Trail Blazers Alumni Ambassador Corps

In 2007, along with the launch of the make it better community program, the Trail Blazers announced the formation of the Trail Blazers Community Ambassador Corps featuring beloved founder, Harry Glickman; one of the team’s original Trail Blazers, Dale Schlueter; J. Walter Kennedy Award winner Chris Dudley, and teammates from the unforgettable teams of the ‘80s AND early ‘90s, Jerome Kersey and Kevin Duckworth. Following the loss the beloved “00” Duck, Kevin Duckworth, in 2008, the team established a scholarship fund in his memory in partnership with the Oregon Community Foundation. In 2009 the Trail Blazers were thrilled to welcome two NBA legends to the ranks of the Alumni Ambassador Corps, Terry Porter and Brian Grant. The Alumni Ambassadors have become an integral part of the team’s work in the community, bridging our past to our present and unifying all generations of Trail Blazers in our efforts to make it better .

Chris Dudley
Brian Grant
Terry Porter
Dale Schlueter
Jerome Kersey
Harry Glickman
Buck Williams