Our sustainability journey started with a focus on recycling, which soon led to establishing our Carbon Footprint and taking action. We turned to our Sustainability Team, a group of about 35 employees representing all corporate divisions, to develop a set of sustainability goals, known as a Sustainability Charter. The Sustainability Charter also included establishing a vision of being “the leader of sustainability in the sports and entertainment community”.

     "The Trail Blazers are proud to play a role in Portland’s drive to be the greenest city in the country. Our Portland fan base cares deeply about their impact on our natural heritage.
Oregon is one of the most beautiful, livable places on the planet, and commitment to being good environmental stewards is part of what defines our region. This is a team effort, involving all of us working together." - Larry Miller, President, Portland Trail Blazers

Listed below are brief summaries of our progress thus far in key sustainability areas.

LEED Certification – Rose Garden
We are the only existing professional sports arena in the world to have received LEED Gold certification for existing buildings. This honor was bestowed on us in 2010 and included several facility improvements, programs and policies including relocation of smoking areas, installation of entrance carpeting, increased efficiencies, improved recycling, air quality controls, and numerous other enhancements. Energy/Water Attracting millions of event patrons annually offers a unique challenge towards conservation. We have implemented energy efficiency projects saving over 2,000,000 kWh’s in energy on an annual basis. In addition to installing energy-efficient systems and low-flow plumbing fixtures, the Rose Quarter partners with Pacific Power and NW Natural for the purchase of 100 percent renewable energy programs for the Rose Garden. In one year, the Blue Sky purchase at the Rose Garden Arena offsets over 12,500 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually. We have reduced the amount of energy it takes to run our events by 14% since 2008, natural gas by 25% and water by 30%.
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We are taking steps to ensure that 80% of our waste is effectively diverted from local landfills. Efforts include placement of Recycling Stations (over 500 units placed and removal of trash cans) in public areas, picking recyclables from seating areas following events, a food-waste composting program, recycling cooking oils/grease, ensuring environmentally friendly disposal of e-waste, metal, wood, lights, styrofoam, plastics, and other secondary recyclables. We divert over 800 tons annually.
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Located in Portland’s urban core, the Rose Quarter provides strong transportation choices for visitors, with more than 30 percent of attendees choosing public or alternative transportation (nearly 40% of our staff uses alternative transportation). We subsidize transit passes for staff and utilize bikes and electric vehicles for on-site operations. We have enhanced our bike parking facilities and offer guests VIP parking and access to charging for electric and hybrid vehicles.
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The Rose Quarter is committed to utilizing environmentally friendly cleaning products and equipment, and in keeping with Portland’s status as the slow food capital of the U.S., 50% of our food and beverage is locally sourced. We have forged partnerships with suppliers to further develop sustainable purchasing. Over 95% of our food and beverage containers are compostable. We are committed to purchasing green-seal and 100% bio-degradable paper products, 100% recycled content trash liners, replacing disposables with re-usable commodities, and utilizing green-certified chemicals and equipment.
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Community and Employee Wellness
We have instituted an annual Green Game, inviting local sustainability-focused organizations to have direct interaction with fans and the community, connect our region with opportunities to increase green living practices. Bike to Blazers event is an opportunity for fans and local community to participate in a sustainability awareness campaign promoting bike commuting in Portland and for guests visiting the Rose Quarter campus. Promotion of alternative travel to our campus supports behavior changes that could result in reductions to our environmental impacts. We have robust employee wellness and community relations programs.
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