unable to accommodate all requests.


The Portland Trail Blazers Charity Review Board will not support:

  • Organizations not aligned with the Trail Blazers Charity Review Board specified program areas
  • Direct grants, scholarships, or loans for the benefit of specific individuals
  • Annual appeals, federated campaigns or sponsorships
  • Projects of organizations whose policies or practices discriminate on the basis of ethnic origin, gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation.
  • Contributions to sectarian or religious organizations whose principle activity is for the benefit of their own members or adherents.
  • For profit fundraising businesses or organizations - If you are a business sponsoring a charitable event, please ask a member of the charity to complete the donation request form.
  • We do not accept personal items to be mailed in or dropped off for signatures of players and coaches.
  • Due to the high volume of requests we receive, and the limited amount of items we have to donate, we are forced to limit our donation to one item per organization per year.
  • The Portland Trail Blazers Charity Review Boards does not provide items to be used as door prizes, giveaways, raffles or incentives.
  • Please review our program areas and funding priorities to ensure your project aligns with our goals, priorities, and criteria.

    The Portland Trail Blazers community investment efforts are directed primarily on providing resources to children and their families to help them live, learn and play.

    The team’s community relations’ focus is simply on youth in the areas of: Education, Sports & Fitness and Service


    In order for your organization to be considered for a donation item, and to ensure fairness and maximize reach, your organization must meet all requirements to submit a request for a donation.

    Please click here to answer a few questions to see if you are eligible for a charitable donation. If your organization does not meet our requirements, we have items available for purchase for you to use for your fundraising efforts. To view and purchase these items, please click here.