FOUR DUNKERS will compete in the two round competition.

OFFICIATING – Throughout the competition, an NBA Referee will judge whether a dunk is considered a "made dunk" or a "missed dunk"… He will also referee as to what is an "attempt" (see time limit rule below).
JUDGING - There will be 5 judges. For each dunk, a score from six to ten will be given by each judge, resulting in a maximum score of 50 and a minimum score of 30.
PROPS - Use of any props (including the use of any person other than a current NBA player in uniform) to assist in any way during a dunk attempt must be approved in advance of the competition by the NBA Basketball Operations department.
TIME LIMIT - Upon receiving the ball from the referee, players will have a 2:00 time limit to complete their dunk. If a player hasn’t completed a dunk when the 2:00 clock expires, they will have TWO more attempts to do so.
ATTEMPT - An attempt is defined as the ball leaving the player’s (or his teammate’s) hand in an effort to complete the dunk (in any motion other than dribbling). The referee will advise the dunker when they have used an attempt.

FIRST Round – TWO DUNKS (#1 and #2): A composite total of the score for dunk #1 and the score for dunk #2 will be tallied for each dunker at the end of the First Round - maximum 100, minimum 60.
The order for Dunk #2 of the First Round will be the inverse order of the Dunk #1 scores (lowest score first).
During the First Round, each player MUST use another active NBA player (who is in uniform) for a MINIMUM of one of his two dunks. In addition, an active NBA player (in uniform) may be used to provide an assist for ANY dunk during the entire competition (including the Final Round).

FINAL Round – TWO DUNKS (#1 and #2): A composite total of the score for dunk #1 and the score for dunk #2 for each finalist will determine the winner – maximum 100, minimum 60.
The dunker with the lowest composite score from the First Round will go first for Dunk #1 of the Finals.
The dunker with the lower score after Dunk #1 of the Final Round will go first for the Dunk #2.
The dunker with the highest composite total after two dunks will be the champion.

TIEBREAKERS – In the event of a tie in either round, a one-dunk "dunk-off" will take place. The "dunk-off" will be repeated if necessary until the tie is broken. The time-limit rule will apply for any dunk-off.

INSTANT REPLAY – At the discretion of the referee, TV instant replay may be consulted for clarification of rules compliance.