Since 2008 we have reduced our water use per event day at the Moda Center by 29%. By 2025 our goal is to reduce our water use per event day by an additional 10% and to offset all of the water we use.

What We're Doing

Our waste reduction efforts come from deep partnerships with various stakeholders in our community and practices dedicated to responsibly managing our supply chain and waste stream.


The Trail Blazers and Wells Fargo believe that together we can make a smaller splash. That’s why we are teaming up with Green Sports Alliance and Change the Course to make a difference right here in Oregon. For each pledge this month, we will restore 1,000 gallons of fresh water to rivers in Oregon – for free!

In the Willamette we are working with nine NGO partners to:

  • Plant 800,000 trees and shrubs along dozens of tributaries to and the main stem portion of the river.
  • The 800K trees will include a diverse number of tree species and environmental benefits include water quality improvement and habitat restoration.

In the Deschutes we are offsetting through the Deschutes River Conservancy, which has already restored 488 million gallons of water over 30 miles of river. Learn more here.


Investing in smart controlled irrigation and drought resistant plants


Installing efficient fixtures

3507000 Gallons of Water Saved in 2014

3,507,000 gallons of water is equivalent to filling ten 10 feet-deep swimming pools the size of the Blazers court!


In 2014, 35% of Blazer fans traveled to the game by public transportation, walking or biking and we’re encouraging more fans to shift gears towards sustainable transportation and other critical greenhouse gas reduction activities.

What We're Doing

We're charging our staff and fans with taking responsible transportation to work and games!



Thanks to Christenson Electric we have 26 Electric parking spots, which is the largest concentration of EV stations in the state.



As a public transit hub we work with Trimet and the Bike Transportation Alliance to manage public transportation effectively on event days so it is a positive experience for fans. We also incentivize our employees to use public transportation to get to work.



We installed bike parking and dedicate certain game nights to encourage people to bike to games. In addition we provide bikes for our employees to use on and off-site as an alternative means of transportation.



We plant 3 trees for every three pointer made through our 3’s for Trees program with Friends of Trees thanks to Daimler


Impacts on the northwest from greenhouse gas emissions include threatened forests, rivers, oceans, agriculture, salmon and other wildlife habitat. Join us in helping reduce our emissions by:


We conscientiously source, prepare, serve, and dispose of our food, with 26% of our food sourced locally, 100% of our beer and wine obtained through local distributors, and 6,900 pounds of food recovered after events for kids and families in need.

What We're Doing

Our partnership with Levy Restaurants and local food vendors allows us to prioritize local, organic, hormone free food at Moda Center. Here's what we're working on to reach our goal of having all food in the arena be local, organic, and/or sustainable by 2025:

Menu Design


Sustainable, flexible menu design with a focus on local food and in-season menu options, including vegetarian and vegan items. This includes Plum Tasty, informed by experts at Moda on healthy and tasty items.


  • Sustainable and local Purchasing from partners such as Beaverton Foods, Don Pancho, Draper Vally Farms, Carlton Farms, and Duck Produce (for organic vegetables and fruit from local farms).
  • Marine Stewardship Council-certified seafood and cage-free eggs.
  • All beef pork, and sausage products are from Niman Ranch, which are processed without hormones or antibiotics and come from Stanwood, Washington.
  • Our local beer partner, Widmer Brothers Brewing, has a satellite brewery steps from Moda Center – the beer is walked by handcart to the arena for games.


Efficient meal preparation with limited food scraps, which are monitored by the Levy staff who measure their scraps every night using Trim Tracks and brainstorm ways to reduce waste moving forward. They also partner with Republic Services to haul all organic material to a composting facility (which is then used in our landscaping).


We serve food in Stalk Market’s 100% compostable service ware so that our fans can compost service ware with any excess food at the Green Drop Stations.


We divert waste through composting, recycling and food recovery to local schools and homeless shelters through our partnership with Levy, Papa Murphy’s International, and Urban Gleaners.


We know that prioritizing greener game day food can result in reduced waste and water use, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, more nutritious options for fans, more optimal agricultural land use, local economic support, and more. Help us reach our goals at Moda Center and at home: