SECAUCUS, N.J., Feb. 2, 2007 -- Snubbed. Shafted. Overlooked. Forgotten. Dissed.

Call it what you want, but whenever an All-Star team is selected somebody worthy is going to be left off. That's just the nature of the beast. There are only 24 spots available for a league with 450 active players so unless your player is in that top five percent, we probably heard from you in our mailbox.

Some of you vented. Some of you begged. Some of you berated the players that got the nod.

In the end in, just about 16 hours since the 2007 All-Star reserves were announced on TNT, we received several thousand e-mails from you, the fans.

The main topic of discussion revolved around the man they call Melo. Steven in Colorado said:

Carmelo deserved to be on the All-Star team. He has taken a team that was previously the worst team in the NBA to the playoffs three straight years, was the MVP for the U.S. team and is the leading scorer in the league. He made a mistake in New York protecting his teammate, but he didn't appeal the stiff sentence and took it like a man. Obviously he is being overlooked because of that incident even though the coaches said publicly they wouldn't hold it against him.

Well said. In fact, if Anthony is left off the team it will be the first time ever that the league's leading scorer (he averages 31.3 points per game) was not selected as an All-Star. (Thanks to Bob Rosen over at Elias for verifying that fact).

If Carmelo was considered the No.1 snub, then Dallas' Josh Howard was No. 1a. Read Patrick from Southlake, Texas' take...

Why are there three Suns, two Pistons, and two Nets when the MAVS have a better record than all of them! The coaches have turned this into a popularity contest! J-HO has improved every year and deserves to play!

Howard, a member of the 2003 Draft Class along with Melo, is putting up a career-high 19.4 points and 7.2 rebounds and is playing on the team with the best record in the league.

Many of you agreed with Patrick and echoed his sentiments, saying that the best team in the league needs at least two players represented. These claims were not unwarranted; Detroit had four All-Stars last season as it jumped out to a torrid 37-5 start.

Anthony and Howard just may get their chance, but the choice is up to David Stern. Carlos Boozer and Yao Ming are currently on the team, but if they remain injured come All-Star weekend, it is Commissioner Stern who picks their replacements.

Rest of the West

Jazz fans had two players to gripe about as second-year point guard Deron Williams and his 17.1 points and 9.0 assists per game averages along with fifth-year center Mehmet Okur's 17.4 points and 7.4 rebounds went unrecognized. Aniso in Memphis points out...

1.Terrific numbers this year including consistent clutch performance
2. Shows great leadership for Jazz with Boozer
3. Best center after Yao and Amare in the West
4. Considerable improvement on the court
5. Boozer will be out due to injury, so nobody will represent Jazz, division leader
6. International player
Player: Mehmet "Memo" Okur

Nice list, Aniso. You Utah fans are so organized. Look what your boy T-Bone in Salt Lake City says about Okur's teammate Deron ...

1.The reason the Utah Jazz are first in their division
2. Second place in the NBA in assists, only to the MVP Steve Nash
3. Has lead his team to fourth place in the NBA
Player: Deron Williams

Somebody should have gotten a "memo" the the West coaches to look at Utah's production. Speaking of production, in his 11th season Seattle's Ray Allen is averaging a career-high 26.6 points per game but no Vegas invitation was extended his way. J-Stew in Kansas cooked up his case for Ray Ray...

I know he missed games due to injury. But when he is on the floor, he's the best guy on the court. The purest and most clutch shooter in the game.

Allen wasn't the only injured star in the West. Lamar Odom was having quite the season before missing six weeks in December and January with a leg ailment. Matt in California writes...

Lamar Odom is on the brink of a triple-double every game, and when he needs to be he is an elite scorer. He carries the Lakers on his back when Kobe is not there, or he spreads the floor out. If not for his injury, he is a lock for an All-Star spot.

The West is so deep that the candidates seem boundless. What about Kevin Martin? Well, Dino in Canada explains...

OK, I understand the Kings are goin through some serious problems, but the All-Star game is for pure entertainment and K-Mart has been outstanding, real outstanding, this season. Any team would be more than happy to have him around with a season like this on his back.

How can we forget another California player, Baron Davis. Brian in Cali didn't forget...

This guy is carrying the warriors! He is keeping Golden State afloat while J-Rich has been out. Compare his numbers with the other guards in the league! How is Tony Parker going to make it over him? Sure the Spurs have a better record, but put Duncan on the Warriors, and see what kind of record they'd have with Baron running the point.

There is a guy out in Portland putting up double-doubles on the regular. Joe in Portland writes...

I know the Portland Trailblazers are not the among the elite in the Western Conference, but Zach Randolph has been putting up career numbers in points and rebounds and is among league leaders in double-doubles. Critics would be hating on the Blazers and not the Celtics if it weren't for Randolph's leadership and improved numbers.

Is that really a good argument saying that your 20-27 team would be considered as bad as the 12-33 Celtics if not for Randolph? Anyway, we'll recognize one more plea before we get to the East.

Jeffrey in New York can't believe nobody is talking about the Camby-man...

The one name I haven't heard much in terms of being overlooked is Marcus Camby. Camby is quietly having his most complete and more importantly, healthy seasons. Camby performs the tasks that a Center is supposed to -- defend the paint and rebound. In a conference stacked with great forwards, Camby still has managed to dominate the glass --12.2 rebounds and averages 3 blocks a game. He's also had a solid year scoring the ball, with just over 12 a game. With all the turmoil surrounding the Nuggets this season -- Anthony's suspension, the Iverson trade, etc. -- Camby has been the one constant this season, and is definately desrving of an appearnce at Center to replace Yao Ming.
The East Debate

The Nets receiving two All-Star reserve spots (Jason Kidd and Vince Carter) with their 22-24 record didn't sit too well with fans of the 26-20 Chicago Bulls.

Our inbox was flooded by people who wanted to show love for Ben Gordon and his 21-plus points per game average and fellow Bull Luol Deng and his 17.8 points on 52 percent shooting. Ross in Chicago stuck up for his hometown Bulls...

The Bulls have emerged this season as a contender in the East behind the strong play of these third-year stars. The fact that a team that hasn't even won half of its games is sending TWO representatives is ridiculous. These Bulls may be young, but they deserve some credit for being an up and coming team in the East with at least one All-Star representative. Stop giving nods to guys based on "lifetime achievements" (This means you, Shaq and VC)...

Ross, I wouldn't be busting on a 7-foot, 300-pound man with a sheriff's license, but maybe that's just me.

Continuing with the East, Joe Johnson had his fair-share of supporters. Here's what Steven in Atlanta said...

Look at the numbers. Joe Johnson is scoring more, rebounding more and dishing the ball more than Richard Hamilton. Was Johnson punished because he is on the Hawks? He was snubbed.

Steven failed to mention that all of J.J.'s superior stats has Atlanta at 17-27 while Rip and Detroit lead their division with a 26-18 mark...minor details I guess.

Another third-year player joining the Ben and Luol on the snub list is Emeka Okafor.

Kevin in Charlotte writes...

He got left out because he puts up big numbers for a poor team. He only averages 14 points per game, but he is shooting 55 percent from the field. He averages a double-double with 11 boards a game. That puts him fifth in the leauge and second in the East. He averages almost 2.5 blocks a game, which is second in the league. He also is second in the leauge in double-doubles, with 28, only behind Garnett. He is only one of a handful to average a double-double. He deserves to be in this game, Shaq should not, he's been injured all year, and even though he is in the West, Yao has been injured all year too... Emeka is the best power forward in the game right now, and he deserves to show it in front of the entire world. Not his fault he plays on a poor team, in a small market, but when the Bobcats start winning, everyone will know who he is.

We know who he is Kevin, and after witnessing Okafor's 20-point, 10-block, nine-rebound peformance against the Knicks on Jan. 12, we doubt we'll ever forget him.

Like Lamar in the West, there's a superstar in the East that has missed a bunch of games but still has his All-Star supporters -- Milwaukee's Michael Redd.

Redd has a 57-point game this season and a stellar 27.7 points per game average. Dan in West Allis, Wisc., why don't you plead Redd Hot's case...

C'mon man two years in a row. So instead of picking a player who makes or brakes his team, you put Carter in there who cant win with one of the best point guards ever? Redd's averaging 27 a game and his team was on a seven-game win streak before he got hurt and lost 9 of the last ten without him. I dont know If anyone watches Bucks games, but he takes over and no one in the league can guard him. Just ask Bruce Bowen who he dropped 35 on, or the Grizzlies who saw 57 from Redd. But, heck, the All-Star game is nothing but a popularity contest just wait till he comes back and pulls a Gilbert on the East. Well there my snub. Thanks.

First of all Dan, those 57 were against the Jazz. Secondly, how does one, "pull a Gilbert?" I'm not really quite sure what that means, but I like the sound of it. Is Mike going to start yelling out the name of a cooking apparatus like, "Waffle Iron!" when he shoots?

Those are your top candidates for the All-Snub team. We'll leave you with a list of the other players that you all made a case for (and we hope that Aaron McKie and Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje were meant to be jokes)...

East: Andrew Bogut, Eddy Curry, T.J. Ford, Grant Hill, Kirk Hinrich, Andre Iguodala, Antawn Jamison, Al Jefferson, David Lee, Nazr Mohammed, Andres Nocioni, Paul Pierce, Tayshaun Prince, Ben Wallace, Rasheed Wallace, Maurice Williams

West: Ron Artest, Shane Battier, Elton Brand, Sam Cassell, Ricky Davis, Pau Gasol, Manu Ginobili, Al Harrington, Cuttino Mobley , Chris Paul, Jason Richardson, Jason Terry, Luke Walton