Photo / Bruce Ely

Eighty BlazerDancers Return to Rip City for Reunion Performance

by Cody Sharrett

Eighty BlazerDancers, spanning from the original 1988 team to the current squad, returned to Rip City last Saturday night for a one-time only halftime performance in front of sold-out Moda Center for the Trail Blazers' game versus the Washington Wizards. Former BlazersDancers flew in to Portland from as far as Florida and Hawaii, as well as various other cities around the country. 

The process of reaching out to all the former dancers began in January and culminated in a four-hour rehearsal on Friday night. 

"The dancers were broken up into groups spanning approximately 5–6 years," said BlazerDancers coach Michelle Burch, who danced for the team from 1992-98. "Each era had a group of leaders that helped me connect with everyone in their group. The group leaders connected with retired dancers, choreographed for their era and lead their smaller rehearsals... The first group started rehearsing in mid-February so that they were able to get several practices in before game day.  We also posted videos with the choreography online for each group. Some dancers had to learn from more than one era because of the length of time they were on the team. They were able to perform with as many groups as made sense for them based on the years they danced.

"The entire group got together for one, four-hour rehearsal on Friday night before the game."

Check out photos and video of the entire performance below.