Photo / Casey Holdahl

Blazers Share Their Various Plans for All-Star Break

by Cody Sharrett

The six-month, 82-game grind of the NBA season calls for some rest and relaxation every February during the NBA All-Star break. Before the schedule resumes with a road game at Orlando on February 23, here's what the Trail Blazers have planned for the week-long recess...


"Go to someplace warm," the veteran coach said of his plans last week.

"I won’t be watching any film," Stotts added on Wednesday. "I might watch some film on the flight to Orlando. Otherwise, golf, movies and some dinners… Maybe a book."


"Absolutely not [attending the NBA All-Star Game]," said McCollum, who is taking part in the Three-Point Contest on State Farm All-Star Saturday Night in New Orleans. "I haven’t stayed for the game since the first year I went. Even if it was in LA, I wouldn’t stay for it. I’m not playing in the game. I’ve seen it, I watched it once a few years ago and that was enough. I’ll be leaving Sunday when the sun comes up… I’ll stay on the East Coast, heading to New York."


"I’m gonna sit in my house, relax and get ready for the second half," Lillard said. 

"I'm definitely going to touch a basketball," said the guard, who stayed in Utah to catch his alma mater Weber State play on Thursday following the Blazers' loss to the Jazz Wednesday night. "I'll be in Portland the entire time, but it's not like I'm gonna go run myself wild with workouts. I'm gonna relax, gonna sleep-in and at night, I'm gonna go get a bunch of shots up -- probably every day -- get in the cold tub and go home, watch TV and lay around 'til the next day and sleep-in."


"I’m going home to Chicago for a couple days, then Columbus, Ohio," Turner said. "One of my buddies from high school [Chicago native Adrían Granados] is fighting Adrien Broner in Cincinnati… It’s a pretty big fight. [Floyd] Mayweather is promoting it, and it’s on Showtime. Big fight, gonna go check that out and then head to Orlando a couple days early. More so just relaxing."


"My wife is trying to think of something she wants to do," Aminu deferred to his spouse. "She wants to get some sun… [She’s in charge], of course."


"I’m gonna be in LA, practicing," said the newly acquired Trail Blazer. "Just re-start my head, you know?"


"I’m gonna go home for a little bit," said the New England native. "Go back to Boston, see some family and hang out. I’ve got four or five days with family just to chill… No place warm, I’ll wait for the summer to do that."


"I’m going to the crib, man. I got some business to handle back home [in Richmond, Va.]," Davis said matter of factly.