This year, you can experience All-Star Weekend in an entirely different way. NBA TV Broadband used PVI's SpinCam™ technology for its coverage of the Sprite Rising Stars Dunk contest and the 56th Annual NBA All-Star Game. Multiple cameras, uniformly distributed around the participants captured up to a 360-degree, near-high definition view of their dunks.

Check out this unique way of experiencing the game's most exciting moments:

Nate Robinson Dunk #1
Robinson catches the lob and kicks his legs out.
Nate Robinson Dunk #2
Robinson takes the handoff from David Lee and does a 360.
Dwight Howard Dunk #2
Howard slaps a sticker against the backboard.
Tyrus Thomas Dunk #2
Thomas catches the bound pass and hurdles Ben Gordon.
Gerald Green Dunk #1
Watch Gerald Green's first dunk.
Gerald Green Dunk #2
Watch Gerald Green's second dunk.
Gerald Green Dunk #4
Gerald Green's fourth dunk.
Highlights From Sprite Slam Dunk
Check out the highlights of the Sprite Slam Dunk contest

Kobe Bryant
Watch Kobe Bryant's nifty slam.
Shawn Marion #2
Watch Shawn Marion's fast-break slam.
Shawn Marion
Watch Shawn Marion alley-oop slam.
Amare Stoudemire
Watch Amare Stoudemire's fast-break slam.
Kevin Garnett
Watch Kevin Garnett's huge rejection of Dwyane Wade's shot.
Dwight Howard #2
Watch Dwight Howard's power slam.
LeBron James #2
Watch LeBron James' double-clutch slam.
Dwight Howard Dunk
Watch Dwight Howard's follow-up slam.
Gilbert Arenas
Watch Gilbert Arenas' fast-break slam.
Dwight Howard
Watch Dwight Howard's follow-up slam.
Kobe Bryant #2
Watch Kobe Bryant's one-handed reverse slam.
Carmelo Anthony
Watch Carmelo Anthony's power dunk.
Carmelo Anthony #2
Watch Carmelo Anthony's put-back slam.
Watch all of the SpinCam dunks.

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PVI is the global pioneer and leader in creating and providing real-time, visionbased, virtual image entertainment technology that enhances and transforms the television viewing experience. PVI’s patented technology allows broadcast, cable and broadband networks to insert computer-generated images into live or prerecorded video broadcasts of events, sports contests and other television programming.

As the most experienced full-service designer, developer and operator of visionbased, virtual image technology in the market, PVI has historically provided services in two main areas: Digital advertising and product insertion, and Digital programming enhancements.

In addition, using its vision-based technology, PVI is at the forefront of developing new applications that will further revolutionize television viewing for consumers and extend the popularity of live sporting events and other entertainment programming to new generations of viewers.

SpinCam, which debuted during the 2007 NBA All-Star Weekend, gives viewers a 3 dimensional perspective of sports action by using up to 100 cameras sharing a single point of focus. A single operator controls viewer perspective and action playback, which can be from any camera perspective and either forward or backward in time.