The Portland Trail Blazers and the Green Sports Alliance are proud to present the first annual Rip City Eco-Summit at the Moda Center, sponsored by Natureworks.  We have gathered the best of the best for a behind the scenes look at their leadership in the greening of sports movement.  Attendees will be able to network with sustainability focused community and business leaders, as well as learn from industry trailblazers about the role and importance of environmental, social and economic responsibility within sports and entertainment.
April 9, 2014

Panel #1 (10:30am-11:30am) – Greening of Sports
One of the most progressive environmental movements involves the greening of sports.  Sports has always played a role in defining culture and the significance to represent our communities under the umbrella of environmental stewardship is a major driver of the industry.  Attendees will hear firsthand account of the history and future role the movement is taking, along with getting updates from our leaders.

  • Moderator:  Martin Tull (Green Sports Alliance)
  • Panelists:  Darby Hoover  (NRDC), Steve Mittal (University of Oregon), Justin Zeulner (Trail Blazers/Moda Center)

Panel #2 (11:30am-12:30pm) – The Story of Sustainable Food Operations
One of the most significant elements of sustainable operations and environmental enhancements involves the story of food.  From sourcing food and beverage products, to the dining experience, to food-waste/composting…back to farmers, this journey is a magnificent example of sustainability.  Attendees will hear how the Trail Blazers have provided industry leadership, through innovative vision and great partnerships.

  • Moderator:  Elaine Aye (Green Building Services)
  • Panelists:  Michael O’Donnell (Levy Restaurants - Moda Center), Pamela Lewis (Food Services of America), Steve Davies (Natureworks/Ingeo), Liz Start (Republic Services)

Networking (12:30pm-1:30pm)
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Val Fishman – Event Emcee
Elaine Aye – Moderator
Martin Tull – Moderator
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“The Portland Trail Blazers are indisputably among the most progressive and accomplished teams in the world of sports when it comes to environmental initiatives. Not just in the NBA, but in all sports. They were the first professional sports arena to achieve LEED Gold Certification and they co-founded the Green Sports Alliance. Through their leadership in recycling, energy efficiency, transportation, and ecologically smart purchasing the Trail Blazers have helped move the entire NBA towards a deeper engagement in the environmental issue, and in so doing the Trail Blazers are leading one of the most important collaborations, sports and environmentalism, in our society.”
Allen Hershkowitz, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist and Director, Sports Greening Project
Natural Resources Defense Council