Washington's high-scoring Gilbert Arenas is in Las Vegas for the 56th NBA All-Star game. Gilbert, who blogs for NBA.com all season long, will check in with a special All-Star edition of his blog.

That's a Wrap
Posted by Gilbert Arenas on Feb. 19, 2007, 1:15 a.m. ET

Man, I got up.
Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE/Getty Images

My Trampoline Dunk
We were sitting there in the timeout watching them Elvis guys dunk, and my big mouth, I was like, ďMan, I can do that better than them.Ē And then they missed a couple so I was like, ďWhen they finish up, Iím going to go do it.Ē

Shaq was like, ďYeah, right.Ē He said, ďIíll put $100,000 in your foundation.Ē

I was like, $100,000 or get in trouble by David Stern?

$100,000 or get in trouble by David Stern?

Oh man, Iíll take that fine. So I did it for my Zer0 2 Her0 charity.

It was great though. Between the legsÖYea-ahhh!

I used to practice those trampoline dunks back at Golden State. I can flip and everything. But I didnít want to flip and crack my neck.

We Lost to the West
They just got out on us. We were just missing shots and they hit fastbreak layups and their length bothered us a little bit.

If I came out and I was hitting my first couple shots I was going to go for the MVP if I was feeling good.

But I came back in and I missed them so I just decided I was going to go ahead and play.

Told Coach to Keep Joe In
When I came out I told Eddie, ďDonít worry about me, go ahead and keep Joe Johnson in.Ē

I know how it feels being the odd man out, so I told Eddie to keep him in and let him enjoy himself.

Plus, we still have to play the Hawks about three more times, so I didnít want him building a vendetta against Eddie and us.

I didnít want him thinking in the timeouts during the game, ďOh man, I canít wait till they come to town,Ē and then when we play them heíll be running a bunch of isoís.

I know how that feels because I did it last year.

I'm Leaving Las Vegas
Everything was good.

It was crazy out here, but I enjoyed myself a lot. I had a great time out here. I hope everybody that came had a great time out here.

Now it gets back to regular season. Party time is over now.

Iím ready to get back and play the Timberwolves the first game. Hopefully Kevinís partied out.

Hopefully the Big Ticket will be punched because Agent Zero is coming to town.

Almost Game Time
Posted by Gilbert Arenas on Feb. 18, 2007, 8 p.m. ET

All business.
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Taking Care of Tickets
I spent my whole day thinking about tickets.

This is probably the worst part. Everybody wants tickets to the game.

People call you and they donít realize you got to get ready for the game. You know, so itís a headache.

Nobody likes where theyíre sitting. Everyone wants to sit on the floor. If I had floor tickets I would love to give it out, but, no.

The NBA puts you in Section 266, then thatís what you get, 266.

Watch Out for Fly Jeans
Iím starting up a jean company with Chris Millsí younger brother Traci Mills, and Baron Davis. Itís called Fly.

Itís like Seven jeans, it's in the high-class jeanery.

Traci brought me my samples. Theyíre great.

Heís bringing them to Puff Daddy and Usher and Bow Wow wore them in his last video so weíll go for the high class and hopefully it works out for us.

All-Star Attire
I might wear the regular All-Star edition sneakers in the first half and then bang out my green sneakers in the second half.

I got an Agent Zero jersey I want to wear for the game, but they made me take it off. I donít know why.

But itís going to get in the game, no matter what.

No Predictions This Time
Iím going to go with the flow and see what happens from there.

Today's the Day
Posted by Gilbert Arenas on Feb. 18, 2007, 6 p.m. ET

Signing my John Hancock with J-Kidd.
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Paul Pierce and Baron Davis
I had a business meeting with Paul Pierce and Baron Davis. They took over Magicís Mid-Summer Nightís Dream.

Theyíre trying to turn it around and make it something big. So we wanted to collab and try to do something different.

They want me to get in with them so I decided weíre going to have a meeting here and see how it goes.

All-Star Edition Sneakers
I got the Gil Zeroís that adidas designed for All-Star but theyíre basically the Cleveland Cavaliersí colors: white, blue, burgundy, gold stars.

I mean, theyíre decent, but I might want to do something more flashy because all of the adidas players are going to be wearing them. So I might wear my leprechauns.

Theyíre the white and green Gil Zeroís. Green is money, so thatís Vegassy too. I might do that. I brought a pair with me.

I did bring my own. Of course I did. Just in case Ö

The Casinos
Baccarat and I Declare War are my games.

Basically anything that I donít have to think about is OK. I donít want to get frustrated at a casino table.

I donít play roulette, but itís funny, whenever somebody I know is going to Vegas Iím like, ďPut it on black.Ē

Extracurricular Activities
Thereís a lot of women here.

Iím going to try to throw that fishing pole out there and see what I can get. As long as I donít get a tireÖor a boot.

My Other Business Ventures
Iíve had a lot of business stuff going on while Iím here, and some of my 0-2 Talent models actually worked Dwyane Wadeís party and another party the night before.

I thought about having my Final Boss come out here, but two of them arenít old enough yet, so it was hard for me to bring two and leave the other two back.

Right now theyíre training for upcoming tournaments. We got a new player, Strong Side, and heís supposed to help the team out.

Iím busy. I donít sleep. I nap.

Iím trying to look at what successful people before did and get an earlier start on it. You know, Magic waited till he got out of the league, Shaq is doing it now, Iím 25 and Iíd rather get my hands into things now rather than wait.

Runner-Up ... Again
Posted by Gilbert Arenas on Feb. 17, 2007, 11:30 p.m. ET

I started off strong but Kapono was too much.
Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE/Getty Images

It's Because of the First Rack
The Hibachi grill was on fire ... Man!

I should have moved the first rack towards the wing.

All the other guys shot from the baseline side on the first rack and me being lazy, I just left it there.


That first round I was a man smoking at a gas station ... I was about to blow upppp!

The 24 that Jason Kapono had is a hard number to beat anyway. I was looking at that record the whole time, that 25, shooting in practice. I was hitting that 25 easily, so that was a good look for me, but you know, when somebody puts 24 before you, that puts the pressure on.

About Kapono
Pretty good for a first-timer.

But Diesel gave him his energy. I knew they should have moved Shaq away from that baseline.

There's something wrong with that water down in Miami. They're winning championships, they're winning trophies ... somebody needs to go down there and check that water.

Told You I Would Break Out the One Hand
You know, I looked up at the scoreboard and I was down nine and a full rack is only a possible six so I figured I might as well throw a couple one handed for my YouTubers.

All-Star Saturday
Posted by Gilbert Arenas on Feb. 17, 2007, 6:30 p.m. ET

Lobbing one of the 100 "Agent Zero" jerseys into the stands.
Joe Murphy/NBAE/Getty Images

I'm Lame
I didnít go out last night.

I was just too tired to actually move out. I was still on East Coast time. But tonight, its probably the party night, maybe, depending on if I feel victorious.

The Practice Session
Practice was good. Just to basically go through the little things and to show something for the fans.

Then at the end, we did our little half-court shots. I made if off the first one and won $1,000 from Shaquille OíNeal, which I probably wonít get because he still owes me $10,000 from my first year when he said I wasnít going to take my shirt off and swing it, but I actually did.

Iím kind of sad he wonít pay up. Iím taking him to Peopleís Court.

We also had a break dance contest and Shaq did Shaq.

He was good. Heís going to be in the next Stomp movie, Stomp the Yard Part 2 starring Shaquille OíNeal.

Everybody wanted those Agent Zero jerseys. Everybody heard about them so everybody wanted them. I supplied Ďem and hopefully next year I make it and do something different.

Itís all entertainment.

The Rest of My Day
I think I have to go meet up with adidas again.

We might have some good adidas news. I think we came to an agreement everybody. We had another meeting last night, they came back to the hotel so weíll see what happens.

I have a photo shoot for adidas and I have a meeting with the Vitamin Water kid that won a contest who did a ďVote for GilbertĒ poster.

Yesterday I met with all the head honchos of adidas and that was great because that was the first time I got to meet them.

When you want to meet somebody, those are the people you want to meet.

adidas is making a big push here, you see it.

Theyíre overtaking Nike right now, especially at this event.

Hopefully everything goes well in the future with them.

That picture of me on the hotel, thatís amazing. I mean, you know, probably one of these days Iíll just sit there and stand outside of it and just point up so everybody has to look at it and see itís. Itís just a little cocky thing going on right there.

Rooks and Sophs Wearing My Sneakers
I heard Jordan Farmar, Raymond Felton, Monta Ellis wore the Gil Zeroís last night.

Itís support.

Iím glad the young kids is liking the shoe. I appreciate that. Theyíre showing me some love out there and Iím really liking that.

The Foot Locker Three-Point Shootout
Iím 1-for-17 from three over the last two games.

But thatís better than if I was 17-for-17 coming into the contest because then the expectations would be high.

Everyoneís looking at my shooting percentages so they have me down and out, but I like my odds.

I made 100 before I got here, I was shooting and making 100 from each spot.

100 makes from five spots and I was working on my timing.

Last year I finished early. I had 15 seconds left to go to the restroom, come back, and still have five more shots to shoot.

I just took off too fast. It was all that excitement.

My Scouting Report
Jason Kapono: Great shooter. Great catch-and-shoot shooter.

Damon Jones: Great conversation shooter. I heard heís going to wear a hot pink jacket. I mean, thatís a nice color to come in second, third, fourth or fifth in.

Dirk Nowitzki: The champion.

Mike Miller: The underdog. He can get hot, he can get hot quick.

Jet Terry: The only problem with him is, like last year, he didnít get to finish his shots because he takes his time. So if heís worked on speeding it up, he can be a danger.

Iím going to go out and have fun. Donít be surprised if I shoot a couple with one hand to finish it off.

Itís gonna be HOT-TAAAAH.

They Got Me On a Building
Posted by Gilbert Arenas on Feb. 17, 2007, 12:15 a.m. ET

It's fun being 200-feet tall.
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

My Agent Zero All-Star Jerseys
I have 100 All-Star jerseys made up with ďAgent ZeroĒ on the back to give to the fans.

Iím going to try to wear one. Iím going to try and get away with it.

Just in case they got their eyes focused on me Iím going to wear the real one on top of the Agent one and then when the game starts: Boom, Iím Agent Zero.

All I need is 10 seconds, a jump ball or something, Iíll put that Agent on and Iíll be in there like swimwear.

Vegas Plans
Day oneís not going to be exciting. Iím going to go swimming with my daughter and then when she goes to sleep around 11 oíclockÖParty time!

Iím partying.

Dwyane Wadeís party is going to be off the hook! Oh man.

My Dad
He doesnít need to get any sunshine in my blog.

This man wore a leather hat to Vegas.

You donít wear leather bucket hats in Vegas. Come on man, its 187 degrees outside and this manís wearing a leather hat.

He thinks it gets cold at night, OK tonight instead of 178 degrees itís going to be 110 and heíll be in a LEATHER HAT.

Who Cares About the Other All-Stars?
How am I going to be excited to see a player when I see them every other game?

You canít be excited to see another NBA player when you see them all the time.

How about what entertainer am I hoping to seeÖ

I know I always say Halle Berry.

All the Fans in the Lobby
That was bananas. Every year itís always blocked off, but this year they canít block off a casino so everybodyís down there.

Itís pandemonium.

But that was great for me. I loved it.

The Long and Arduous Media Circuit
Energy goes and comes and goes. Some people get the best: The Black President, Agent Zero.

And some people just get Gilbert.

Next Yearís Playersí Association Party
I want to throw the party.

It would be nice if they gave me that power.

If they seen what I did to my party in two months, what I can do to theirs in a whole yearÖIíll make it into something that will be remembered.

Welcome to Sin City
Posted by Gilbert Arenas on Feb. 16, 2007, 8:40 p.m. ET

Readers of my blog, I want to say welcome. Welcome to Sin City. This is going to be quite the weekend narrated by Agent Zero.

The Portland Game
I didn't score 50 points?

They were so focused on me that people were asking the team, "Fifty this and that ... How do you feel about it?"

But at the end of the day its about a team thing even though I do have a vendetta, that's why it was 3-for-15 and not, you know, 6-for-45.

You know, but there's still one more game and we'll see if I get lucky. Thet say I said I'd get 50 against Portland, and I'm like, "There's still one more game against them."