10 Teams. 2 Weeks. 1 Goal: Team Up For A Living Futureô

What is a Living Future? Itís an alternative vision for tomorrow. Itís a future of buildings, parks, schools and businesses that make life better for everyone. Where polluted rivers are transformed into great places to swim and fish. Where you can bike or skateboard across town without worrying about getting hit by a car. Itís a call for leaders, because itís up to each of us to lead the way, with our big ideas and bold actions.

What we did: Thanks to the make it better foundation, Corix Utilities, and the International Living Future Institute, we were able to recruit ten teams of middle school and high school youth and provide them with tools to create a 30 second video that tells us what we can do NOW to start creating a Living Future. We asked them to think about the big problems and the BIGGER solutions and to give some examples of what we can do now to make it better. Each team will also get to attend the Green Game on April 11.

Visit Trailblazers.TV to watch each teamís video. Vote on your favorite one and remember to think about which video is inspiring, educational and most importantly, fun! The winning team will get to present their video at the International Living Future Institutesís prestigious annual conference on May 3 in Portland, Oregon.