If a player suffers a laceration or a wound where bleeding occurs, the officials shall suspend the game at the earliest appropriate time. Upon suspension of play, the head coach shall be informed that he has the option to, immediately, substitute for the player, call a regular timeout or a 20-second timeout. If a substitute replaces the player, the opposing team shall be allowed to substitute one player. The injured player may return to the game when he has received appropriate treatment by med-ical staff personnel.

If the player returns to the game, the officials shall make certain that any lesion, wound or dermatitis is covered with a dressing that will prevent contamination to and/or from other sources. A wrist or sweat band is not considered a suitable bandage.

If the injured player is awarded a free throw attempt(s) as a result of a person-al foul, play shall be suspended as soon as the final attempt is successful or unsuc-cessful.

If the player is involved in a jump ball, play shall be suspended as soon as possession is gained by either team. Caution shall be used when suspending play, so as not to halt a fast break situation.

Mandatory timeouts shall not be granted during a suspension of play unless the offensive team calls a 20-second timeout. If the suspension of play is for a defensive player, a mandatory timeout shall not be granted if the defensive team calls a 20- second timeout. In that case, only the bleeding player may be replaced and, if so, the opposing team is permitted one substitute.

If treatment is not completed within the allotted time, the head coach may call another timeout or substitute for the injured player. Substitutes are permitted consistent with existing rules on substitution.

If a team has no timeouts remaining when play is suspended, the officials will allow 20 seconds for appropriate treatment. If the treatment is not completed in accordance with paragraph two above, the injured player must be removed immedi-ately.

ONLY the injured player may be removed from the game under these circumstances. The offensive team will receive a full eight seconds to advance the ball into the frontcourt. The 24 second clock will remain as is or reset to 14, whichever is greater.