FOUR TEAMS (Team=NBA Player/WNBA Player/NBA Legend) - Competing in a two round timed shooting event.

Game Format Shooting from 6 locations of increasing difficulty, teams attempt to make all 6 shots in numeric order in the fastest time.
The two teams that hit all six shots in the fastest times will move on to the Final round.
Teams will shoot in inverse order of their First round time for the Final round.
Six numbered shooting spots will be placed on the floor to designate each shot location.
Each team must choose a specific order of shooting (Player A,B,C) and follow that order thru the event (see below).
Each shot must be made (unlimited attempts) before the next player begins shooting in succession.
For Shot #6 (near half court), Player C must make the initial attempt - then all three players will rotate (in A,B,C order) until the shot is made, which will stop the clock and give the team their official time.
A referee will be on-court to pass judgment on any violation of the rules.
INSTANT REPLAY – At discretion of the referee, instant replay may be consulted for clarification of rules compliance.

Time Limit Each team will be given up to 2:00 minutes to complete the shooting course.
The clock will be started by the referee and will start at 0:00 and count up.
The clock will be stopped by the referee’s whistle when the team makes shot #6.
If a team has not completed all six shots as of the 2:00 mark, the horn will sound and their score will be based upon the total number of shots completed as of 2:00.

Tiebreakers In the case of a tie (two or more teams complete all shots in the same amount of time, or teams only complete the same amount of shots after 2:00), a shoot-off will be used to break the tie.
The clock will be reset (a time limit of 1:00 will be imposed) and the team that makes one shot from the "#6" in the shortest amount of time will, depending on the round, either advance to the Finals or be declared champions.
Once again each team’s three players must rotate their attempts (in any 3-player order their team decides).
If no team makes shot #6 in the designated 1:00 tiebreaker, it will be repeated shooting from shot #5.

Shot Order, Locations and Player Rotation Shot #1 – 10 foot BANK shot from right side angle – PLAYER A
Shot #2 – 15 foot shot from left side angle – PLAYER B
Shot #3 – NBA 3-Pt. shot from top of the arc/straight on – PLAYER C
Shot #4 – 18-Foot shot from right side baseline – PLAYER A
Shot #5 – NBA 3-Pt. shot from left side angle – PLAYER B
Shot #6 – Shot from just inside half-court/straight on – PLAYER C, PLAYER A, PLAYER B, repeat...