1977 Title Team - Dr. Jack Ramsay Interview

Trailblazers.com caught up with Dr. Jack Ramsay, who in his first year as Blazers head coach led the 1976-77 team to the NBA Title. Dr. Jack had a lot to say about that unforgettable season.

What were your thoughts on the team's prospects going into the season?
Dr. Jack Ramsay: I had a sense when I took the job that the 1976-77 Trail Blazers could be very good. We had made a lot of positive roster changes, but it wasn't until I had the team in training camp that I realized that this team could be special. Midway through that season, I felt we had a chance to win it all.

What was your favorite moment?
Dr. Jack Ramsay: My favorite moment was in Game 6 when Bill Walton tapped a missed Sixers shot toward the backcourt and Johnny Davis ran it down as the clock expired. We were NBA champions!

How did the fans and Blazermania as a whole affect you?
Dr. Jack Ramsay: The whole atmosphere in Portland was a huge psychological lift for me and the players. The fans in the Coliseum were incredible...they provided a constant din of support. For a coach, there couldn't have been a better environment.

What was the most amusing moment?
Dr. Jack Ramsay: We had a lot of fun during the season. There was great comraderie among players and coaches. We enjoyed the time we were together...road trips were fun. I don't know that there was one moment that stood out among all the good times we had.

Any other comments or thoughts?
Dr. Jack Ramsay: That team was unique. It was even better the next season...50-10 at one point...until a rash of injuries did us in at the finish. It was regrettable because the foundation was there for a dynasty.

There have been a number of reunions of that group over the years...and the togetherness, warmth and appreciation of that season is still there.