NBA Green, developed in partnership with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), is a league-wide program committed to encouraging the adoption of environmentally friendly measures throughout all league and team operations. As such, greening initiatives are a big part of our NBA All-Star events and community activities.

In New Orleans, the NBA will seek to further our eco-friendly objectives and build upon the past year’s successful greening efforts by integrating environmentally preferable products and services wherever possible and ensuring that products and services purchased or contracted conform to our Environmental Policy outlined below.

The NBA will strive, where feasible, to purchase environmentally preferable products and services that meet our needs.

Where possible, purchasing decisions shall favor the following:

  • Products that contain the highest percentage of postconsumer recycled content possible
  • Products that reduce greenhouse gas emissions or are made with renewable energy
  • Products that are reusable, recyclable or bio-based/compostable
  • Products that eliminate or reduce the use of chemicals hazardous to the environment and public health
  • Products that reduce air and water pollution
  • Products with minimal packaging

Suppliers that provide environmentally preferable products and can document the supply-chain impacts of their efforts Products that serve several functions (e.g. multipurpose cleaner) and reduce the overall number of products purchased Below please see our guidelines as they relate to specific categories: appliances and electronics, cleaning supplies, food catering, and paper/signage. Should you have any additional green practices not listed below, please list them on your NBA All-Star 2015 Supplier Diversity & Inclusion application form.


The NBA is seeking to reduce our consumption of energy by increasing efficiency. As it relates to appliance and electronic product specifications, we support:

  • Electronic products certified by EPA’s Energy Star program
  • Electronic products that have other energy saving features such as programmability and power-save functions
  • Electronic products that use as little energy as possible while in “off” mode

You can learn about the NBA’s position on greener appliances and electronics by going to this web site:


Cleaning and maintenance products can contain a wide variety of compounds that can adversely impact the health of employees and facility occupants. The NBA would like to reduce as much as possible the harmful effects on the environment and public health that are associated with our operations, and seek the least harmful alternatives to the products that we are currently using.

You can learn more about the NBA’s position on greener cleaning products by going to this web site:


Food-related products and services contracted for by the NBA will be evaluated in part on their health and environmental attributes. Specific factors considered include:

  • U.S. Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) “Organic” products
  • Seafood products certified by the Marine Stewardship Council
  • Food with Zero trans fat
  • Non-genetically modified organisms
  • Vegetarian options
  • Free range and/or pasture-fed meat and poultry
  • Meat, poultry, and dairy products raised and processed without hormones and antibiotics
  • Fair trade, shade-grown coffee
  • Wine bottles sealed with natural cork instead of more polluting closures like plastic stoppers or metal screw-caps
  • Locally grown food
  • Minimal packaging
  • Products delivered with minimal, reusable, recyclable, or bio-based/compostable packaging and serviceware

You can learn more about the NBA’s position about ecologically preferable food by going to this web site:

As it relates to serviceware, the NBA is interested in vendors that:

  • look to supply kitchens with reusable plates, glasses, and utensils instead of disposable items
  • stock kitchens with bulk items for condiments instead of individual packaging
  • opt for reusables instead of disposables and eliminate disposable serviceware from orders
  • Where it is not possible to choose reusable serviceware, consider disposable serviceware products that are recycled or bio-based content that can be recycled or composted.
  • Additionally, the NBA encourages donating all unused food to a nearby food bank or homeless shelter.

You can learn ,more about the NBA’s position on environmentally preferable serviceware by going to this website:


The NBA would like to improve, as much as possible, the environmental performance of our paper consumption. We are particularly interested in the following attributes of the paper we buy:

  • Highest feasible percentage of post-consumer recycled content
  • Chlorine-free bleaching process
  • Wood fiber certified by the Forest Stewardship Council
  • Mercury-free pulping process
  • You can learn ,more about the NBA’s position on environmentally preferable paper products by going to this website: