You might as well apologize to your boss right now. Kiss the wife (or hubby) and kids goodbye. You're going to be busy the next couple days. Why? Because we have combed through the archives and created the All-Star Dunk-A-Thon. You can go through every dunk contest ever, see the best dunks in different categories and take a preview of this year's contestants. As a bonus, we even have this year's judges' best-ever in-game slams. So, clear your calendar, cancel all appointments and grab a snack. You have some watching to do.

  • Dominique on the Dunk-A-Thon | Sprite Slam Dunk photo gallery

  • Can Nate Robinson defend his 2006 Sprite Dunk Contest title? We'll find out as he takes on Gerald Green, Dwight Howard and Tyrus Thomas. Check out each player's Top 10.

    A Mt. Rushmore for dunkers: Dr. J, MJ, 'Nique, Vinsanity and Kobe. As judges, they'll anoint the next generation. In the meantime, check out their greatest ever dunks.

    From the first-ever free throw line dunk by Dr. J in 1976 to A.I. to A.I. off the back of the backboard in 2006, we have the best dunks from every dunk contest ever.

    Blindfolded. Between the legs. Off the glass. Off the floor. Teammates. We've broken down the Top 10 Dunk Contest dunks in every conceivable category.