The NBA All-Stars took the court on Sunday night in front of a sellout crowd at the Thomas and Mack Center, but across town a select few had the privilege to watch the game from a new perspective. The occasion was the NBA 3D HD All-Star Viewing Party, held in the Grand Ballroom at the Mandalay Bay on the Las Vegas Strip. The NBA teamed up with PACE, a leader in Digital 3D, to offer the the first ever live sporting event in 3D HD. All of the action from the game would be coming back to the party through five of PACE's Sports Fusion 3D Camera Systems located around the court.'s own Jeff Dengate promised me that the event would "blow my mind" after seeing something similiar in his trip to Japan over the summer, so I headed over to the Mandalay Bay ready to be astounded by the latest in technology. After partaking in some refreshments, I headed into the theater with a pair of special viewing glasses provided by the NBA Events staff.

The game was shown on a large screen typical to your average multiplex cinema, but the images on the screen were unlike anything I've seen before. Not only the players, but everything in the camera view was in full 3D, and with amazing clarity as well. The multiple cameras also ensured that you could see every event from five different angles. This treated to the fans at the party to some bonus footage, as the crowd at the game probably did not get to see Lebron James' breakaway reverse dunk in slow motion 3D from five different perspectives, not to mention every viewpoint of the Tracy McGrady-Shaquille O'Neal kissing incident.

The guests at the party, who followed the game with as much enthusiasm as if they were actually in the arena, were definitely left impressed by the experience.

"This shows you how much that technology has come in a short time," said Dwight Lee, a guest at the party who came from Los Angeles to attend All-Star Weekend. "Hopefully a few more years from now we will able to watch a game like this from a television in your house. It's awesome."

The visuals were not the only impressive aspect of the 3D party. The sound also picked up all of the action on the court, making experience even more immersive. Every bounce of the basketball, slam dunk, and the chatter of the players made it sound like you were sitting courtside with the likes of Adam Sandler, Jay-Z and Beyonce. As an added bonus, during breaks in the action there were no commercials, but instead slow-motion replays of earlier highlights as well as the on-court entertainment and footage of Saturday's Slam Dunk Contest. Overall the event left the guests with an experience to remember, which is what NBA All-Star Weekend is all about.

"This is probably the best way to watch a sporting event without actually being there," said a guest from Phoenix who gave his name as Carl. "Actually it might even be better, because now I don't have to worry about getting stuck in traffic leaving the arena."