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Travis Outlaw Chat Transcript, Jan. 10, 2006

Travis chatted live Jan. 10.
NBAE/Getty Images
The Portland Trail Blazers selected Travis Outlaw with the 23rd pick in the first round of the 2003 NBA Draft. Coming out of Mississippi's Starkville High School, Outlaw was touted as a physical phenom with a massive wingspan and an incredible leaping ability (rumor has it he can touch the top of the backboard). And, on more than one occasion, the 6-8 Blazers' forward has delighted Portland fans with one of his jaw-dropping dunks or spectacular block shots. While he is still realizing his NBA potential, there is one thing clear about Outlaw. The sky's the limit.

Travis chatted live with fans on Tuesday, Jan. 10. See the complete chat transcript below:

Tom (Salem): Travis, what was the hardest thing to get used to the life of being an NBA player?

Travis Outlaw: I can't really say, it hasn't been a problem.

Elyse, Santa Barbara: You guys host the Kobe and the Lakers tomorrow night. What are you going to do to try to end his hot streak?

Travis Outlaw: I'm just gonna try and be aggressive and stay in front of him.

Las Vegas: Your jumper has improved alot over the last couple seasons. How often do you work on it? and do u think u can outshoot martell in a shoot out?

Travis Outlaw: I work on that every day, and yeah.

paul,pleasanton tx: Travis,who is the hardest person to guard to you?

Travis Outlaw: It's close, either Tracy, Kobe or Vince Carter.

Josh (Prineville): Travis what is the one part of your game that you need to improve the most?

Travis Outlaw: I think I need to improve my three-ball.

Chris (Hillsboro): Who is the hardest working player in practice?

Travis Outlaw: Hmmm. I don't know, everybody works hard.

Tine (Slovenia): Greetings from Slovenia Mr. Travis. If you had a chance to play against any NBA player one-on-one, who would you choose? And why the number 25, any special reason?

Travis Outlaw: Number 25 is a family number. Any player who'd I play in the NBA?....it'd be Michael Jordan.

Kurt, Portland: Travis, your my favorite Blazer to watch since Clyde and Jerome. Offensively speaking, is there any particular player, past or present, who you've molded your game after?

Travis Outlaw: Nah. I'm just tryin' to find my own way.

Nicolas (France): Hey Travis, did you really touch the top of the backboard ?

Travis Outlaw: Ha-ha (Laughing) I don't know, it depends on the mood I'm in. I've gotten close when I wasn't tryin' that hard...I've never touched the top-top of the backboard, but you never know....

Brandon(Flint): What's your favorite pregame meal?

Travis Outlaw: Steak and potatoes with vegetables on the side.

Haris Prosjanovic (Beaverton): What do you like about Nate and Do you like starting better or coming of the bench?

Travis Outlaw: I just like to play. It's better to play than to sit.

beaverton: what do u like to do on your free time? do u get much free time?

Travis Outlaw: I play my Playstation and go to the mall in my free time.

Gus (Pittsburg): What's your favorite dunk you've done?

Travis Outlaw: I don't know, I don't really have a favorite dunk.

Ervin P.R: Hi Travis.Who is the funiest guy of the Trail Blazers?

Travis Outlaw: Zach.

vanessa, portland: coming from a small town with a lot of discipline, what is your favorite thing about portland, and how do you feel about being away from your family at a young age?

Travis Outlaw: Portland is kind of laid back...it's kind of almost like my hometown, just bigger.

Travis Outlaw: Being away from my family was tough at first, it felt kind of funny...but now it's all good.

Florent Sinama-Pongolle (UK): i would just like to ask do you think that learning from the outside(f.e. gerald green)or being stuck in the thick of it(f.e. dwight howard)is the best solution for high school players?

Travis Outlaw: It kind of works out on it's own. I've learned alot watching here...but then again...guys who go down to the D-League can get more playing time and work on some things. It depends.

marcus hartford: what other sports did you play as a teenager. and who is your idol

Travis Outlaw: I played a little football. My idol was my brother.

BC (Hillsboro): Hi Travis! I seriously believe you are the next dunk champion or even all-star. Just two quick questions: how does it feel to know you'll have your own Bobblehead January 11th?; Do you believe you could assume a role for this TrailBlazer team? - Your #1 Fan

Travis Outlaw: Oh man. That feels great. To have a bobblehead of me is just terrific.

Travis Outlaw: I'd like to thank the fans for their support and hope they will come out and continue to support the Trail Blazers.
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