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During a break from the action, whether it be a time-out or at halftime, three young men put on a great breakdancing show on the Rose Garden hardwood floor. The team of three are known as "The Portland Trail Breakers."

These breakerdancers are highly cohesive, energetic, and entertaining for the fans to watch. Get to know your Portland Trail Breakers better, take a look at some of the questions that have been raised below, and see how each team member has responded.

Blazers.com: What is your name? When were you born? Where were you brought up or where is your hometown?

Answer from "Breaker" 1: "My name is Othai, pronounced O-tie. I was born on October 9th, 1978 in Laos, but I grew up in Modesto, California."

Answer from "Breaker" 2: "Hi I am Roshawn. I was born on December 15th, 1983. My hometown is Los Angeles, California."

Answer from "Breaker" 3: "My name is Brian. My bithday is April 26th, 1983. I am from Gresham, Oregon."

Blazers.com: How long have you been breakdancing?

Othai: "I've been breakdancing for six years now, four of which have been up here in Portland."

Roshawn: "I started about six years ago as well. All have been in Portland."

Brian: "I have been breakin' for six years."

Blazers.com: Do each of you have your own talents and specialties? If so, what are they?

Othai: "Yes, each of us have our own special talents. I would have to say mine is doing crazy flips."

Roshawn: "My talent or specialty would be having the ability to maintain balance on my head."

Brian: "My specialties are freezes and footwork...and jackhammers."

Blazers.com: What is you favorite move to do?

Othai: "If I had to pick my favorite move, it would be my head slides."

Roshawn: "My favorite move is the Halo (a diagonal version of a head spin)."

Brian: "Swipes and back rock. I am also starting to like flares."

Blazers.com: What tips would you give to people that were interested in becoming a breakdancer?

Answer from the Breakers: "Our tip to poeple interested in breaking would be to not give up easily because it doesn't come overnight. It requires a lot of dedication and practice. Even though it is difficult, be persistant and try your hardest. Also, stretch as much as possible and work on your balance and flexibility. And remember to feel the music in your soul. There is no specific age that would be best to start, but the younger the better because you are more flexible and openminded."

Blazers.com: What do you do for your warm-up routine?

Answer from the Breakers: "First and most importantly we stretch out, then we start out with a couple of simple moves to get our bodies going."

Blazers.com: Do all of you get along most of the time?

Othai: "Yes, all three of us get along all of the time. As for other breakers, we all get along most of the time, no matter the age or race, because we share this common love for breakdancing."

Roshawn: "I would say that we get along quite well. It is hard not to get along with two great individuals who share the same common goals as yourself."

Brian "Yeah, we almost always get along."

Blazers.com: How did you get recognized by the Trail Blazers and get this awesome opportunity?

Othai: "It all started about three to four years ago when I met some of the Portland Fire Dancers. Two of the members had the opportunity to dance at one of the Blazer games and had invited me to perform with them. From the crowd's reaction, I was brought back to do numerous shows along side the Blazer Dancers. This year, DeeDee (the Blazer Dancer's coach)and Todd Bosma (the Event Coordinator) had asked me to put together a breakdancing team and coordinate shows for the games. This year was a tryout to see how the crowd responded to our dancing. Hopefully we will get a lot of positive feedback and comments from fans so we can be back next season. That's basically how it all started."
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