Training Camp Day 1 - Steve Blake

Steve Blake talks about fitting into the chemistry of the team, helping to build on the success of last year and helping to elevate Damian Lillard's game.

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Training Camp Day 1 - Steve Blake

Steve Blake talks about fitting into the chemistry of the team, helping to build on the success of last year and helping to elevate Damian Lillard's game.
Sep 30, 2014  |  02:16

VIDEO: Matthews' New Approach to Camp

Wesley Matthews talks about being ahead of the curve at camp, refining strengths from last season and being more disciplined on defense.
Sep 30, 2014  |  02:59

VIDEO: Lillard on Day One

All-Star Damian Lillard talks about setting the bar for training camp, holding teammates accountable and continuing to grow into an elite force.
Sep 30, 2014  |  02:23

VIDEO: Paul Allen at Camp

Owner Paul Allen talks about the additions of Chris Kaman and Steve Blake, the importance of continuity to the team and working to open a Championship window.
Sep 30, 2014  |  05:11

PRACTICE FOOTAGE: Training Camp Day 1

A quick look at the first practice of Trail Blazers training camp.
Sep 30, 2014  |  01:45

Media Day 2014 - President and CEO Chris McGowan

Team President and CEO Chris McGowan on the team's All-Star bid, capital improvements to the Rose Quarter and focusing on raising the profile of the organization.
Sep 30, 2014  |  12:36

Media Day 2014 - General Manager Neil Olshey

GM Neil Olshey talks about current contract options, expectations for the season and accelerating training camp for a hot start to the season.
Sep 30, 2014  |  20:32

Media Day 2014 - Coach Terry Stotts

Head Coach Terry Stotts talks about his expectations for the season, developing young talent and becoming an elite team.
Sep 30, 2014  |  17:58

Media Day 2014 - Thomas Robinson

Thomas Robinson talks about recovering from injury, the stability of returning much of the roster and knowing his role to make the team successful.
Sep 30, 2014  |  10:06

Media Day 2014 - Wesley Matthews

Wesley Matthews talks about the expectations of the team, the additions of Blake and Kaman and the confidence of the squad.
Sep 30, 2014  |  09:27

Media Day 2014 - Damian Lillard

All-Star Damian Lillard talks about finding inspiration at USAB, building on the success of a playoff run and interacting with fans in Portland.
Sep 30, 2014  |  16:40

Media Day 2014 - Robin Lopez

Robin Lopez talks about the front court rotation, the addition of Chris Kaman, building on the success of last season and being weird.
Sep 29, 2014  |  07:48

Media Day 2014 - Nicolas Batum

Nicolas Batum talks about playing with France in the FIBA World Cup and the competitive environment in the Western Conference.
Sep 29, 2014  |  07:15

VIDEO: Aldridge Meets the Media

All-Star LaMarcus Aldridge talks about building on last season, improving on defense and addressing his contract situation after the year is over.
Sep 29, 2014  |  11:28

Courtside - Media Day Wrap With Casey Holdahl

September 29, 2014 - Casey Holdahl joins Wheels and Tone to talk about the business of media day, the focus of the team and the noticeable confidence of the squad.
Sep 29, 2014  |  11:37

#TBT Billy Ray Bates Game-Winning Dunk

1982 - Billy Ray Bates packs a rim-rocking slam to push Portland to victory!
Sep 25, 2014  |  01:33

PRACTICE FOOTAGE - September 24th Voluntary Workouts

The Trail Blazers continue their voluntary workouts pushing into shape as they prepare for camp to open next week.
Sep 24, 2014  |  03:26

Voluntary Workouts - Thomas Robinson On Getting Cleared To Play

September 24, 2014 - Thomas Robinson on rehabbing from injury, getting cleared to play, getting stronger and finding an identity.
Sep 24, 2014  |  01:22

Voluntary Workouts - Will Barton On Summer Growth

September 24, 2014 - Will Barton on becoming a father, his role in Summer League and how he's continued to develop.
Sep 24, 2014  |  00:53

Voluntary Workouts - Joel Freeland On Learning From LaMarcus Aldridge

September 24, 2014 - Joel Freeland on improving by working with LaMarcus Aldridge and what he worked on in the offseason.
Sep 24, 2014  |  01:38

Voluntary Workouts - Wesley Matthews On Adding To His Game

September 24, 2014 - Wesley Matthews on adding to his game, playing in traffic, breaking down his defender and the intensity of early workouts.
Sep 24, 2014  |  01:49

Courtside - CJ McCollum On Pre-Camp Laser Focus

September 22, 2014 - Sophomore guard CJ McCollum joins Mike Barrett and Tone to talk about pre-camp workouts, personal summer improvements and expectations for the season.
Sep 22, 2014  |  09:38

PRACTICE FOOTAGE - September 22nd Pre-Camp Voluntary Workouts

September 22, 2014 - Many of the Trail Blazers are already back in Portland and working their way into game shape a full week before the team officially opens training camp.
Sep 22, 2014  |  02:26

Voluntary Workouts - Meyers Leonard On Summer Focus

September 22, 2014 - Meyers Leonard talks about his improvements over the summer, balancing offseason work and rest and working out with Chris Kaman.
Sep 22, 2014  |  03:34

Voluntary Workouts - Chris Kaman On Meshing With Portland Bigs

September 22, 2014 - Chris Kaman and Mike Barrett talk about building chemistry with other bigs, expectations for the team and enjoying summer in Portland.
Sep 22, 2014  |  02:37

Voluntary Workouts - Steve Blake On Importance Of Pick-up Games

September 22, 2014 - Steve Blake and Mike Barrett talk about team chemistry, learning the playing-style of teammates and the importance of voluntary workouts.
Sep 22, 2014  |  03:47

Voluntary Workouts - Will Barton's Personal Expectations

September 22, 2014 - Mike Barrett catches up with Will Barton pre-training camp to talk about the improvement of his shot, adding bulk, personal expectations and more.
Sep 22, 2014  |  03:04

#TBT - 1977 NBA Finals, Game 6

A look back at Game 6 of the Trail Blazers 1977 Championship run.
Sep 18, 2014  |  04:52

Rasheed Wallace Highlights

Rasheed Wallace turns 40 years young today.
Sep 17, 2014  |  01:04

Courtside - Honoring Maurice Lucas

September 15, 2014 - David Lucas, son of Trail Blazers great Maurice Lucas, joins Mike Rice and Brian Wheeler to talk about the upcoming event honoring his father.
Sep 16, 2014  |  16:33